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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Student fascists at UC Irvine and Cal State shut down talks by speakers of whom they disapprove

Young America’s Foundation on Thursday filed a lawsuit against California State University Los Angeles, accusing the public university of censoring a conservative speaker’s guest lecture there by not stopping raucous and aggressive students from blocking the entrances into the theater, effectively shutting down the event...


A pro-Israel movie screening at UC Irvine on Wednesday night prompted a massive protest by Students for Justice in Palestine, who blocked the exit paths, chanted “Long live the intifada,” and prompted attendees to fear for their safety and call campus police for assistance.

The event included a screening of “Beneath The Helmet,” a documentary about members of the Israel Defense Forces, as well as a panel session with Israelis who served. It was hosted by Students Supporting Israel at UCI as part of a weeklong series of Peace Week events.

But the disruptive protest at the screening was touted by Students for Justice in Palestine at UC Irvine as a victory.

“So we shut down IsraelFest #UCIntifada,” declared one tweet...

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