Saturday, October 19, 2013

Liars or Idiots? Take your pick to describe John Greyson and Tarek Loubani on their return to Canada

It sounds like it could be a scene from some of the incoherent, taxpayer-financed, homoerotic drivel that John Greyson tries to pass off as "film making." Two dark, lean men, after release from the sweaty confinement of a crowded prison cell, find themselves adulated to the point where they have to towel each other off following a series of sloppy tongue-baths from fawning interviewers.

That scenario did not spring from another dreadful John Greyson screenplay. It was instead scripted by the shallow, uncritical, vapid personalities in Toronto's mainstream news media as they fell over one another to verbally fellate the two Canadians who were imprisoned in Egypt as a result of their own recklessness and stupidity.

Over the last few days, John Greyson and Tarek Loubani have presented to the media what appears to be a well-rehearsed explanation for their presence at a Muslim Brotherhood riot in Egypt that resulted in their arrest, and an unconvincing depiction of themselves as "social justice" activists and humanitarians. Sickeningly, the open-mouthed "journalists" at the CBC and CTV gobbled with absolute credulity everything the pair of extremists offered.

Fortunately, most Canadians are a good deal more insightful than their "intellectual and moral superiors" in mainstream news media who decide what the news is and how it should be carefully filtered to the lesser, non-media public.  And a good thing too, because Greyson and Loubani's tale of their Egyptian woes, just like any other John Greyson script, doesn't make any sense.

When asked what they were doing at the protest that led to their arrest, Loubani and Greyson say that they "misread" the situation and that they thought the protest wouldn't have turned violent.

The protest they decided to "observe," the one that they got caught up in and were arrested for attending, was a declared Muslim Brotherhood "Day of Rage." So Lubani and Greyson would have us believe they thought they would participate in that as-of-yet unheard of phenomenon, a non-violent Muslim Brotherhood Day of Rage??

It seems like a particular type of journalist was chosen to conduct interviews with the fanatical duo. Not all journalists at the CBC and CTV are bubbleheads, but did any of the ones selected to question Loubani or Greyson challenge them on what should have been an obvious canyon of implausibility in their tale?

Not a single one.

One can only speculate whether some prearranged agreement with the media to whom they spoke stipulated that any challenge to their unlikely story was off the table.

It's well worth noting that if Greyson and Loubani are to be taken at their word, it means that pair who are fixated with the issue of Israel and Palestine do not, by their own admission, know much about the geopolitical situation in the region around the subject of their pathological obsession.

That's very, very significant.

Because the Israeli/Palestinian dilemma cannot be rationally understood outside the wider context of the much larger Arab/Israeli conflict. So evidently, the idiots Greyson and Loubani have embroiled themselves in a campaign to demonize Israel without any comprehensive understanding of the issue as a whole. That would make them completely typical of most of the vapid characters so embroiled in anti-Israel campaigns.

Oh, wait! As they have insisted from interview to interview, Greyson and Loubani are pro-Palestine but most definitely are not anti-Israel.

In that, they are telling another lie.

The only apparent method Greyson has ever chosen to promote Palestinian national self determination is to try to destroy Jewish national self-determination.

Short of murdering an Israeli child by bashing its head against a rock, a method of activism favored by some highly regarded "pro-Palestinians," it makes one wonder where that enigmatic line is that separates what a deluded character like Greyson does from being anti-Israel. He is a leader of  the depraved bigots calling themselves Queers Against Israeli Apartheid that promote the vile slander accusing Israel of being an apartheid state. He hypocritically subjects Israel to double standards and a form of vilification he reserves for no other nation in the world. Greyson has supported a boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel that many in even the genuine pro-Palestinian camp regard as transcending the line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

Exactly what Greyson has done for Palestinians that does not exclusively manifest as demonization of the Jewish State is something more elusive than the Loch Ness Monster, which at least some people claim to have seen.

Though the CBC and CTV reporters were either too uninformed or star-struck to refute any of the preposterous answers, anyone who bothers to check facts will learn that Greyson and Loubani provided their own undoing.

Loubani's assertion that aid is desperately needed in Gaza is outright ridiculous.

The "desperate" need for aid to Gaza that a lie that narcissistic activists use to justify their adventures as low-risk conflict tourists. Gaza has markets abundantly filled with a variety of foods, luxury malls, fine-dining restaurants and five-star hotels. There is abject poverty in Gaza, but there is also abject poverty in Chicago, Bangladesh and Guadalajara. And unlike impoverished Asians and Latin Americans, the Palestinians are the second highest per capita recipients of international aid in the world, next only to the war-torn Republic of Congo. As far as the "starving Palestinians" go, it is a well known medical fact of which Loubani is or should be aware that Palestinians, including in Gaza, have one of the highest global obesity rates.

Loubani claims Gaza is under "occupation." The occupation ended in 2005. Instead of using the removal of Israeli troops as an opportunity to build a peaceful and prosperous society, Gaza responded with an incessant barrage of missiles against Israel, which have provoked periodic responses. The "siege" Loubani claims Gaza is under is actually a blockade, which would end if the Palestinians stopped shelling Israel and unequivocally recognized its right to exist.

But Gaza, under its rulers Hamas, has done neither of those things as they steadfastly cling to their anti-Semitic Charter which calls for the genocide of Jews. Among its hateful degeneracy which borders on the comical, Hamas actually posits international conspiracies between Jews, Freemasons and (believe it or not!) The Rotary and Lions Clubs.

There is so much that is untrue and absurd in Greyson and Loubani's account, it could take enough space to fill a dozen blog postings.

The most regrettable part of this is that it is to blogs and only one of our national media organizations one needs to look to find the truth about those radicals, since they won't even be asked hard questions by the so-called journalists at Canada's tax-funded state broadcaster.


gama said...

Richard I relish your passion on social issues it bares witness with an integrity, clarity and succinctness that is refreshing as it is rare. I read your blog religiously and enjoy seeing you with Michael Coren, always.
I wish I could transmit this CBC promo-photo I photo-shopped.
Anyways, the campaign by the MSM to canonize Tar & Jonnie is nauseating .

Keep up the good cause, bell-ringers of your caliber are worth their weight in gold. Thanks.

Stephen Boyling said...

It appears only the highly paid dupes of Canada's pandering Leftist media are Greyson and Loubani acolytes. From what I've read in citizen posts across Canada, these two are being viewed and denounced as the liars and terrorist enablers they are.

Richard K said...

Aw shucks, Gama, that's very kind of you.

Now, between you and my mother, there are at least 2 people who enjoy seeing me on TV.

Maikeru said...


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j said...

Well, 4 if I actually watched TV; but as your post rather ably demonstrates, watching Canadian television for news actually makes one less informed. So I don't.

These guys failed the dupe test and are now sent on goofy missions to bring drone helios to the Palis. Via Egypt. Which has cut Gaza off. Which they would have know had they passed the reading section of the dupe test.