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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Palestinian government praising Hitler and terrorists: Why Israel feels it needs settlements in the West Bank to maintain its security

Among the dilettantes who dabble in the extremely complex issue of the Israeli/Palestinian/Arab is the canard that the main obstacle to peace is Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Yes, it is a problem. And there is most certainly an unproductive, extremist attitude among many of the settlers.

But it is a problem that arose from the lethal aspirations towards Israelis held not just by "the street" of Israel's foes but at the highest levels of Arab governments.

Officials in governments of hostile Arab countries and among the Palestinian authority frequently issue platitudes towards peace in English to appease the western media and politicians, while spewing murderous, genocidal rhetoric in Arabic for their own populations.

This week, in Palestinian peacemaking, we have two interesting items.

A Palestinian Authority-linked youth magazine, with the Authority's Deputy Minister of Education on its Advisory Board, has published a list of "sayings of wisdom" claimed to be from Adolf Hitler.

Also, the Palestinian Authority's Minister of Religious Affairs has publicly praised arch-terrorist and Hamas-founder Ahmed Yassin as an "exalted national Palestinian figure," an "icon," and that Palestinian children are taught about his "legacy, Jihad, actions, and morality."

Now, if those aren't confidence builders for peace, what is?

 h/t Marvin W.

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