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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ontario's Elementary School Teachers Union wants more children to be like the "genderless baby"

Don't you feel lucky to be living in Ontario, where the radical Elementary Teachers Federation published an article by the father of the notorious "genderless baby" advocating for more of the same in public schools?
"I work at City View Alternative Senior School in Toronto’s west end, a grade 7 and 8 school where the provincial curriculum is taught through the lens of social justice. Race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, power, and oppression are all integrated as the content material in many of the classes, along with an emphasis on activism and the need to do something to change the world rather than simply discuss it.
So it’s probably not surprising that one or more of our students began mucking with the signs on our washroom doors. A sketch of a pair of pants was taped on top of the skirt. A slip of paper that read “Not all girls wear dresses” appeared. And on the boys’ door: “Some boys wear skirts.”  "


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