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Monday, October 14, 2013

Socialist Studies Forces The Student School To Kill Its Facebook Page after exposing its political fanaticism and links to Holocaust-denying website

The hateful so-called "Social Justice" campaign at the alternative "The Student School" has been yet another episode in a long list of recent idiotic blunders coming from Toronto District School Board.

The Holocaust-denying website Veterans Today was one of many odious sources that got approbation from The Student School, as well as one of it's teachers "liking" a comment that called Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper a "fascist."

It was the blog Socialist Studies which first noted the disgraceful activities at this publicly funded school. Socialist Studies has diligently investigated and continues to report a series of abuses of public trust by Ontario's School Boards and Teachers' Unions.

As a result, The Student School has killed its facebook page.

In a way that's a result. But I fear the same reprehensible activities will continue there, only now The Student School will be more secretive about them.


The Hammer said...

I left a pretty pointed, but civil, comment on the Veterans Today post on that Facebook page. I included a Genuinewitty article and a National Post article to make my point. The VT article was soon removed.

My fear is how many teachers are dense enough to use articles from VT or Press TV when teaching students. These publications are designed to play on the prejudices of weak minded lefties.

Richard K said...

Well here's a clue:

The same articles from Iran's propaganda service PRESS TV that Veterans Today publishes are sometimes republished verbatim at rabble.ca.

rabble.ca is funded in large part by the Secondary School Teachers Federation of Ontario (The public High School Teachers Union).

So I'm guessing that while most teachers are too smart to fall for that nonsense, there are, unfortunately, more than a few ideologically depraved nitwits teaching that crap in public schools.

Anonymous said...

More on how that Facebook page died here...