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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Toronto Sun's Sue-Ann Levy makes the communist pinheads at rabble.ca explode

You know you're doing a good job when you've written something that makes the communist pinheads at rabble.ca become apoplectic:
"Sue-Ann Levy, the perpetually grotesque enemy of working people that the Toronto Sun pays good money to run down those who actually work for a living, penned an opinion piece recently spouting the Canadian Taxpayers Federation line that Ontario government employees are somehow abusing the system by calling in sick more than do their private sector counterparts.

She spouts a bunch of statistics that, hopefully correctly, show that workers who are able to, do in fact call in sick, though she frames this, of course, as workers somehow "shirking" work because the government or unions "let them"."

and here's Sue Ann's article in THE TORONTO SUN 

rabble.ca is almost completely paid for by the big public service unions. Not quite the "independent" media they claim to be.

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