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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reform, Iranian style: Actress jailed 18 months for criticizing government

The Chicago Film Festival is currently showing Ahangarani’s latest film, “Darband,” about a university female student who becomes the roommate with a young woman wrestling with financial problems.Tuesday’s report by the pro-reform Shargh daily quoted Ahangarani’s mother, Manijeh Hekmat, as saying the actress has been sentenced to 18 months. 

She said it is unclear who filed the complaint against Ahangarani, but noted the charges including “action against national security and links to foreign media.” Ahangarani can appeal the ruling.In reaction to the verdict, many movie-lovers quickly joined a cyber-campaign urging authorities to reconsider.

Shortly after Rowhani’s election victory, Ahangarani asked him at a public meeting to appoint a culture minister who would be able to deliver promises on “freedom of thought and expression.She also said “incompetent” officials were the country’s “biggest enemy.”

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