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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why is it that only Sun News is pointing out David Suzuki's important conflicts of interest?

It took Ezra Levant's aggressive journalistic approach to get a Superior Court Judge to remove herself from a mock trail, in which she would be dealing with issues that might have come before her in court.

"The Trial of David Suzuki" is a theatrical exercise in anti-fossil-fuel activism.

But David Suzuki's hypocrisy, proliferation of falsehood and ignorance of fact about matters on which he pontificates has only been challenged in the media by Sun News.

The role of a journalist is not just to report, but to ask tough questions.

When the answer to those questions is to turn tail and run, as David Suzuki did earlier this week, that is more revealing than a full-page spread.


Gord Drimmie said...

Fortunately for us, Ezra Levant leaves his politcal correctness at the door. Way too many journalists think first about who will be offended and last about who will be informed.

I have often thought it would be great if the CBC would offer Ezra a time slot....I mean what better way to have our tax money at work.

Richard K said...

They actually did send around a memo a while back suggesting they hire him as a way to get him off their backs!

Skippy Stalin said...

Speaking of circulating memos about working for the CBC ....