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Friday, October 11, 2013

The Loubani/Greyson return story is in the comments

Check out the comments on the return of John Greyson and Tarek Loubani to Canada tonight.

Average Canadians are busting up the consensus media's love-fest for the fanatical pair of Hamas' useful idiots.


The Globe and Mail  ...and more still at The Globe and Mail



Even the heavily moderated comments at al Starzeera are a surprise 

UPDATE: In a televised report, even the CBC is asking questions the rest of us were asking (and answering)  a long time ago.

One bizarre assertion of the CBC is that Greyson & Loubani's background was concealed by the Canadian media because it might endanger them

What a crock of shit.

Is the CBC so arrogant that they think Egyptian prosecutors aren't capable of doing a Google search like bloggers and Sun Media did to report on their background?

The background of Greyson and Loubani was concealed by their buddies in the mainstream media to manipulate Canadians into supporting the undeserving duo.

Plus: The National Post did a roundup of letters to the editor about the pair. It seems National Post readers weren't too impressed with their antics.


Douggie Tremain said...

Thank you. I love it when that happens.Made my day..

Pissedoff said...

It would be nice if the backlash was big enough to wake up Harper and the Harper party to defund the CBC scumbags or sell it. If they don't it could be their downfall.