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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Calling "bullshit" on the CBC's lies and activist journalism in support of Loubani & Greyson

Have you ever heard a tale from a pathological liar that is so mind-numbingly stupid you wondered why they even bothered to tell it?

You know, one of those lies that is so obviously, demonstrably untrue that by telling it to you, they either have complete contempt for your intelligence or are such idiots that they don't realize that their attempt at deception is completely transparent.

That's what I heard yesterday night from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about their rationale for concealing the fanatical activist and lawbreaking history of the two Canadians, Tarek Loubani and John Greyson, who had been imprisoned in Egypt since August.

In his report yesterday about the return of the two Muslim Brotherhood-enabling radicals to Canada, CBC reporter Ron Charles treated viewers to this little gem:
`While the men were in jail, great care was taken back home not to reveal too much about them for their safety. Few people mentioned that Greyson is a prominent Gay filmmaker, pro-Palestinian activist and member of a controversial group called Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. He was to have been part of a failed flotilla of boats carrying activists in 2011 intending to breech Israel`s blockade of Gaza.``
Think for a moment how incredibly facile that CBC assertion sounds.

Greyson is an openly Gay York University professor who has gobbled up vast sums from the Canada Council and other tax-funded bodies to make his homoerotic pseudo-artistic trash. He even has a long-standing Wikipedia entry that highlights his so-called "filmmaking" career as well as his radical anti-Israel activism.

Tarek Loubani has a history of lawbreaking and involvement with the terror-supporting group International Solidarity Movement that is easily accessible on the Internet.

Greyson has a long history of Hamas-enabling fanaticism
Beyond that, bloggers and Sun News were reporting on the truth about Greyson and Loubani`s background from Day 1 of their arrest.

So for the CBC`s explanation for why they covered up Greyson and Loubani`s background to be plausible, it would mean that Egyptian prosecutors were incapable of typing the two men`s names into a Google search.

What then is the real reason media like the CBC and the Toronto Star hid the background of Greyson and Loubani, not from Egyptians, but from their fellow Canadians who get their news from those sources?

The answer is obvious. The left-wing media are sympathetic to Greyson and Loubani. The CBC and the Star, for the last two months, have been manipulating Canadians into thinking the duo were "innocents" caught "in the wrong place at the wrong time" to contrive pressure on our, not the Egyptian government, to act on their behalf.

Greyson in particular is part of a narrow clique of Canada Council darlings including overrated Canadian media personalities Atom Egoyan and Sarah Polley. The CBC and Star were more than happy to manipulate the news and hide facts from the public to keep their friends happy and agitate for the public to pressure the government to act on behalf of two fanatics.

Don't get me wrong, I too thought the government should have advocated for them to receive just treatment in Egypt and even made an appeal for them (sarcastic as it may have been).

But I knew who John Greyson and Tarek Loubami really were.

We now know that Greyson and Loubani's story is just that, a story, and it's full of holes.

Why were they breaking curfew to attend a banned Muslim Brotherhood rally that turned into a violent riot?

Why were they carrying surveillance equipment, including mini-drones, and offering the implausible excuse that it was for the transport of medical supplies?

Whereas the CBC and The Toronto Star didn't want anyone to find that out.

This goes to show that what we see from the CBC is not fair, objective, unbiased journalism, but activism pretending to be reporting.

Now that Margaret Wente at the Globe and Mail has finally broken ranks and gave a more detailed account of the duo's past, and enough Canadians have seen reports from Sun Media and elsewhere, people are getting the idea of what was going on and there is a backlash.

It would be nice if that backlash was strong enough to get the CBC to actually do its job properly, or as an impetus for it to be sold to someone who could see that it does.


The Hammer said...

People are not as dumb as CBC and TorStar wish they are. You need only check the comments on any story about these two. Most Canadians who follow the news know what these two are about.

Richard K said...

As much as I wish that were the case, it's only recently that an accurate depiction of who those clowns are finally sunk in.

I think a lot of, probably most people weren't so interested to do background research and came to rely on their information from reports at the Ceeb and Star. It was only last week that the Globe finally gave a full account and only in one column by Margaret Wente.

The National Post touched on it two or three times, to their credit, early on. But they were pretty mild.

If it weren't for Sun News and bloggers making it obvious that so much of the story was being held back, the Ceeb and others might never have done an honest report on the pair.

I'm yet to see one from The Star.

wallyj said...

Well said.

I started calling BS back on Sept.29th at both the G&M and CBC.

I came across an article written at 'Freedom Press' about the whitewashing and managed to get a link up to it at those two locations and a few more.Another fellow had it a bit earlier also. The Sun and others took it from there.

Hopefully once these two fade away or are thrown into a nicer jail,people will remember the snow job that the media threw at them.


I. Renarde said...

York U - This is my time...

...for radical activists to ruin education. Seriously, does anybody believe that commercial?

Richard K said...

I found those York U commercials pretty funny too!

They have current students telling you all the great things they "expect" to accomplish rather than alumni who actually are accomplished telling you how they used their York education for success.

No mystery why they didn't use the latter approach.