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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The weird, depraved "Israelis are racist because their soldiers DON'T rape Palestinian women" meme has resurfaced

Hen Mazzig is an educator with the pro-Israel advocacy group Stand With Us. He recounts some of his experiences on US college campuses including these episodes:
To give you a taste of the viciousness of the BDS attacks, let me cite just a few of the many shocking experiences I have had. At a BDS event in Portland, a professor from a Seattle university told the assembled crowd that the Jews of Israel have no national rights and should be forced out of the country. When I asked, “Where do you want them to go?” she calmly answered, “I don’t care. I don’t care if they don’t have any place else to go. They should not be there.” When I responded that she was calling for ethnic cleansing, both she and her supporters denied it. And during a presentation in Seattle, I spoke about my longing for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. When I was done, a woman in her 60’s stood up and yelled at me, “You are worse than the Nazis. You are just like the Nazi youth!” A number of times I was repeatedly accused of being a killer, though I have never hurt anyone in my life. On other occasions, anti-Israel activists called me a rapist. The claims go beyond being absurd – in one case, a professor asked me if I knew how many Palestinians have been raped by IDF forces. I answered that as far as I knew, none. She triumphantly responded that I was right, because, she said, “You IDF soldiers don’t rape Palestinians because Israelis are so racist and disgusted by them that you won’t touch them.”

Unfortunately, the moronic, misogynistic, mentally depraved  suggestion that not raping someone is proof of racism against them has its origins at Hebrew University in Israel. Which proves that not all the imbecile Jews in academia are at OISE.

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