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Thursday, March 20, 2014

After being made to look like idiots for forcing "microaggression" apology, McGill university student union leaders point fingers at each other

...In the weeks since, he said, the apology had turned the word “microaggression” into a campus joke, and muted any legitimacy it may once have held.

“Students don’t feel the need to be educated about these issues because they see the whole apology affair as a farce.”

...Although the Farnan apology was passed by the collective SSMU council last December, on Thursday student representatives attempted to pin the blame on the Equity Complaints Investigation Committee, accusing the group of having unjustly “fuelled” the original decision.
In a motion, the SSMU accused the committee of lacking “transparency and accountability” and demanded that it disclose the “reasoning” for the Farnan apology...

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