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Friday, March 28, 2014

Both federal NDP Deputy Leaders promote depraved 9-11 conspiracy theories and antisemitism

The synchronization of 9-11 conspiracy lunacy and antisemitism has reached the highest levels of the New Democratic Party of Canada.

NDP Deputy Leader Megan Leslie recently promoted a 9-11 conspiracy event on her website.
Tory MP James Bezan called the posting on Leslie's website "shameful."

"Parliamentarians, especially senior members of the Official Opposition, should not be promoting these ideas," Bezan said in a statement. "Canadians should be able to expect reasoned positions on major issues, not statements that trivialize the deaths of Canadians and others or that make unfounded attacks on our allies.

"The 9/11 'truth' tour that MP Leslie is promoting on her website is shameful, and deeply disrespectful to the victims of 9/11." 
This complements the other NDP Deputy Leader, Libby Davies, who actually introduced a petition in Parliament that also promoted insane 9-11 conspiracy theories about US government involvement in the terror attacks on New York and Washington.

There is a heavy strain of antisemitism in the 9-11 "truth" movement, which consists in large measure of bizarre and psychologically damaged individuals. 

The Canadian government has made it clear it views the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel to be an expression of Jew-hate. Prime Minister Harper has described it and the slander of Israel as an "apartheid" country as "nothing short of sickening" and "the face of the new antisemitism."   Yet both NDP Deputy Leaders Davies and Leslie have been outspoken in such anti-Israel positions. Davies has expressed personal support for such antisemitic boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, and Leslie has previously promoted an antisemitic "Israel Apartheid Week" event.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair is known to be supportive of Israel and democracy in the middle east. However, by appointing fanatics with bizarre, extremist views as his most senior deputies, it is an indication of the incompetence with which the federal NDP government would govern Canada if ever given the opportunity.


Unknown said...

Iran's PressTV was embraced by the Canadian "truther" community because of their coverage of 911 conspiracies. They participated in the "Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal", a fake trial they presented to the world as something real.

The "magistrates" in this trial included Richard Falk, and a man who lives in Canada named Alfred Webre. When not selling his story that Obama secretly travelled to Mars in his youth, Webre works closely with Kevin Annett- a con-artist who faked the discovery of a mass grave of Indian residential school children at the Six Nations in Ontario.

Annett and Libby Davies come from the same hood, and share a common set of allies. I had no idea until just now that Davies presented a petition on 9/11, will have to dig deeper. Do you have any idea who organized the signatures?

Richard K said...

Wow - you weren't joking about that Obama on Mars thing!


I don't know who organized the 9-11 conspiracy theory petition Davies chose to promote. Maybe if you contact her office she'll share that information. As an MP, I don't think she should refuse to disclose that.

Anonymous said...

Richard, MPs should present petitions to parliament that are given to them by their constituents. That's their public duty. It's not the same as signing or organizing the petition.

Richard K said...

Are you familiar with many instances where MPs presented petitions the premise of which they adamantly opposed? How many anti-abortion petitions has Libby Davies introduced?

Unknown said...

Exactly Richard. I have little doubt that if someone brought Davies a petition to take politics out of the DTES poverty industry that she'd decline to read it...

The Hammer said...

I think it was a deal to placate the "Activist" wing of the NDP that led Mulcair to appoint Leslie and Davies deputies. Davies in particular has a big contingent of followers. There was a large "Anyone but Mulcair" movement at the NDP convention, led by Sid Ryan, so while Mulcair won he in no way had strong support.

The "Anyone but Mulcair" movement stemmed from the fact that Mulcair's wife and children are Jews. Though many pretend it was for other reasons.

Unknown said...

It turns out that the NDP's Don Davies and Paul Dewar have declined reading 9/11 petitions in Parliament. I believe this settles the argument that Davies was just following standard process...