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Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Truth About Olivia Chow Taking Advantage of a Housing Subsidy

Olivia Chow with Khomeinist hatemonger Zafar Bangash

...Tom Clement, head of the Co-operative Housing Association of Ontario, told [Toronto Star reporter] Kerr he knew of no other family with their income living in the province’s 500-plus co-ops.

In terms of how rents in the Hazelburn Co-op compared to the surrounding community, a prominent Globe and Mail journalist told the Star he was paying $690 a month for a two-bedroom apartment in an area where the going rate was $1,100.

Based on the premise families should pay no more than 30% of their income on rent,  Kerr observed, a family of five or six with an annual income of $40,000 to $50,000 would have been able to carry the $800-a-month apartment, Chow and Layton were occupying.

Layton was troubled by all this. He told Kerr he had struggled with his conscience about staying in the apartment.

For that reason, 17-19 months after moving into the three-bedroom apartment with Chow, he had, either as of January or March, 1990 (media accounts at the time vary), begun paying a $325-a-month “voluntary surcharge” — the only tenant to do so — to offset their portion of the mortgage subsidy from the federally-funded Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp...

I've been saying Olivia Chow is lying when denying having lived in a subsidized co-op. But maybe not. Maybe it has to do with a loss of mental acuity since afflicted with serious health issues?

UPDATE: Olivia Chow's flack Warren Kinsella happened on this post and became so incensed, he decided to write some lies about me. 


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many other cases there are like this.

The late Fred Gloger who was the head of research at Queen's Park for the Ontario NDP was the head of his coop housing on Bleeker Street.

I would assume with a job like that he was not making a low income.

I wonder how big his place was and how much he paid for his downtown apartment in a government subsidized building.

Anonymous said...

Good piece. As for Chow's paid fartcarcher, I have zero respect for the "prince of darkness" or "queen of funk" of whatever the fok Worndown Cansmellya choses to call himself.

Peepers said...

I think Chow is lying when she continues to claim that she and Jack did not live in subsidized housing. She knows better - just as Chow knew full well that the "Velvet Touch" massage parlor (employing girls who looked underage!) was no "community clinic".

Every time this issue comes up Chow deflects by saying they "paid market rent" which is true. The problem is "market rent" is a misnomer. The rents charged are way below real market rent.

This is true today. Anyone making over $100K can rent a brand new "market rent" apartment for about half the carrying cost of an equivalent condo.

I think we need to close this loophole and it will be very wise if Mayor Ford made this election issue.

Mayor Ford should propose as part of his election platform - a "means test" for tenants applying for "market rent" units so that only the most deserving working poor can get into these units and the not the leeches like Olivia and Jack .