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Friday, March 21, 2014

University of Toronto compulsory student fees used to fund activities the Canadian government defines as antisemitic

Students at the University of Toronto are forced, through the compulsory student activity fees they have to pay each year, to fund the radical so-called "Ontario Public Interest Research Group."

Rather than actual public interest, U of T's OPIRG funds and promotes among other things, Marxist revolutionary organizations and antisemitic boycotts of Israel.

Individual University of Toronto students can ask to have the money that is taken from them to fund this idiocy returned. But I have had U of T students contact me to say that when they do so, they face harassment and intimidation.

Now, the tax levied on unwilling University of Toronto students is being used to fund activities which are clearly defined as antisemitism by the Government of Canada.

OPIRG has a job posting up for a "Palestine Booklet Project Coordinator." The job description states: "This booklet is meant to assist those engaged in Palestine solidarity organizing by sharing strategies for organizing campus based divestment campaigns..."

The divestment campaigns mentioned are part of an antisemitic boycott strategy designed to attempt to delegitimize the Jewish State. That effort is, according to Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper, "nothing short of sickening" and is "the face of the new antisemitism."

An email sent out by OPIRG details how much they intend to spend to finance this sickening antisemitism:
"This is a part-time temporary staff position with 20 hours per week at a rate of$15/hour, for a period of three months. "
That works out to about $3600 of funds, culled from unsuspecting students, to be used at a publicly funded university to pay to promote bigotry and hatred that is explicitly condemned by the Canadian government.

I hope the University of Toronto's donors are paying attention to how their tax dollars and institutions of "higher learning" are hard at work.

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