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Friday, March 14, 2014

Sue-Ann Levy on Olivia Chow- 'She's never held a real job in her life'


Anonymous said...

She is not the only one.

City Councillor Maria Augimeri was a single monther living in public housing when she met the much older NDP MPP Odoardo Di Santo whom she married.

It was after that she finally found a career for life..... politics.

Somehow hubby Odoardo Di Santo continues to get political public appointments even from the Liberals.

daveman0077 said...

Not only have many politicians haven't held real jobs but jobs in the private sector as well. Many like Chow only know of living off the public troft.

Perry said...


More like pubic teat than public trough.

Moderator, just in case you are thinking of deletion, to the pure of heart, all things are pure!

Seen engraved on the base of a statue in English film.

"The money for this erection was raised by pubic subscription."