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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ontario Liberals in damage control over Gas Plants cover-up

Ironically, I just got back from a press conference featuring Ontario Cabinet Minister John Milloy, in which he responded to some questions I asked about his receiving the recommendations of the panel proposing Ontario's "Open Government|" policy (more on that tomorrow).

Let's see how open the Ontario Liberal government is about this (I'm betting, not very):

TORONTO ─ Premier Kathleen Wynne's minority government was thrown into serious damage control mode Thursday after reports that OPP investigators suspect computers in the premier's office were illegally ordered wiped.

Government house leader John Milloy said police officers are continuing their probe and no one should jump to any conclusions based on allegations.

"I will certainly agree that these allegations, if true, are very serious but we don't know if they're true," Milloy said. "We're going to allow the police to do their work and the judicial process, if it comes to that, to do its work."

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