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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Anti-Israel resolution at University of Windsor declared invalid after investigation determines Student Association violated rules

A controversial referendum at the University of Windsor was not carried out correctly according to an investigation by the school’s lawyer.

In an email sent out to students, UWindsor president Dr. Alan Wildeman released the findings of the investigation that looked at the process used by the University of Windsor Student Alliance regarding a BDS referendum.

An email from University of Windsor President Alan Wilderman stated:

To students,
I am writing to report on the findings from the investigation of the processes used by the UWSA regarding the BDS referendum. These findings have been communicated to me by Raj Anand, who conducted the investigation. The detailed findings of the investigator have been shared in confidence with the executive and council of the UWSA, but I wish to make the general findings of the investigation known to all students.
There were five major types of allegations made, and all have been substantiated by the investigation. The investigation into a number of lesser additional allegations will be provided to me at a later date.
The conclusions of the investigation are the following:
1. The petition to hold the BDS referendum that was submitted to the UWSA council had at most 404 valid signatures (not the required 500), and as such the BDS referendum was not properly brought to the council.
2. Changes have been made to the structure of the UWSA executive group in ways that are in violation of the bylaws and the constitution of the UWSA, and those changes resulted in participation in UWSA meetings and votes by individuals who were not entitled to participate in those meetings and votes.
3. Over the past year the UWSA Executive and council have contained members who do not meet the criteria of membership set out in the UWSA constitution.
4. The motion to hold a BDS referendum occurred without legitimate quorum and involved votes cast by non-members.
5. The BDS referendum was unclear and ambiguous, and contained several questions rather than one question as required, and therefore was not consistent with Bylaw 85.
It is the University’s conclusion that the BDS referendum failed to adhere to the bylaws, processes and constitution of the UWSA. At the same time, the University is committed to working with students to help them achieve effective student governance. I will be in further communication about possible next steps in that regard.
Alan Wildeman
President and Vice-Chancellor
h/t Marvin W.

1 comment:

The Hammer said...

Point number 3 has me curious. "Over the past year the UWSA Executive and council have contained members who do not meet the criteria of membership set out in the UWSA constitution."

Wonder what that could mean. Maybe they have executive members who are not students?