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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rob Ford wins the 1st big mayoral debate of the 2014 campaign

When even the Rob Ford-hating Jonathan Goldsbie of the Rob Ford-despising NOW Magazine concedes that Ford is leading the pack, you know something has gone wrong with the establishment's game plan.

From the anti-Ford CBC: 
Chow pointed to the experience that both she and Soknacki had from their prior stints on council.
"David Soknacki and I actually are the two persons on this panel that have been on a budget committee that did the hard, line-by-line work," Chow said.
From the near-dumbstruck Globe and Mail:
Did Rob Ford just win the first debate of the 2014 Toronto mayoral election?
Pundits this morning are rubbing their eyes and looking at clips that show the mayor keeping it short, simple, loud and to the point in an at-times roiling screamfest of a debate.
Ford's opposition consists of the earnest but uncharismatic John Tory, Olivia Chow, who is a terrible public speaker and an unaccomplished,  notorious waster of public funds, David Socknacki who has neither charisma nor credibility as a leader and that inconsistent Karen what's-her-name. Ford's mantra of "who do you trust to watch your dollars?" could well see him return to the mayor's chair in the October election.

But let's give the last word to Jimmy Kimmel:


Peepers said...

Imagine the panic that must be setting in to the Chow camp after last nights debate debacle! Probably lots of long faces at the Toronto Star also since they worked for over a year building Chow up as a formidable candidate.

Chow's first time out of the gate and she fell flat on her face! Far from being a formidable candidate she has been exposed as a dud.

Perhaps the dumbest comment she made was in an exchange with John Tory when she said "you can't let private sector run the business".

Oh really? We can't let the private sector run businesses? Only governments can run businesses? They don't even believe such nonsense in communist China anymore!

I really hope the Ford campaign seizes on this comment. It will turn many voters against her including the many immigrant voters who came to Canada as entrepreneurs and are running successful business (unlike Chow's parents who leeched off social services the minute they stepped off the plane from Hong Kong).

Of course she attacked Ford for "not being a good wole model fo my gwanchillen"

I would love to see a reporter ask her what kind of role model was Jack Layton to "her" grandchildren after-all Layton got caught in the nude inside a seedy massage parlor that Toronto Police were investigating for underage prostitution. The evidence suggested that at a minimum Jack Layton had a sexual attraction to girls who at least looked underage and that he may have been a pedophile. What kind of "role model" to children did that make Jack? Of course not one reporter in the city has the guts to ask Chow such a question.

The next seven months are going to be fun watching Chow self-destruct.

Imagine how depressed Warren Kinsella (and his GF) must be realizing that they have hooked themselves up to such a loser candidate. I suspect that this will be the last major campaign that Kinsella will get paid big bucks to work on.

Anonymous said...

I also don't think it's smart for Chow to be expected to deliver the "Kinsella" lines....because she can't pull them off in the way they're intended.

mrzee said...

In the last US Presidential race, after 0bama got his ass kicked in the first debate the media increased their protctive perimeter. They'll try to do the same for Chow