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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Iran's English-language propaganda service claims Islamic extremism is a Zionist plot

The Islamo-fascists running Iran, like most pathological liars, don't even seem to register how incoherent and crazy the things they say are.  In an article at PRESS TV, Iran's state-controlled English-language propaganda service, Catherine Shakdan, an apparent mental-case whom is described as "a commentator and political risk consultant" who "worked in collaboration with Yemen Human Rights Minister on shaping new policies to protect women rights," wrote:
"Zionists theorized that if Muslims could be made to stray from Islam path through systematic radicalization, its people would either be made to fear the religious and thus be ready to fall into the trap of Western heresy or be turned into weapons at the service of its Takfiri legions.

For decades Zionist have tirelessly work towards such goals. We have all witness with which ease Saudi Wahhabis have called onto their so-called Jihadists to wage war on Syria. We have all witness how Wahhabi religious leaders have managed to twist and turn the Holy Scriptures as to support and justify their nefarious plans in the Middle East, calling on Muslims everywhere to join in their butchery.

Through the promotion of radicalism, Zionists aim first and foremost to destroy Islam’s youth, to pervert an entire generation as to bring the final phase of its plan into fruition."

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