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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reinventing history, Olivia Chow-style

WHAT SHE SAID AT LAST THURSDAY'S MAYORALTY CAMPAIGN LAUNCH: "I want to put children and families at the heart of our city."
WHAT SHE DID: As a school trustee in 1989, she voted herself an 86% pay hike and spent the most on expenses ($30,570)....
WHAT SHE SAID: "The current mayor is no role model for my granddaughters ... we deserve better."
WHAT SHE DID:..Lived in a taxpayer-subsidized three-bedroom co-op apartment, paying $800-a-month while making jointly $120,000 (one-third tax free) jointly a year. Public pressures forces them out in mid-1990...
As member of Police Services Board in 2000, she turned up at a violent OCAP riot at Queen's Park and instructed cops to back off. She was forced to resign from police services board because of her interference...
WHAT SHE SAID: "I learned how to work hard and make every penny count, to save money for rainy days and invest wisely ... that is what I will do as your new mayor."
WHAT SHE DID: Pushed numerous pet projects while at City Hall...
...At $458,251, the fourth largest spender among GTA MPs in 2012- 13, beating out cabinet ministers Peter Kent and Joe Oliver.


Plus see also:  Christie Blatchford: Journalism takes another hit as Olivia Chow interviewed by her campaign flunkie, Warren Kinsella

Personally, I'm expecting Kinsella to be every bit as useful to Olivia Chow as his involvement was to boost the mayoral bid of Rocco Rossi in 2010

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