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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Canadian Somali Congress head describes the Toronto District School Board as racist and insulting

This discussion/debate between Ahmed Hussen, the National President of the Canadian Somali Congress, the CBC's heavily biased Anna Maria Tremonti, and not-particularly-bright Toronto District School Board Trustee and identity-politics-in-the-classroom proponent Maria Rodrigues reveals much about how the TDSB is utterly failing its students.

As Mr. Hussen notes, the TDSB's actions are not only insulting to the Somali-Canadian community, they're racist:

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The Hammer said...

I like what Ahmed Hussen has to say. He goes right after the TDSB calling them the worst performing school board in the GTA. And it is funny to listen to him. And of course he is insulted. They think you need to teach people about Somali culture to teach a bunch of kids who are born in Canada lol.