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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Social Justice" strikes again! White dude at San Francisco State U assaulted for "culturally appropriating" dreadlocks


Jian Ghomeshi's lawyer, Marie Henein, speaks to Peter Mansbridge

Barbara Kay said it well:
Henein refuses to allow Mansbridge to make "justice" for women the subject, deflects all attempts to make her seem anti-feminist. She is a brilliant and compassionate woman, who understands the difference between real justice and "social justice."
The tenor of the interview is often inane and sexist. I don't recall too many people suggesting Clayton Ruby was pro-pedophile when he defended Kathleen Wynne's former Deputy Minister of Education, Ben Levin, who was convicted for pedophilia-related crimes.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Don’t blame the economy for Trudeau’s deep deficits

In advance of tabling their first budget, the Liberals conveyed a message that deteriorating government finances were the result of a weak economy. The reality of the budget is quite different from the rhetoric; the source of the large and sustained deficits is a marked increase in spending.

Before analyzing the numbers, we should pause and note how much the Liberals have diverged from their election promise to run deficits of no more than $10 billion with a return to budget balance before the end of their mandate.

At $29.4 billion, the projected budget deficit in 2016/17 alone is larger than the cumulative budget deficits projected for the entire mandate in the Liberals’ platform. And the deficit is not a one-off; the government is planning deficits as far as the eye can see. In total, the string of deficits is expected to add $113.2 billion to the federal debt in just five years —approximately four times as much debt as the Liberals said that they would add. 
Both in the lead up to the budget and in the budget document itself, the Liberals tried to establish that a weak economy is the reason why they couldn’t keep their election promises of “modest” and temporary deficits. The data don’t support this. The big deficits are driven by spending...

Monday, March 28, 2016

Facts and objectivity are just a construct of oppressive, patriarchal white privilege

The goal of equality of the sexes before the law is laudable. When that was feminism, then I too was a feminist.

But apparently things have changed. In case you were wondering why so many people cringe when they hear the word feminist now, it's because this is what the movement has become:

From Everyday Feminism:
Sometimes Emotions Are Just as Important as Facts  
Glorifying objectivity often leads us to dismiss people’s emotions.

h/t Andrew Klavan 

Luke Skywalker talks about Star Wars

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Maher: "Maybe Europe Will Have A Little More Sympathy For What Israel Goes Through, Europe Has Been Real Assholes"

"Europe has been real assholes about Israel," Maher said Friday. "I mean, in general. The U.N., as of 2015, the United Nations Human Rights Council had issued more official condemnations of Israel than the rest of the world's nations combined. I wonder now that Europe has been attacked four times now in a little over a year, and they say ISIS has 400 fighters that they are ready to introduce back into Europe, and they're trying to get a dirty bomb. Maybe Europe will have a little more sympathy for what Israel goes through."

Revealed, how UK aid funds TERRORISTS

The scandal of how Britain fritters away billions in foreign aid – including paying salaries to convicted terrorists who have murdered hundreds of innocent people – is exposed today by a major MoS investigation.

The shocking revelation that thousands of Palestinian terrorists, including men who have masterminded suicide bombings and murdered children, are given cash handouts from aid money will cause anger and disbelief, particularly in the wake of the Brussels massacres.

Our probe exposed how huge amounts of taxpayers’ cash, that critics say should be spent in Britain, is being ‘squandered’ on wasteful schemes elsewhere by the Department For International Development (DFID) and Foreign Office...

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Romney and Bush Endorse Cruz, Doom His Campaign

The Ghomeshi trial and the infantilizing of women

...This case should never have come to court, where it was thoroughly un-dressed and dismantled by defence lawyer Marie Henein. But of course charges were laid and of course the cases were prosecuted — because then Police Chief Bill Blair set the I-believe-you tone from the outset and his sexual crimes unit boss banged that drum as the Toronto Police Service’s de facto charter. You are woman and you are believed and, geez, wonder why these accusations were so shabbily investigated? Wonder why the witnesses got bushwhacked on the stand, when finally someone bothered to ask: What’s this? What are these emails? Why this photo? How come the thousands of emails between DeCoutere and Witness No. 3, after the Ghomeshi creepiness had exploded in the media, giving a strong whiff (let’s “sink the prick) of collusion between witnesses. As well, each of the witnesses had a shaky grasp of truthfulness under oath as stories were altered, depositions changed, crucial details added after the trial had started.

But we’re not supposed to look askance at any of this because…oh, right, they’re women and They Have Accused.

I believe women, whether strong or weak of character, are adults and they shouldn’t be infantilized in court...

Who Said It: Hillary or Trump?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Remembering Rob Ford

"There was far more kindness in Rob Ford than in the most zealous of those who couldn't stand him"

A parable about the Ghomeshi trial and verdict

Let's say you and I dated a few years ago. We spent time together, I liked you, and you gave me clear signals that my affection was reciprocated.

One evening, we went to see an opera, Madama Butterfly. We strolled back to my home on a clear, cold evening. I was carrying a large amount of cash for our evening out and still had $500 on me, so I briefly dashed into my den and put the remaining money in my desk drawer. While I was in the kitchen preparing something for us to snack on,  you sneaked into my den and stole that money. There was no question in my mind that you were the thief.  The money was there before you came to visit me and it was gone immediately after you left. You took my money without my consent. I know you did it and you know you did it.

I don't tell anyone at that time about what you did.

The next day, I send you a note telling you how much I enjoyed your visit, how much I want to see you again, and I tell you how you're so special to me because I know I can I trust you.

We continue to socialize a few more times, and our interactions are friendly, even warm on occasion. We even get physically affectionate once or twice. But we don't really click, and you start to avoid my company. I'm not happy about it and write you notes to let you know how much I want to see you again, but I get no response.

A year goes by, and my resentment of you having stolen my money never completely evaporates.

Then rumors start to circulate that you have been stealing from people.

The Chief of Police makes a public appeal for anyone who was robbed by you to contact law enforcement and let them know.

I tell the police that on the night we went to see a movie, The Hangover Part 3, on a warm, rainy evening, that after we returned to my home, you stole my $500. When they asked me how that made me feel about you, I told them that I felt betrayed, violated and disgusted. I tell the police that night you stole from me was the last time I saw you. I was fearful of you, and did everything I could to avoid you in the future.

Based on what I now have disclosed, the police and Crown's office decide to charge you with theft.

At the trial, I'm asked questions that I find deeply offensive. The questions your lawyer puts to me imply my honesty and integrity and motives for pressing charges are less than straightforward. I'm asked if there is any physical proof that you stole my money. Did I have a camera set up in my home that shows you taking it? No. Of course not. Who would bother doing that?

So you can prove that we saw an opera instead of a light comedy movie that night, and that the weather was different than what I had said. Is my memory on trial!? Well, even if my memory is the only evidence against you, the memory of having $500 taken by someone I deeply trusted isn't something that fades.

Did I confront you at any time about the theft or complain to you that you should return the money? No, I didn't because I liked you and I thought maybe I did something to upset you that made you act out that way. I know now that I was foolish to blame my self, and it's not unusual, I insist, for people to internalize wrongs done to them.

Even though I claimed that I never saw you again, when faced with evidence that proves we saw each other many times, on my initiative, I'm forced to admit that I didn't tell the truth because I was embarrassed. Yes, I lied, under oath, to police, to the Crown Attorney, and to the Court, but isn't that understandable under the circumstances?

Let's see what happens when they put you on the stand to testify! Then we'll see how many inconsistencies and lies you get caught up in. What? We have a system where you don't have to testify against yourself? I think that's so wrong and unfair!

When the verdict comes in, I think it's a travesty of justice when you're found Not Guilty. You stole my money and you and I both know that.


That parable above is what would have played out in a theft trial. Or might have in the unlikely event that a prosecution had gone forward on a theft charge with so little evidence.

It's in essence what played out in the trial of Jian Ghomeshi, who was found Not Guilty of four sexual assault charges and a Choking to Overcome Resistance charge on Thursday morning. It's not like Ghomeshi went unpunished as a result of the verdict. His career was destroyed, his finances are in tatters, the status he gleefully enjoyed has been devastated, and his reputation is ruined.

But the verdict was the only reasonable one at which the judge in Ghomeshi's trial could have arrived. When you have someone on trial for a crime, and the only evidence is the testimony of the victim, then the memory and the credibility of the victim become fair game for questions. When the victim can be demonstrably shown to have lied and intentionally concealed the truth in court, then it becomes almost impossible to convict an accused based solely on their evidence.

Even though Ghomeshi is very probably guilty of assaulting the women who testified against him, there was no conclusive proof he did it. And the flaws in memory, the repeated lies, and the intentional concealing of facts from the court by the witnesses against Ghomeshi became insurmountable hurdles towards proving his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are opportunistic, unscrupulous politicians and quite a few stupid people who are trying to hold up the Ghomeshi verdict as proof that our justice system doesn't work. The opposite is true. The system worked exactly as it's supposed to. The system isn't unfairly stacked against sexual assault victims any more than it is against victims of other crimes who have no proof aside from their actual testimony. There isn't a crime on the books which could have gotten a conviction based on the hopelessly flawed testimony and lack of evidence that characterized Ghomeshi's trial.

In the Communist Soviet Union, people were sent to gulags, and their deaths, on the basis of unsubstantiated accusations of disloyalty.

Unless we want to live in a system like that, where accusation translates to guilt, where the accused is not able to fully challenge the evidence of the accuser, where a conviction does not require guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to be proved, and where people can be sentenced to long terms in jail based on clearly flawed and sometimes deceitful testimony, then sometimes we're going to have to put up with guilty people not being convicted by the courts.

While that's a sometimes unfortunate outcome of our judicial system, the Soviet-style alternative being proposed by critics of the Ghomeshi verdict would be far worse.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Toronto politics will be worse for Rob Ford not being a part of it

Rob Ford boasted that he was the greatest mayor in the history of Toronto. In many ways, that's true. He was certainly its most famous and had people the world over talking about his city. For a town like Toronto that has had a massive inferiority complex since the dismal, seemingly interminable mayoralty of Art Eggleton in the 1980's, the fame Rob Ford brought to Toronto was a bitter irony.

Rob Ford lost his battle with cancer this week and died at the age of 46. He served as a city councilor for 10 years and mayor for one term. It might have been two, but his cancer diagnosis brought his 2014 reelection bid to an abrupt halt.

For many people, what distinguished Ford's time as a politician, particularly while mayor, was his erratic behavior, which came to a head with an admission of crack smoking while in office.  But for those who knew him and followed his career, what really distinguished Ford was a relentless dedication to serving the people of Toronto and ensuring that their taxes were not squandered and were spent rationally and fairly.

That dedication threatened a lot of his colleagues, many of whom are clearly corrupt and use their positions to feather their own nests and those of their friends in various special interest organizations and in the development business.

Toronto's vacuous, biased, crooked, image-obsessed media eagerly joined in on the Ford-bashing, because the rough-around-the edges populist from Etobicoke didn't match their image of the way they wanted to be perceived. The downtown media is all about image and very little about substance. But the voters of the city, the ones whose main concern wasn't to be seen as virtue-signalling social justice warriors, saw something different in Ford. They saw someone who was like them. They saw a man who would stay up late at night to return phone calls from his constituents, and to try to make sure that City Hall treated them fairly.

There's a difference between lying and bullshitting. Rob Ford would bullshit with exaggerations of how much money he saved the city, or aspects of his personal life that had nothing to do with governing. But he never lied to the public about what he wanted to do as either a City Councilor or as mayor. He didn't make campaign promises he didn't at least try to keep.

That was the big difference between Ford and every single one of his City Council colleagues, who have no shame about campaigning with political promises they have no intention of honoring.

Rob Ford's supporters recognized that they had a champion who was different than the hacks at City Hall who professed to have a "vision," and were determined to impose their idea of what Toronto should be on the rest of us. Ford thought that listening to what people want and trying to get it for them was a more important quality in a politician than telling them what they should want. It was that quality that kept him popular, no matter how hysterically the media, like The Toronto Star, would rail against him. It's what made him popular despite his admission of crack smoking.

I interviewed Ford at length while he ran for mayor in 2010, and he was someone who was totally straightforward and without guile. When I asked him if he thought there was corruption at Toronto's City Hall, he came right out and said there was.

The media and some of his colleagues tried to condemn him for calling out that corruption. But the voters knew better.

Now we can go back to the farce of municipal politicians with a bad case of New York Envy protesting that they are representing "a world class city," oblivious to the obvious that world class cities don't have to continually bluster about their status.

We're going to see some crocodile tears and nauseating hypocrisy from City Council now that Ford has left us. But in their hearts, though they may be celebrating that Rob Ford will no longer be around to hold City Hall to accountability, deep down, they know he was better, more honest, and more of a dedicated public servant than any one of them.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Toronto Police Board Member and City Councilor Promotes BlackLivesMatter Protest Against Police

Last July an officer in the Toronto Police Service shot and killed 44-year-old South Sudanese immigrant Andrew Loku inside of his apartment building. A few days later a group of anti-cop protestors organized a protest under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter Toronto. The protesters gathered and blocked the intersection of Allen Road at Eglinton Avenue interrupting the journies of 100’s of Torontonians driving and using public transit.

BLMT used the blockade as a way to get extra attention for their group, demanding that the officer who shot Loku faced criminal charges. It was long before any of the details were known about the shooting, but facts were less important to the group then public attention. A survey conducted after the protest indicates a higher percentage of Torontonians learned about BLMT that day than about Andrew Loku.

Loku was only 2 meters away from the officer, charging at him with a hammer and yelling out “What you gonna do, come on, shoot me”.On Friday Ontario’s police watchdog Special Investigations Unit determined that the officer didn’t do anything wrong. BLMT has responded as their petulant selves, announcing a protest starting at 6pm in front of City Hall at Nathan Phillips Hall. The protest is being promoted by the usual gang including a violent convicted G20 organizer, an ethically challenged Toronto Star/Canadaland/Newstalk 1010 contributor, and a member of the Toronto Police Board...

Corbyn's Labour has become a home for Jew-haters

The far-left has been rife with Jew-haters for two generations now.  Since Jeremy Corbyn's takeover of Britain's Labour Party, established Labour has gradually been supplanted by the influx of anti-Semites who feel they have found a political home:

The basic idea behind most modern anti-Semitism is that Jews must be up to something. Whatever Jews say and do can’t be taken at face value: they must have some ulterior motive or hidden agenda that needs to be uncovered.

So when Jewish donors give money to political parties, it can’t simply mean that they support that party’s policies, as any non-Jewish donor would; they must be trying to buy support for Israel.

Or when Israel sends rescue teams to countries that have suffered from natural disasters, it can’t simply be to offer humanitarian aid; it must be to steal human organs from the victims of those disasters.

Nowhere is this more apparent than when Jews complain about anti-Semitism in left wing or pro-Palestinian circles. It has become a reflexive response for any such complaints to be dismissed as fake, a manufactured outrage designed to cynically deflect criticism of Israel’s policies.

So when the current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn hosted the Belgian-based activist Dyab Abou Jahjah in the British Parliament in 2009, Corbyn dismissed complains of antisemitism as “a nonsense.” He ignored the fact that Abou Jahjah had previously posted Holocaust denial cartoons on his website, an offence for which he was eventually convicted and fined by a Dutch court.

Three years later, Corbyn invited Islamic Movement leader Raed Salah to visit him in Parliament, and repeated that invitation even after a British immigration tribunal had found that Salah used the anti-Semitic blood libel in a speech in Jerusalem in 2007...

In Cuba, Obama Will Legitimize the Corrupt and Ignore the Oppressed By SEN. TED CRUZ

Communist Havana has always been a magnet for the radical chic of the left, drawn like moths to the flame of this western outpost of totalitarian Communism. Back in the 1960s, the visitors included Angela Davis and Stokely Carmichael, while Che Guevara himself received Jean-Paul Sartre.

Now this scene will include a president of the United States. On Sunday, President Barack Obama, a retinue of celebrities in tow, is expected to arrive in the Cuban capital to hang out with Raul Castro and his henchmen, all of which will be breathlessly documented by the media mavens along for the ride.

Meanwhile, political prisoners languishing in dungeons across the island will hear this message: Nobody has your back. You’re alone with your tormentors. 
The world has forgotten about you.They will not be on TV, rubbing elbows with the Obamas or left-wing politicians like Nancy Pelosi. There will be no mojitos at the U.S. Embassy for them. Raul Castro denies their very existence...

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Love and Happiness

The great Al Green:

Israel, the only country standing in the way of the Mideast descending into total chaos

...“Since 1948, we Arabs have been taught that all we need to do is get rid of the Jewish state and everything will go well.” Saddam Hussein, when he was Iraq’s president, adopted the Palestinian flag and flew it alongside his own flag. “We Arabs have put 70 years of our existence on hold while awaiting the glorious day when we defeat Israel and feed the Jews to the fish.” But that day still hasn’t come. Zahran quotes a fellow Jordanian oppositionist, Emad Tarifi, who remarked, “It seems the fish are not betting on us feeding them Jews.

Instead, Arabs have allowed dictators to impoverish and terrorize the people, in the name of the anti-Zionist struggle. “While Israel made 10 new breakthroughs in cancer and cardiac treatments in the last two years alone, we Arabs developed new execution methods,” like death by drowning in a cage, as ISIL demonstrated.

If the enemies of Israel had succeeded in destroying it, Zahran says, Iran would now have nuclear weapons. Instead, Iran learned from Iraq’s experience in 1981, when Israel’s bombers reduced Iraq’s Osirak reactor to rubble.

Zahran argues that if Israel were to disappear now, Iran could extend its influence into Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain the next day, since it would not have to fear an inevitable Israeli response. With Israel gone, ISIL would also reach Jordan. ISIL “does not dare enter Jordan for one reason only — its fear that Israeli jets would catch up with it 15 minutes later.”

Zahran believes that Israel is becoming stronger every day through democracy and innovation, while Arab countries are getting weaker through dictatorship and chaos. Speaking as a Jordanian, he says, “We can hate Israel as much as we like, but we must realize that without it, we too would be gone.”...

Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's interesting how the media brands conservatives as "right-wing" or "far-right," but communist totalitarians as "left-leaning"

The International Socialists, a totalitarian Marxist organization, is left leaning?

From the Washington Post:

...in New York City, protesters from a wide range of left-leaning organizations organized a roaming protest Saturday targeting two of Trump’s most prominent properties in midtown Manhattan. There were reports that the police used tear gas to prevent a group of protesters from moving past barriers near Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue...

...Amy Muldoon of the International Socialist Organization, which helped organize the protest in New York, said it was important for her organization to protest, despite Trump’s use of similar protests to leverage support...

Liberals feeling heat about funding hate at UNRWA? Keep it up at Stop Helping Hamas!


Friday, March 18, 2016

Meet Canada's radical leftist, ISIS-enabling imbeciles

There is a group of people in Canada who think that the way to deal with ISIS is to be nice to them or at the harshest, to ignore them. They believe to do anything but that is "Islamophobic."

The Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) is committing a genocide of Yazidis and Christians. They are murdering men through slow, horrific forms of torture, and keeping captured women as sex slaves, subjecting them to more brutal abuse than was inflicted on captured Korean "comfort women" Imperial Japanese troops used to fill their brothels during the Second World War.

The leader of ISIS is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a Sunni cleric who holds a PhD in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad, and his group's goal is to impose a caliphate where Islamic Sharia is the legal system. It is from passages in the Koran which sanction the taking of women as slaves and the killing of infidels and apostates by which ISIS assumes its license to conduct its campaigns of conquest and extermination.

Most Muslims living in western countries and many in Muslim-majority countries eschew ISIS' interpretation of the Koran. But it is undeniable that Islam and the Koran form the basis of ISIS' inspiration. Egged on by Islamic clerics with promises of eternal paradise for "martyrs," thousands of Muslim men and a surprising number of women have flocked to swell the Islamic State's ranks and are willing to give their lives for its goals. In fact, there are numerous reports that there are lengthy waiting lists to become a suicide bomber for ISIS, since the supply of aspirant martyrs exceeds their ordinance and target opportunities.

History has repeatedly taught us that people who are not only willing, but are genuinely anxious to die for a vicious cause that seeks to dominate and impose itself on any person or place it encounters are not going to respond to negotiations or appeals to reason and tolerance. Over and over, history has taught us that the only way to cease the violence and blood lust of national ideologies like Nazism, Imperial Japan's ambitions, ancient Carthage's thirst for power, and that of ISIS, is to use force to neutralize their ability to commit aggression and atrocities.

However, being incapable of learning history's lessons is one of the distinguishing characteristics of radical leftist groups like The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.

A sensible observer could come to the conclusion that military force against ISIS is the only way of containing their depraved campaign of terror and saving the lives of more Christians, Yazidis, Kurds, and Muslims who don't wish to prostrate to ISIS's extreme version of Islam, But the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War wants all Canadian troops abroad brought home and considers the use of force to contain ISIS as "Islamophobia." Fighting ISIS may indeed be Islamophobic if ISIS represents the true version of Islam, as the Islamic State claims.

But for the rest of us, the fight against ISIS is a campaign to save lives and stop an ongoing genocide.

On Saturday, the Toronto Coalition Against The War plans to demonstrate outside Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland's office with their imbecilic message that is a gift to ISIS' supporters.

The late Christopher Hitchens famously chided the media covering such groups, writing:  "It is really a disgrace that the liberal press refers to such enemies of liberalism as "antiwar" when in reality they are straight-out pro-war, but on the other side." If you see coverage of this demonstration in the mainstream media that presents the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War as a "peace" group, it's not only an indictment of the media's stupidity, but their complicity in the enslavement and murder of thousands of innocents.

UPDATE (20/3/2016): UndercoverKitty went to the protest and took some photos. You can check out the Kitty's report HERE. As you'll see, the protesters were made up of a group of people who...what's the polite way of saying this?.. may have come to their political views as a result of birth defects, or having been dropped on the head as infants...?

via UndercoverKitty

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Time to Calm Down about Trump

Donald J. Trump thus far has not shown that he has the level-headedness to be president. He has no political ideology and could just as well govern to the left of Hillary Clinton as to the right of her. Yet his sloppy way of speaking has earned him equally sloppy, over-the-top analogies — to Mussolini, Hitler, George Wallace, and a host of other populist and racist demagogues. 

But is he uniquely dangerous, ignorant, or cruel in terms of either distant or recent American presidential history?..

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Indiana Strikes Again

Indiana Jones is swinging back into theaters.

Steven Spielberg will direct Harrison Ford in the untitled fifth installment in the action-adventure franchise, which will open July 19, 2019, Disney announced Tuesday.

“Indiana Jones is one of the greatest heroes in cinematic history, and we can’t wait to bring him back to the screen in 2019,” said Disney chairman Alan Horn. “It’s rare to have such a perfect combination of director, producers, actor and role, and we couldn’t be more excited to embark on this adventure with Harrison and Steven.”...

What next, the Paul Bernardo Scholarship in Women's Studies? University of Victoria offers Chairman Mao Scholarship in Pacific and Asian Studies program

Barbara Kay in National Post:
It’s no secret that Western campuses are dominated by the regressive left. But certain indices of academics’ love affair with the far left still have the power to shock. The University of Victoria is inviting applications from students in its Pacific and Asian Studies program for two awards “in memory of the late Mao Tse Tung” — one to be applied for a study tour of China, the other to promote the study of modern China.

Now the Mao Tse Tung Memorial Course and Travel Awards don’t amount, in monetary terms, to a hill of beans — a few hundred dollars together, barely enough to cover, say, a single forced abortion, perhaps two summary executions, or a month’s maintenance for a political prisoner — but, of course, it is the principle that matters.

Mao, who led the Chinese Communist Party from 1935 until his death in 1976, was a psychopathic tyrant. He ruled by terror, and was abetted in his crimes against humanity — mass executions, deliberate pauperization and starvation of the peasantry, “re-education” gulags and total elimination of all freedoms — by fellow-travelling Western intellectuals and naive celebrities.

Mao eclipsed fellow monsters Hitler, Pol Pot and even Stalin for the sheer numbers of deaths for which he was directly responsible. And yet, through his cult of personality, he became a kind of living god in China and Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book a talisman for Western lefties...

Ben Carson Wishes He’d Endorsed Someone Else, Says Trump Offered Him Admin Post

Ben Carson says he has been promised a place in... by tommyxtopher

Retired neurosurgeon and former stab-happy street fighter Ben Carson truly is the gift that keeps on giving. After falling tragically silent for a spell after his presidential campaign ended, Carson reemerged last week to offer his endorsement to the candidacy ofDonald Trump because God told him to. Now, it seems Carson isn’t necessarily all that pleased with the good Lord’s will...

ACORN Canada wants employers to pay $15 per hour minimum, and pays its own professional protesters less than that

Anti-poverty group ACORN is one of the most ethically challenged social justice NGOs known to mankind. The group was originally conceived in the US and had close ties to the Democratic Party. They were a growing organization back in the day but this all changed in 2009 when James O’Keefe filmed undercover videos where they offered help as he played the role of a pimp trying to register his “underaged” prostitute to cheat the IRS. ACORN USA shut down the next year.

ACORN Canada claims that they’re an independent organization with no connections to their dirty cousins in the USA. They work closely the Canadian labour movement, including the First Nations abusers at Unifor, the child abuse advocates at OPSEU, the cop baiter allies at CUPW, and the Ontario Federation of Labour’s militant anarchist heavy Ontario Common Front...
More at GenuineWitty    

Monday, March 14, 2016

New Poll: Left-Wing Protesters Drive People into Arms of Donald Trump

This isn't a big surprise, since "activists" are the most despised people around... 

Donald Trump's supporters aren't fazed by his decision to cancel an appearance at a Chicago rally over the weekend—in fact, they are more likely to vote for him to be the Republican nominee because of it.

That's according to a new poll of likely Republican voters conducted by Monmouth University. It confirms something I've long suspected (and have argued in previous articles): the antics of left-wing agitators are driving ordinary people into the arms of Trump.

The poll noted that pro-Trump and anti-Trump forces clashed in Chicago last Friday, which prompted Trump to cancel the event. It then asked respondents whether this fact made them more or less likely to support Trump. Just 11 percent said they were less likely to support Trump because of this decision. Another 22 percent said they were actually more likely to back Trump, and 66 percent said their views were unchanged.

Leftist protesters who vehemently oppose Trump would do well to remember that in a free society, even contemptible speakers are permitted to be heard. As New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait wrote in a recent piece: 

But the whole premise of democracy is that rules need to be applied in every case without regard to the merit of the underlying cause to which it is attached. If you defend the morality of a tactic against Trump, then you should be prepared to defend its morality against any candidate. Now imagine that right-wing protesters had set out to disrupt Barack Obama’s speeches in 2008. If you’re not okay with that scenario, you should not be okay with protesters doing it to Trump...
See also: If anti-Trump protests grow, they could hand Donald the election

Palestinian leadership offers condolences for a terrorist's murder of an American in English while praising the terrorist in Arabic

...Biden arrived in the region hoping to persuade the Palestinian leaders to issue a "condemnation" of the reign of terror, which they continue to describe as a "popular and peaceful uprising." This in itself reeks of gallows humor.

But what Biden got was even funnier, from the point of view of Abbas and his friends.

The Palestinian president offered "condolences" over the killing of a U.S. citizen in Jaffa the previous day: "The President [Abbas] offered his condolences over the killing of the US citizen, while stressing at the same time that the occupation authorities have killed 200 Palestinians over the past five months," according to a statement released by the PA leadership in Ramallah.

Abbas's crocodile tears were shed for Taylor Force, a West Point graduate from Texas who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian during a rampage on the Jaffa beachfront promenade. Abbas is doubtless also upset because Israel has killed Palestinian stabbers and shooters.

Just before Biden arrived in Ramallah, Abbas's Fatah faction praised the murderer of Force, calling him a "martyr." ...

Ted Cruz accuses Soros-funded groups of being political terrorists

...“I will say this: Protesters have no right to engage in violence,” Mr. Cruz told reporters in Illinois, also saying the protesters have no right to threaten violence or shout down other speakers.

“The First Amendment gives every one of us a right to speak, but we don’t have a right to silence others,” he said. “And to the extent these protesters are organized leftist groups, whether it’s Black Lives Matter or Bernie Sanders or George Soros, or some other moveon.org leftist group, they’re simply trying to terrorize political speech.”

“That is not their right. It is wrong, and we need to stand against it,” Mr. Cruz said....

Ted Cruz Pledges to Support Donald Trump Unless He Actually Shoots Someone

Sen. Ted Cruz has vowed to support GOP front-runner Donald Trump if he secures the Republican nomination -- but he has one condition.

"I can give you one example where I would no longer support Donald Trump. If for example, he were to go out on Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, I would not be willing to support Donald Trump," Cruz said today at a press conference in Rockford, Illinois.

Cruz’s reference is to when, back in January, Trump joked at a campaign rally in Sioux Center, Iowa, that his supporters would stand behind him even if he shot someone.

"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters, okay?" Trump said, while putting his fingers into the shape of a gun and acting out pulling the trigger.

When pressed further by reporters, Cruz argued that he is a man who keeps his word.

"I know it is a shocking concept to members of the media. A shocking concept that an elected official actually does what he said. At the outset of this campaign, I committed I will support the Republican nominee. I honor my word," Cruz said.

When asked at the Republican debate last week, Cruz said he would support Trump as the nominee: "Yes. Because I gave my word that I would."...

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The best PSA ad for Donald Trump ever! ...by Andrew Klavan

Palestinians in Gaza received millions of tons of construction material and are using them to build terror tunnels instead of homes

From Foreign Policy:
...Although they are still waiting for their homes to be rebuilt and are living with just a few hours of electricity a day and barely any potable tap water, Najar and other Palestinians are not angry with Hamas for rebuilding the tunnels, which could lead Israel to wage another war to destroy them.
“What angers me is that the occupation is still imposing a siege on Gaza, which prevents the building process,” he says.
In fact, since the cease-fire between Israel and the militant Islamist group Hamas, more than 3 million tons of construction material have entered Gaza through Israel’s Kerem Shalom border crossing, according to Israeli figures. The first major tunnel attack occurred near that same crossing in 2006, when 19-year-old Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was captured by Hamas militants. Hamas held Shalit in Gaza until 2011, when Israel exchanged him for 1,027 Palestinian prisoners. The prospect of capturing another Israeli soldier, and concluding another prisoner exchange, is one reason the tunnels are so valuable to Hamas.

Friday, March 11, 2016

US Vice-President Biden Suggests The Palestinian Leadership Is Not "Civilized"

Speaking in Israel yesterday regarding the recent wave of Palestinian terror attacks, which resulted in the murder of an American tourist. US Vice-President Biden reiterated American support for Israel and condemned the Palestinian leadership's implicit support for terrorism. Biden said, "The United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts. This cannot become an accepted modus operandi. This cannot be viewed by civilized leaders as an appropriate way in which to behave...  "

From The New York Times:

...In an unusually stinging critique on Wednesday, Mr. Biden said the United States not only deplored the recent wave of Palestinian attacks, including the fatal stabbing attack that killed an American graduate student soon after Mr. Biden landed, but also “condemns the failure to condemn these acts.” It appeared to be a veiled reference to the silence of President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority, whom Mr. Biden met hours later.

Mr. Biden made the pointed statement as he stood beside Prime Minister Benjamin   Netanyahu of Israel, one day after a Palestinian man fatally stabbed Taylor Force, 28, an American combat veteran and a first-year M.B.A. student at Vanderbilt University, and wounded several other tourists and Israelis.
“Let me say in no uncertain terms: The United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts,” Mr. Biden said, adding, “This cannot be viewed by civilized leaders as an appropriate way in which to behave.”
Mr. Netanyahu said that “unfortunately President Abbas has not only refused to condemn these terrorist attacks, his Fatah party actually praised the murderer of this American citizen as a Palestinian martyr and a hero.”
Palestinian leaders blame growing popular anger over Israeli policies and the lack of any formal peace process for the violence.
During Mr. Biden’s meeting with Mr. Abbas later Wednesday in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Mr. Abbas conveyed his condolences to Mr. Biden for the death of Mr. Force, according to Wafa, the official Palestinian news agency, but he also emphasized that some 200 Palestinians had been killed in recent months by the Israeli authorities. Mr. Abbas apparently did not mention that most of them were killed while they were carrying out attacks or were suspected of attempting attacks against Israelis..

Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau’s burst toward Peak Summit

The worst American President since Jimmy Carter lavishes love on Gerald Butts' hand puppet, the dumbest Canadian Prime Minister since Confederation:

...Vanity Fair, Vogue, the Daily Mail, 60 Minutes, the Panda Heritage Moment at Toronto’s zoo — he (Justin Trudeau) generates more gloss than Revlon and threatens single-handedly to rescue the lifestyle pages of a thousand newspapers. It is truly an unprecedented burst of glittering gatherings and adulatory attention.

Well, almost. Obama began his term on even higher terrain. He was in Cairo addressing the Muslim world even as the dew was fresh on his presidency. He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize (which has become the world’s most distinguished Boy Scouts’ badge) bare weeks into his term, and won it before his first year was up. Which considering the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the drift in Iraq, the imperial spread of Iran in the Middle East, the mêlée and massacre in Syria, the disintegration of Libya now appears not only premature, but severely ironic.

The honours and attention that flooded the Obama presidency while it was still, so to speak, in its Bethlehem stable might offer some cautions for Trudeau. High schools usually – at least they used to – save prom nights for after graduation...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

‘Guitar Hero’ smashes instrument over Palestinian terrorist’s head; Internet pools money to buy him a new one

An online funding page has been created for an Israeli musician who helped stop a terrorist attack from becoming even deadlier.

Yishai Montgomery, 26, was casually playing music along the beach near Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv, Israel, when he suddenly started hearing screaming in the distance, reports The Daily Mail.

That was when he was confronted by a 22-year-old Palestinian man wielding a knife.

The terrorist was apparently set to embark on a stabbing spree of random individuals across area, killing one person and injuring several others. Montgomery was set to become his next victim.

To defend himself, Montgomery quickly decided to smash his acoustic guitar over the terrorist’s head...

And...You can contribute HERE 

Donald Trump's campaign manager assaults Brietbart's Michelle Fields when she asks a question he doesn't like

Michelle Fields: In Her Own Words

Addressing the gathered reporters and the nation at large, Trump was in an especially jovial mood Tuesday night. The networks just declared he had won the Mississippi Republican primary and, during his speech, that he won Michigan Republican primary as well.

I wasn’t called upon to ask a question during the televised press conference, but afterwards Trump wandered around, stopping at every reporter to take their questions. When he approached me, I asked him about his view on an aspect of affirmative action. 

Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken. 

The Washington Post’s Ben Terris immediately remarked that it was Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who aggressively tried to pull me to the ground... 

See also:

Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski links to poll with Clinton defeating Trump in FL and OH

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Another sign of Obama's Iran nuke deal failure: Iran tests ballistic missiles with "Israel should be wiped off the Earth" written on them

From Iran's government-run Fars News Agency:

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Wednesday fired 2 home-made 'Qadr H' ballistic missiles from the Eastern Alborz Mountains at a target in Iran's Southeastern Makran seashore some 1400km away.  
The missiles were fired on the sidelines of the main stage of the ongoing IRGC drills in Central Iran and various parts of the country.
One missile had a message written on it that said in Hebrew: "Israel should be wiped off the Earth"...

Poll: Donald Trump widens lead over John Kasich in Ohio Republican primary

As of March 16, it becomes a 2 man race between Cruz and Trump, since Trump has a sizable polling lead over Rubio in Florida and over Kasich in Ohio. Rubio and Kasich cannot feasibly continue their campaigns after failing to win their home states.

At that point, the ground will shift considerably for Donald Trump, since quite a few more Republicans are repulsed by him than are attracted to him.
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich is failing to close the gap between him and Donald Trump among GOP primary voters in his own state, according to a new poll.

And in a particularly concerning sign for Kasich, the new Quinnipiac University poll, released Wednesday, suggests he is not gaining on Trump even as voters abandon other GOP candidates in the lead up to Ohio's March 15 primary.

The poll of likely Ohio Republican primary voters found Trump leading Kasich 38 percent to 32 percent. That's compared to Trump's 31 percent to 26 percent lead in the university's last poll, released on Feb. 23.

Compared to two weeks ago, the new survey shows Trump and Kasich more or less splitting voters as Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz lost ground. Rubio's support dropped from 13 percent to 9 percent, and Cruz's support dropped from 21 percent to 16 percent. The new poll also omits retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson who had polled at 5 percent in February, but who has since suspended his campaign...

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Addendum to Twitter harassment trial highlights journalistic malfeasance at The Toronto Star

On January 22nd, Gregory Alan Elliott was found innocent of criminal harassment after a prolonged two-way disagreement with two politically connected social justice warriors. There were originally three complainants but the third, who had a working relationship with the Toronto Police Service’s social media team, was mysteriously withdrawn from the case just moments before she was scheduled to testify.

Elliott lost his job, his reputation was smeared by a gang of journalists closely related to the complainants, he fell deep into debt, and was forced to to cash-in a lifetime of savings he’d built up in his pension. Sadly, the injustice against Elliott continued long after he was found innocent. The smears continued in the media, including shameful coverage by the Globe and MailToronto Star & NewsTalk 1010, and a shameful and defaming radio broadcast by an anti-bullying advocate. The complainant’s friends continue to gaslight and smear Elliott online to this day.

Unfortunately, despite having been found not guilty, Elliott’s reputation was further damaged by a mistake in the court’s final ruling- mistakenly attributing a homophobic tweet made by a Twitter account created to impersonate him. A hearing was held yesterday for the judge to correct the error. The results opened up new questions about the credibility of Ontario’s justice system- and Canada’s most widely read newspaper...

Roger Cohen: An Anti-Semitism of the Left

LONDON — Last month, a co-chairman of the Oxford University Labour Club, Alex Chalmers, quit in protest at what he described as rampant anti-Semitism among members. A “large proportion” of the club “and the student left in Oxford more generally have some kind of problem with Jews,” he said in a statement.
Chalmers referred to members of the executive committee “throwing around the term ‘Zio’” — an insult used by the Ku Klux Klan; high-level expressions of “solidarity with Hamas” and explicit defense of “their tactics of indiscriminately murdering civilians”; and the dismissal of any concern about anti-Semitism as “just the Zionists crying wolf.”
The zeitgeist on campuses these days, on both sides of the Atlantic, is one of identity and liberation politics. Jews, of course, are a minority, but through a fashionable cultural prism they are seen as the minority that isn’t — that is to say white, privileged and identified with an “imperialist-colonialist” state, Israel. They are the anti-victims in a prevalent culture of victimhood; Jews, it seems, are the sole historical victim whose claim is dubious.
A recent Oberlin alumna, Isabel Storch Sherrell, wrote in a Facebook post of the students she’d heard dismissing the Holocaust as mere “white on white crime.” As reported by David Bernstein in The Washington Post, she wrote of Jewish students, “Our struggle does not intersect with other forms of racism.”
Noa Lessof-Gendler, a student at Cambridge University, complained last month in Varsity, a campus newspaper, that anti-Semitism was felt “in the word ‘Zio’” flung around in left-wing groups.” She wrote, “I’m Jewish, but that doesn’t mean I have Palestinian blood on my hands,” or should feel nervous “about conversations in Hall when an Israeli speaker visits.”
The rise of the leftist Jeremy Corbyn to the leadership of Britain’s opposition Labour Party appears to have empowered a far left for whom support of the Palestinians is uncritical and for whom, in the words of Alan Johnson, a British political theorist, “that which the demonological Jew once was, demonological Israel now is...
Read it all at The New York Times