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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Monday, June 30, 2014

Palestinian Official: "When we murder Jewish children, it's the Jews' fault" or words to that effect

He's baaack! Rob Ford returns to City Hall

Ford offers a heartfelt apology and discusses his struggles with addictions upon his return to work from a stint in rehab.

Now let's watch his hypocritical leftie opponents make fun of, and condemn him with one breath and propose giving free drugs to junkies with another.

Israeli teens kidnapped by Palestinian terror group Hamas found murdered

The bodies of Naftali Fraenkel, Eyal Yifrah and Gil-Ad Shaer were found in a cave following a geological survey carried out by civilian volunteers, head of the Kfar Etzion search team Yaron Rozenthal told Channel 10.

Pictures and notes from the 2014 Toronto Pride parade

Nursing a massive hangover from a previous night of Pride reveling with Skippy Stalin, I didn't expect to make it down to the immense Pride parade on Sunday afternoon. I don't like parades much anyway, since really it mainly involves standing around in boredom while a bunch of people walk by waving. And as far as parades go, the Pride one is pretty lame.

The idea of the Pride parade, of supporting gay rights and inclusion is a great one. But the actual parade is consistently one of the worst you'll ever see. With its growing popularity, it now goes on for hours and the "floats" almost all entail not particularly well decorated flatbed trucks with a bunch of people just jumping around on the back. With the exception of the odd bit of effort from one or two groups, and the occasional well-turned out drag queen, there isn't much to recommend Toronto's Pride parade.
Promoting Quebec at Pride

That's why I generally like to show my support for Pride by attending the actual festival rather than the parade.

But by mid-afternoon, I was feeling more or less back at par, it was a nice day and I figured I may as well get get out and get some exercise by rollerblading down to check out the tail end of procession.

It was the usual stuff, but even more of it than usual since this year Toronto was the host of World Pride, whatever that distinction means.

Lots of local politicians were there, including a tiny Sarah Thomson contingent. I have no idea how that woman finds people stupid enough to publicly express support for her, but there were a handful of youth looking like they were doing it to get some sort of intern experience they could put on their resumes. Although if they were smart, that would be the sort of thing they would want to leave off their resume.

John Tory's float was the perfect metaphor for his campaign. It was the one that cost the most money, but looked sparse and was manned by unenthusiastic-looking people.

If Pride contingents are anything to go by, then Olivia Chow has the drag queen vote wrapped up. Whether that is enough to put her over the top in the mayoral contest however remains doubtful.

As it turned out, the most popular politician at this year's Pride festival was Mayor Rob Ford. Our mayor didn't appear in person, but was portrayed by a rotund man wearing a Rob Ford mask sitting astride a large model jet on a float from opponents of the expansion of the Toronto Island airport.

That a fake Rob Ford was more enthusiastically greeted by the crowd than any of his real opponents, or the fact that you can even buy a Rob Ford mask may be another indication of some surprises in store for the upcoming October municipal election.
Fake Ford more popular than real Chow or Tory

The miserable, ugly wretches of the anti-semitic group "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" (QuAIA) were there too. There were only about a dozen of the hideous creatures led by their decrepit spokesman, Toronto District School Board "equity adviser"  Tim McCaskell, who looked less vibrant and alive than any zombie extra you'll see on The Walking Dead.

At the top end of the parade route, their float was being hauled by the "al-Quds" mobile, a black pick-up from Palestine House, an organization that lost its federal funding for its support of anti-semitism and terrorism. The "al Quds" mobile quickly ditched the QuAIA float though, probably offended at being surrounded by a sea of gay people at Pride. Within a few minutes, no longer propped up by their Islamist friends, the QuAIA display collapsed.

There are plenty of ironies and paradoxes that describe a gay group trying to eliminate the only country in the middle east that respects gay rights and does not persecute people because of their sexual orientation. In Gaza, which the QuAIA idiots are so fond of, that al Quds mobile would be dragging QuAIA members by the neck because they are gay, rather than a float supporting their deceitful propaganda.
QuAIA propaganda...

...being dragged by the "al Quds mobile"
One of the QuAIA regulars, a Sue Goldstein, wearing her ever-present bicycle helmet, was naturally part of the group's minuscule Pride contingent yesterday. A couple of years ago, she also attended in support of an Al Quds Day rally organized by Zafar Bangash, Toronto's most outspoken advocate of the genocidal Iranian dictatorship.  Al Quds Day is an annual event that also promotes the Iranian dictatorship that persecutes and tries to annihilate gay people.

The pathetic characters in QuAIA are so past-it, so intellectually vapid, and so desperate for any sort of attention they can get, that they end up supporting overtly homophobic hatemongers while pretending to be "social justice activists."

In what may have been a sense of ironic humor by the Pride parade's schedulers, the "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" group was immediately trailed by a group of Iranian gays protesting the mistreatment and persecution of gay people in Iran which mirrors that inflicted on gays by the Palestinians.

QuAIA's walking corpse, Tim McCaskell
Some of the Iranian contingent wore rainbow bandannas to conceal their identity, because back home, their families could be mistreated and they themselves killed if their sexual orientation was to be discovered.

Iranian gays live in fear
One outstanding contraption at Pride was some sort of steampunk vehicle moved along by a "Circus Orange"

While having nothing to do with Pride but adjacent to the parade, Ashely's had an outdoor display of an Indy car being supported by four tea cups.

And so Toronto's Pride went, for 2014.
More creepy "Queers Against Israel"

Within a couple of blocks, the QuAIA display malfunctioned (this pic via Joanne Hill)

These folks were from the group supporting gays in Iran
A small marching band from Fort Henry
The groovy Steampunk contraption
The contraption's 'driver'
Behold the strength of the mighty tea cup

Israel's Netanyahu calls for supporting long overdue Kurdish independence

(Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced support for Kurdish statehood on Sunday, taking a position that appeared to clash with the U.S. preference to keep sectarian war-torn Iraq united.

Israel has maintained discreet military, intelligence and business ties with the Kurds since the 1960s, seeing in the minority ethnic group a buffer against shared Arab adversaries.
The Kurds have seized on recent sectarian chaos in Iraq to expand their autonomous northern territory to include Kirkuk, which sits on vast oil deposits that could make the independent state many dream of economically viable.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Game of Thrones Title Sequence You Didn't Know You Were Waiting For

An Eye on a Crazy Planet endorsement of Adam Vaughan in tomorrow's Trinity Spadina by-election

In elections, for the most part, we don't vote for who we want, we vote for who we can live with.

Of the three major political parties in Canada today, the Conservatives have, far and away, the best leadership. Our current government may get some things wrong, but measured against the radicals and incompetents in Tom Mulcair's NDP and the bumbling stupidity of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a superlative statesman and leader by comparison, and a good one by any standard in today's world.

Tomorrow, on Monday, June 30, a by-election is happening in Toronto's Trinity-Spadina riding. I know the riding very well, having been born in, grew up in and lived in it for 30 years and it's where my son currently goes to school.  In the early 1980's I was Vice President of the riding's Liberal Youth Association when Jim Coutts, who had been Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, unsuccessfully vied for Spadina's Parliamentary seat. The riding has an over-concentration of privileged, aged socialists on the public teat who think more taxes and government control are the solution to all life's problems along with a recent influx of shallow condo Yuppies.

The reality is that the Conservatives have absolutely no chance of winning Monday's Trinity-Spadina by-election. The last time a Conservative represented the area was 1970-72 when Perry Ryan, representing the old Spadina riding, switched parties from the Liberals.The riding, with its old and new boundaries, has changed hands between the Liberals and NDP since then and there's no indication that is likely to change any time soon.

The effective two person race is between former Toronto City Councillor Adam Vaughan, running for the Liberals and Joe Cressy, who was an aide to the NDP incumbent MP Olivia Chow, whose resignation to try to capture Toronto's mayoralty necessitated the by-election.

Given that choice, Adam Vaughan is clearly the superior candidate.

While there is much in the way of policy that I disagree about with Adam, and I think he is likely to be as partisan a parliamentarian for the Liberals as they come, there are also very compelling reasons to elect him.

In the first place, Adam is smart. There was a time when we used to take that for granted among those who held seats in the House of Commons, yet such is no longer the case, and the examples of that decline are too many to enumerate here. But perhaps the best example of the decline in intellectual standards among elected politicians is the leader of the Liberal party for which Vaughan is running.

It does seem paradoxical to condemn Justin Trudeau while in effect asking people to vote for him by extension in casting a vote to strengthen his party's position in parliament.There is, however, a logical explanation. Justin Trudeau may have below-average intelligence, but if intelligence is quantifiable, then that description applies to half the voting public.

I know a woman who plans to vote for Justin Trudeau for no reason other than she likes his hair and thinks he's cute. No, I'm not joking, and unfortunately, yes, she was serious.

Stupid people vote, and there's every possibility that enough stupid people will vote for Justin Trudeau to elect him as the next Prime Minister. If you don't believe that, remember that Kathleen Wynne's hopelessly inept, corrupt government just got a majority in Ontario.

So in the event that Trudeau were to lead the country, it's far better he be surrounded by bright people like Adam Vaughan and sitting MP Marc Garneau than some of the idiots who are currently in the Liberals' Parliamentary caucus.

There are many other qualities possessed by Adam to recommend him for the office he's seeking tomorrow. He has demonstrated during his years as a City Councilor that he doggedly researches and familiarizes himself with relevant policies and procedures affecting his duties. Adam is also very responsive to constituency needs. Compare that with say, Ontario's Minister of Education who signs off on a curriculum she hasn't even bothered to read and dismisses public concerns about its radical and detrimental effects.

Another thing recommending Adam to higher public office is that he is not corrupt. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of Toronto City Councilors about whom I'd say that with any measure of confidence and Adam Vaughan is one of them.

Vaughan's NDP opponent Joe Cressy doesn't have much in his favor to speak of. His party has two vacuous Deputy Leaders in the persons of Libby Davies and Megan Leslie and the NDP would run a ruinous economy if ever given the chance. Cressy himself, working for Olivia Chow, was serving a 57 year old person who has spent practically all of her adult life as a politician, yet has no notable achievement to speak of other than having married Jack Layton. So basically speaking, Cressy's resume is that he helped Olivia Chow suck up public finds for doing nothing, which isn't much of a recommendation for a Parliamentary seat.

For those who think Adam Vaughan is nothing but a stuffy old leftie, I've met him many times and he's personable and has a pretty decent sense of humor. And there's a story a good friend of mine relayed that may make Adam seem like more fun still.

This friend of mine was a drinking buddy of Adam's way back, before he was a City Councilor and even before he was a reporter for Toronto's CITY-TV. From what my friend told me, on occasion, when Adam was doing some power-drinking and knew he was on the path to getting sick, he would start to swallow the contents of vials of food coloring dye so that when he puked, it would be in rainbow colors.

Our nation's first, and many believe greatest Prime Minister was known for vomiting in public from drink, but never as impressively as with Adam Vaughan's rainbow barf.

And so tomorrow, when Trinity Spadina chooses its next MP, it strikes me that a smart guy who used to puke rainbows is a much better choice than the other guy, whose party would crush our national economy.

Doing Pride with Skippy Stalin

The Toronto Gay Pride festival is on now, and I'm proud to say I introduced the notorious blogger Skippy Stalin (who isn't in any of these photos) to his first Pride ever. I've been going since the early 80's. Yikes!

We hit up a few bars but spent most of our time in a lesbian hang-out on Church St., just north of Wellesley St.

Skippy took these pictures of me and the friends I made on Saturday night, and they speak pretty much for themselves. Or maybe they don't...

Needless to say, much alcohol was consumed and much fun was had...

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mitch Wolfe: Behold, the anti-Hudak, Christine Elliott jumps in

The minute Christine Elliott, the Ontario PC member from Whitby-Oshawa, formally launched her bid to succeed Tim Hudak as leader of the party on Wednesday, she became the clear front-runner.
If she wins, she’ll dramatically change politics at Queen’s Park. Specifically, she’ll change how the Progressive Conservatives are treated and viewed by the Ontario media and opposition parties.
Under Hudak, the Ontario PC party was viewed as a hard-right, fiscally-conservative bunch, rural-based and dominated by angry old white guys short on compassion — sexist and unfriendly to women, mothers, children and immigrants.
During the recent provincial election campaign, Hudak and his party were vilified for calling for the dismissal of 100,000 public servants. Liberal Premier Wynne whipped up enough fear to motivate her base to come out and vote; she also scared NDP supporters into voting Liberal in order to stop Hudak from being elected.
That was then. Things have changed. When word spread this week that Christine Elliott was about to announce her leadership bid, many media commentators rather dismissively referred to Ms. Elliott as the “widow of Jim Flaherty”.
Then an interesting thing happened. Many male and female commentators leapt to Elliott’s defence and attacked the media for being implicitly sexist by describing her as an extension of the late federal finance minister’s own political career — ignoring her many achievements as a lawyer, entrepreneur, politician and advocate for children and adults with disabilities.

Edmonton Community Housing Under Union Siege

A reader sent me an email today which includes the following:
I live in a housing co-op called Artspace.  One of the unique things about it is the high percentage of adapted units we have, and an in-house care company that provides home care for our disabled members (in fact, they are the reason Artspace exists).  The care company is consumer driven, run by a volunteer board, and allows user members who need care to control who is allowed in their homes.  This allows them to lead independent lives, rather than be forced to live in institutions.
Last year, the care staff voted to join AUPE.  Then they went on strike.  
Details are on the tabs I have up so far at http://artspaceundersiege.blogspot.ca/
Since May 7th, AUPE - mostly paid picketers - has been picketing our home.  Not a place of business (the office is at the far end of the high rise, which they don't picket).  Our homes.  We have put up with weeks of verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation and threats.  Picketers have been using air raid sirens, megaphones, fake police sirens, as well as yelling, chanting and generally being disruptive.  They have been racist, sexist and ablist, doing everything from calling replacement care workers n***** (this from one of our striking care workers, who's from Jamaica!), shouting sexist comments at me when they found out I was a housewife, and taunting one of our wheelchairbound members for *gasp* having a job.  They have targeted our children, have stalked members off site and online, and worse.  Police have been involved, but they do little to nothing.  Politicians won't act, either.  It doesn't help that we're in  (NDP Leader) Brian Mason's riding...
Updates are HERE

The Toronto District School Board's Year of Scandals

At the end of this school year, Socialist Studies gives us a round-up of what's been going on at The Toronto Dysfunctional School Board

Friday, June 27, 2014

Out-to-lunch Olivia Chow strategist suggests Rob Ford crack scandal was his way to avoid attending Pride

Lisa Kirbie, an Olivia Chow strategist who also happens to be political dirty-trickster Warren Kinsella's partner, came out with a doozie this week that indicates just how stupid and desperate the Chow campaign has become.

Interviewed by David Aiken on Sun News discussing a recent attack ad on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Kirbie actually, and in apparently complete seriousness, said, "I just want to point out that he's coming back after World Pride wraps up here in Toronto, so again missing...he'll do anything possible not to show up for the Pride parade..."

That of course makes sense. Tired of criticism for not attending the annual Pride parade, Ford started smoking crack, contrived to turn it into a media scandal, had to enhance that with some bouts of public drunkenness, and timed a stint in rehab all to create an excuse to avoid Pride this year.  

Riiiggghhtt... Well, at least we now know that Olivia Chow isn't the dumbest person involved with the Olivia Chow campaign.

Chow demonstrating with
Islamist fanatic Zafar Bangash
In the interview, Kirbie accused Ford of "racist, homophobic comments." If so, they aren't part of Ford's official policy, whereas Olivia Chow has promoted fanatical, terror-supporting bigots like George Galloway. Nor does Rob Ford stand shoulder-to shoulder with racist, homophobic, terror-supporting creeps like Zafar Bangash, with whom Olivia Chow has fraternized at demonstrations.

Attacking Rob Ford is a critical component of the Chow campaign. In fact, criticizing Ford is really the only thing the former NDP Member of Parliament can do, because scrutiny of what Chow says suggests she is something of an idiot.

Yesterday, I spoke with a former Toronto City Councillor who served on Council with Olivia Chow. He mentioned to me that the City had formed policies that would have helped Toronto ensure that the province's Ontario Municipal Board, essentially a sleazy arm of the development industry, could be prevented from running roughshod over Toronto. He told me those policies could have been grandfathered, but now have to be reintroduced and redone. When Chow resigned from Council, in that ex-Councillor's words,  she "screwed the pooch" on the file.

That type of incompetence is what Toronto could expect on a regular basis from Chow. Which is why attacking Rob Ford in order to divert attention from her own ineptitude is so important to Olivia Chow.

EU set to snub UK over Juncker as Commission chief

EU leaders meeting in Brussels are expected to confirm former Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker as the next president of the European Commission.
The move comes despite strong opposition from Britain.
UK Prime Minister David Cameron said "the odds are stacked against me" over Mr Juncker, but stressed that he would stick to his principles.
He believes Mr Juncker is too much in favour of closer political union and might block EU reform...

plus more HERE

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Toronto Pride is fine with Jew-hating bigots but bans Men's Rights group

The antisemitic morons of the so-called "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" don't contravene Toronto Pride's values, but the Men's Rights group Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) has been banned.

It's time to cut off all public funding to Pride. Then the idiots who make decisions for it can do whatever they like on their own dime.

The CAFE website reports:
The Canadian Association for Equality is extremely hurt and disappointed to announce that Pride Toronto has revoked our permit to walk in the Pride Parade this Sunday.
Here’s all we were told:
It has come to our attention that the work of your organization may contravene the spirit of the mission, vision, and values of Pride Toronto and WorldPride. For this reason, please be advised that your permit to march in the WorldPride Parade on Sunday June 29th has been cancelled. We regret that this information has come so close to the parade day. 
This was sent to us 4 days before the parade, even though we had paid for our registration months ago and had walked without incident last year.
more HERE

h/t Meir W

Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner: Sorry, but there’s no online ‘right to be forgotten’

A man walks into a library. He asks to see the librarian. He tells the librarian there is a book on the shelves of the library that contains truthful, historical information about his past conduct, but he says he is a changed man now and the book is no longer relevant. He insists that any reference in the library’s card catalog and electronic indexing system associating him with the book be removed, or he will go to the authorities.
The librarian refuses, explaining that the library does not make judgments on people, but simply offers information to readers to direct them to materials from which they can make their own judgment in the so-called “marketplace of ideas.” The librarian goes on to explain that if the library had to respond to such requests, it would become a censorship body — essentially the arbiter of what information should remain accessible to the public. Moreover, if it had to respond to every such request, the burden would be enormous and there would be no easy way to determine whether a request was legitimate or not. The indexing system would become swiss cheese, with gaps and holes. And, most importantly, readers would be deprived of access to historical information that would allow them to reach their own conclusions about people and events.
The librarian gives this example: What if someone is running for office but wants to hide something from his unsavory past by blocking access to the easiest way for voters to uncover those facts? Voters would be denied relevant information, and democracy would be impaired.
The man is not convinced, and calls a government agent. The government agent threatens to fine or jail the librarian if he does not comply with the man’s request to remove the reference to the unflattering book in the library’s indexing system.
Is this a scenario out of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four? No, this is the logical extension of a recent ruling from Europe’s highest court...


North Korea says release of American comedy film would be 'act of war'

North Korea is warning that the release of a new American comedy about a plot to assassinate leader Kim Jong Un would be an "act of war."
If the U.S. government doesn't block the movie's release, it will face "stern" and "merciless" retaliation, an unidentified spokesman for North Korea's Foreign Ministry said in state media Wednesday.
He didn't mention the movie by name but was clearly referring to "The Interview," which stars Seth Rogen and James Franco as a producer and talk-show host who land an exclusive interview with the North Korean dictator and are then asked by the CIA to assassinate him.
The "reckless U.S. provocative insanity" of mobilizing a "gangster filmmaker" to challenge the North's leadership is triggering "a gust of hatred and rage" among North Korean people and soldiers, the spokesman said, in typically heated propaganda language.
I guess the North Koreans never saw Team America..

The law finally being upheld in Caledonia thanks to Gary McHale

Brussels Jewish Museum murder suspect to be extradited

A French court has ordered the extradition to Belgium of Brussels Jewish Museum murder suspect Mehdi Nemmouche.
Four people were fatally shot in last month's attack, in broad daylight in the heart of the Belgian capital.
Mehdi Nemmouche, 29, had spent a year fighting with Islamists in Syria.
His lawyer says he will appeal against extradition, arguing that the court in Versailles failed to guarantee that he would not be sent to "a third country".
The suspect is said to fear that once he is sent to Belgium, he will be extradited to Israel...

If a guy named Oz is trying to sell you magic, it must be legit, right?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Without campaigning for the last 7 weeks, Rob Ford is still polling a strong 2nd place in Toronto's mayoral race

Wait until he comes back and actually puts some effort into it. The prospect of Olivia Chow being Toronto's chief magistrate, as Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, makes Rob Ford look like JFK by comparison.

Gary Oldman's apology to Jews comes from political correctness run amok

The interview Gary Oldman did in this month's Playboy reveals an eminently reasonable man who has been able to maintain a solid perspective on life despite having one of the most successful careers in the motion picture business.

But we live in an age where every professional special interest group in the western world is on a constant lookout for some cause of outrage to gripe about and use to try to justify their existence.

Oldman came to Mel Gibson's defense, not for the preposterous statements good ol' Mad Max made about Jews a few years back, but for the massive overreaction and hypocrisy about the backlash. But that was enough to cause some of the self-serving "Official Jews" to drool over the chance to force a celebrity into obeisance to them.

Let's keep in mind that Gary Oldman has nothing against Jews. But more to the point, the repercussions of the Mel Gibson incident were outlandish beyond all proportion. For one thing, Gibson was raised by by a father whose brand of extremist, weird Catholicism has been denounced by every Pope for the last four decades, so it's probably safe to assume that some of that must have permeated his psyche. But nonetheless, prior to the 2006 incident, Gibson was hardly known for being some sort of closet neo-Nazi. The most important thing to keep in mind about Gibson's anti-Jewish rant was that he was plastered out of his mind on tequila when it happened.

I'm a firm believer in the in vino veritas principle that alcohol reveals the real you, so Gibson may have, as a result of his upbringing, some underlying belief that what he said was true. But Gibson has never actively promoted antisemitsm, and again, because I can't emphasize this enough, he was totally blotto on cactus juice. While I may not have raved about international Zionist conspiracies to traffic cops under the influence, speaking as someone who has been the victim of large quantities of Mexico's most popular export on more than one occasion, I can verify that it can easily lead to getting into some fucked up situations.

And just so you know, I'm going to tell a little tale out of school so that you realize that I'm not the only supporter of Israel and Jews who feels this way about Mel Gibson.

Back around 2007 or so, I was involved in talks about making a documentary about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and there were some discussions with some fairly senior Israeli government officials participating in it. It occurred to me that having someone like Mel Gibson's company involved could be a useful thing. Gibson's Icon Productions is one of the most proficient production companies in Hollywood and it would give Gibson a chance to show the sort of proper atonement he seemed to want to demonstrate. When I mentioned getting Gibson involved to the Israelis, there was a brief pause as I could see the wheels turning at the unexpected suggestion.

The most senior Israeli official in the room responded, saying that he had absolutely no problem with Mel Gibson being involved. As it turned out, the project didn't go forward, but there's an important reminder in this story to consider. Out of all the enemies in the world that Israel and the Jewish people face these days, it isn't Mel Gibson that gives the people who have to fight real Jew hate and terrorism any concern.

It's the puffed up Official Jews, sitting comfortably in their offices in Beverly Hills and Manhattan, making salaries well into six figures, who can afford the time and stupidity to try to cast innocuous celebrities as the Haman of the week. Meanwhile, Canada has a state broadcaster which thinks promoting anti-Israel propaganda is part of its mission statement and the US has a Secretary of State who is selling Israel down the river to its enemies. Yet they manage to escape the ire of North America's well-paid Official Jews.  Because taking on real threats isn't something the Abe Foxmans and Bernie Farbers of this world have the balls to do. 

CBC promoting blood libels? Something goes wrong in the world, it must be Israel and/or Canada's fault

Double standard or not, this fashion trend isn't likely to stick (even though it looks like Velcro)

Vice Magazine thinks hirsute women in fashion may be the way of the future. I'm not betting on it. (NSFW)

The latest stupidity from the Toronto District School Board

Socialist Studies has updates HERE, HERE, and HERE

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly & Magnificent Seven star Eli Wallach dies aged 98

The legendary character actor died yesterday at the age of 98. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

London sharia squad maims American tourist for drinking in street

A gang of men attacked an American student while he was drinking in the street - grabbing a glass bottle from his hands and smashing it over his head, a court was told.

Francesco Hounye, 23, from Florida, had been in Britain for just three days when he was set upon by the men while he was walking home with a friend in Shadwell, east London.

Shaleem Uddin, 20, Shadhat Hussain, 19, Kamrul Hussain, 22, and Massom Rahman, 22, targeted Mr Hounye when they saw him swigging from a bottle of Jagermeister.

Crappy actress Kristen Stewart threatens to sue old comedienne Joan Rivers

Kristen Stewart probably won't be waiting in line to purchase a copy of Joan Rivers' new book, "Diary of a Mad Diva."
Stewart reportedly moved to take legal action against Rivers over a passage in the comedian's book about the actress' affair with "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders. In her book, which is due out next month, Rivers wrote: "Many stars only do one thing well. Of course, the best one-trick-pony is Kristen Stewart, who got a whole career by being able to juggle a director's balls."
"I am now being sued by Kristen Stewart," Rivers told a TMZ cameraman. "She obviously didn't read our disclaimer, which says it's a comedy book. I can't wait to get her into court because I'm gonna get a puppet and I want her to show me on the puppet where she thinks I claim she touched her director. I am looking forward to it."

More Hollywood gossipy links HERE

Monday, June 23, 2014

US exchange student gets stuck in vagina statue at German university

A US exchange student at Tubingen University in Germany had to be rescued from a stone statue of a vagina on Friday after he somehow managed to get stuck in it.

It took 22 firefighters to free the unnamed student from the piece, called Chacan-Pi (Making Love), the Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported.

Tubingen is located 240 km south of Frankfurt.

Mayor Boris Palmer told the newspaper that "even taking into account the biggest adolescent fantasies," it's hard to imagine what the exchange student was thinking.

and in other vagina-related news, a (funny) ad for New Zealand tampon maker Libra was labelled "transphobic"

The main thing the tacky, untalented "Rhythms of Resistance" are resisting is having any rhythm

A group of local idiots in Toronto who smash drums during street protests want Gay Pride to stay political. Most of these halfwits can't spell "political," which in part explains why they would join a radical crypto-Commie obedience-cult.

Rick McGinnis: Why I'd vote for Rob Ford again

“When Toronto voters chose Rob Ford to be their mayor on October 25, 2010, they knew full well they were electing a flawed man.” This is the sentence reporter Robyn Doolittle chose to begin the final, summary chapter of Crazy Town, her book on the rise and (apparent) fall of Toronto mayor Rob Ford, and to give her credit, it shows that she understands the people pejoratively dubbed “Ford Nation” better than many of her colleagues at either the Toronto Star – the paper where Doolittle made her reputation covering Ford – or the Globe & Mail, the paper that poached Doolittle just after Crazy Town hit the shelves. 

“Ford was,” Doolittle admits with candour rare among Canadian journalists, “the best candidate in the race. He ran the best campaign, he stayed on message, and he talked about issues people cared about.” This simple fact was almost impossible to explain to Ford’s opponents both before and after Ford’s 2010 victory. I know – I tried...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ontario's Progressive Conservatives may want to be a bit more progressive

My pal Mitch Wolfe argues that Ontario's PC's need to look back to the Bill Davis era in order to recapture political support in the province:
...the Ontario Tories should consider going back in time, figuratively speaking, to the party’s golden era — of “Brampton Bill” Davis and his “Big Blue Machine”. Pick and choose the successful and effective elements of the Davis government and try to modernize them, adapt them and apply them to today’s Ontario.
Davis was Ontario’s premier from 1971 to 1985 — one of Canada’s best premiers. He was a politically moderate conservative from the rapidly growing city of Brampton, who led and oversaw an ideologically diverse and inclusive cabinet that brought together Red Tories like McMurty and Grossman, centrists like Dr. Bette Stephenson and Dennis Timbrell, and right-wingers like Frank Miller.
In those days, the Tories were known as an urban/suburban party, with some rural roots, while the Liberal party was primarily rural-based. How times have changed.