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Friday, July 31, 2015

Best. Supreme Court Judge. Ever.

Holy crap! This Supreme Court judge thinks just like me!

New Supreme Court appointee blogged on Khadr, called Trudeau 'unspeakably awful,' hoped for Harper majority.

Prime Minister’s Stephen Harper’s latest appointment to the Supreme Court was a prolific blogger who regularly offered opinions on Senate reform, the federal government’s role in health care, elections law, the Omar Khadr case and other matters that could now come before him in his new role on the bench.

Russell Brown, appointed to the top court last week, was an active contributor to a blog shared by faculty members at the University of Alberta law school.

The posts and comments were made under the name “Russ Brown” between 2007 and 2008. Brown’s political orientation and Libertarian perspective are clearly in evidence in many of them.

In one 2008 post, he says he hopes Harper wins a majority government and that he hopes Harper does, in fact, hold a “hidden agenda,” as some critics speculated.

In another post regarding successors to outgoing Liberal leader Stéphane Dion, Brown disses potential contender Justin Trudeau.

“As someone who hopes the Grits just fade away by the next election, I’m cheering for Justin Trudeau or Joe Volpe. Or have I missed a possible candidate who is as unspeakably awful?”

Brown, now 49, wrote the posts when he was an assistant professor with the Faculty of Law. The Conservative government first named him to the Alberta bench in 2013 and last year elevated him to the Alberta Court of Appeal and the appeal courts for the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

In less than three years, he has risen from a job teaching law to a seat on the highest court in the land...

Apology to Woman

This is hilarious and creepy at the same time.

And it could be a one of the signs of the collapse of western civilization:

Will Ferrell did a take off of this at Funny or Die:

Iran deal skullduggery of a very interesting nature

It turns out that the best man at the 2009 wedding of US Secretary of State John Kerry's daughter was the son of Iran's Foreign Minister, with whom Kerry negotiated the disastrous nuclear arms pact.

And no one in the mainstream media wants to talk about it.

Man calls police to arrest his cat for eating his bacon

The call starts with the man being asked: "What's your emergency?"

"Er..me girlfriend has let the cat eat my bacon," the man states matter-of-factly.

The bewildered call operator asks him to repeat his claims before asking what he would like the police to do.

He simply replies: "I want to press charges."

Unbelievably, the call handler keeps her cool and professionally asks whether he wants them to arrest his girlfriend or the cat.

And when the man replies both, she firmly tells him: "Sir, it's not an offence to let your cat eat your bacon. And we don't arrest cats."...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Alberta Law Society's Crazy Shielding of the Crazy Alberta Human Rights Commission

The Law Society of Alberta has commenced disciplinary proceedings against Ezra Levant over his comments in a newspaper column about the Alberta Human Rights Commission and about another lawyer, Arman Chak.

In a 2014 column titled “Next stop, crazy town,” Mr. Levant wrote that Mr. Chak, a prosecutor with the Alberta Human Rights Commission, supports “a global, international Muslim super-state” known as the “ummah.” Mr. Levant quoted Mr. Chak as having allegedly diminished the gravity of the genocide and rape perpetrated in 1971 by the West Pakistan military, which killed between 300,000 and 3,000,000 people, and raped between 200,000 to 400,000 Bangladeshi women. Mr. Levant stated that Mr. Chak wrote in Pakistani Link magazine: “I look at the events in the context of the fundamentals of an Islamic State and its Muslim identity. Regardless of what West Pakistan did to East Pakistan, the latter’s alliance with India makes the creation of Bangladesh one of the worst examples of the dis-unification of the Muslim Ummah in contemporary history.”

If this quote was not accurate, Mr. Chak could have sued Mr. Levant for defamation. Instead, Mr. Chak filed a complaint with the law society, claiming that Mr. Levant’s comments were in violation of the lawyers’ Code of Conduct, as “inappropriate and unbecoming” for a lawyer...

The most important issue of our times: Vocal Fry


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

NDP parliamentarians with tongue piercings want Canadians to take it Greek style

Who doesn't love to have oral sex preformed on them?

That was, of course, a rhetorical question, since every adult human who ever lived loves having oral sex performed on them. History teaches us that receiving oral sex is so fantastic, it's worth risking the most powerful elected office in the world over.

But in the same way that everyone likes to eat, but not everyone likes to cook, there are (so I'm told) some people who don't enjoy performing oral sex.  That's why it's always thrilling to meet someone with a tongue stud. A tongue stud enhances the pleasure of oral sex for the recipient. It doesn't discriminate on the basis of gender, improving the experience of both men and women on the receiving end of a tongue stud lashing. Having a tongue stud demonstrates a commitment to performing oral sex to the extent of willingness to be painfully mutilated in service of the cause.

NDP Deputy Leader Megan Leslie
Going to that sort of extreme could be seen as an act of altruism. Or insanity.

To decide which, try gently jabbing your tongue with a sharp, thick needle. If that sounds crazy, just imagine puncturing your tongue all the way through, then having a piece of metal permanently lodged in the hole you created. That piece of metal will damage your teeth over time and will be the cause of continual infection risks.

Megan Leslie, the NDP Member of Parliament for Halifax, Thomas Mulcair's hand-picked Deputy Leader, has a tongue stud. The same Megan Leslie whose last notable achievement for the NDP was to bring them in to disrepute for using her website to promote a meeting of nutty 9-11 conspiracy theorists.

Encouragingly, Leslie isn't the only NDP MP with a pierced tongue. Laurin Liu, the MP for Rivière-des-Mille-Îles, also has one.

Despite all this, fears of an NDP caucus impeded by disfigured tongues are unfounded. What should be of real worry is that while distracting us with tongue studs and promises of creating a nation able to lay back and enjoy itself,  the actual aim of NDP policy is for Canadians to assume the Greek position, economically, as a bottom.

The NDP has adopted anti-austerity positions that are virtually identical to those that caused the Greek economic disaster. The NDP has told us that in no uncertain terms. Not spending more money than you can afford to is a basic concept that has eluded the NDP's brain trust. If elected, the NDP will rely on crackpots and halfwits at their party-linked think tanks, The Broadbent Institute and The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, to create an environment which will brutally ravage Canada's economy and taxpayers.

Thomas Mulcair is a smart politician. But the Megan Leslies, Charlie Anguses, Niki Ashtons and similar NDP parliamentarians he has placed in senior positions are indicative of what Mulcair has to choose from among his caucus. Remember in the Austin Powers movies, when Dr. Evil presided over his minions musing, "why must I be surrounded by frickin' idiots?"  That's what Tom Mulcair's Cabinet meetings will look like in the event of an NDP election win.

Beyond that, the NDP remains thoroughly dominated by union bosses and radical special interest groups. Between them, if they get to remake legislation to suit their greedy aims, it will be a money shot so disastrously messy, our great-grandchildren will still have to clean it up.

I'm sure Megan Leslie and Laurin Liu and most of the other NDP MPs who think self-mutilation is a good idea are perfectly nice people. They're probably very lovely to have at barbecues and cocktail parties, and have generally pleasant dispositions. But that's no qualification for managing the Canadian economy.

The NDP will try to entice you in all sorts of ways, but be prepared to be left painfully unsatisfied by them. Despite the illusions, distractions and promises, it's their own self-fulfillment that they care about most.

Moin A. Yahya: Harper’s Judges under attack

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect: The Globe & Mail published an article decrying how Stephen Harper had been remaking the judiciary over the past many years, and then yesterday the Prime Minister announced the elevation of Justice Russ Brown of the Alberta Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. (I should disclose that Justice Brown is a good friend of mine and a former colleague at the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Law.)

Over the next few days and then over the many coming years, undoubtedly Justice Brown will come under academic and journalistic scrutiny to see if his appointment fits a narrative that many on the left of academia and journalism like to paint.

The Globe article suggests a vast right-wing conspiracy whereby conservative operatives are spread all over the country hunting for the great judicial-conservative hope. Indeed, another article two days later was full of interviews with critics who wanted to change the judicial appointment system so that the (Conservative) government would have less discretion in the appointment of judges.

Of course, as long as the Liberal government, and for that matter the Mulroney PC government before that, were appointing left-wing liberals, these critics praised the amazing meritorious appointments that were being made to our nation’s courts.  But once the nature of appointments started to become more conservative, all of a sudden the appointments were characterized as ideological and conspiratorial.

Even assuming that the federal Conservatives have been trawling the bottoms of the ideological oceans looking for the most conservative judicial candidate they could find, the question remains: Why hasn’t it made a difference in our legal culture? After all, seven of the nine Supreme Court justices have been appointed by this government, and yet much of this government’s contentious legislation has been struck down...

Obama administration relies on celebrity airheads to sell horrendously flawed Iran nuke deal

Because if Jack Black supports a devastatingly bad nuclear arrangement with the world's leading sponsor of terrorism,even one with secret side deals and ridiculous enforcement mechanisms, it must be good..right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

South Park Stick Of Truth

The weirdest thing you'll see today. And lots of fun...

Obama's secret deal with Iran gives away more than Chamberlain's deal with Hitler

At least Britain's Parliament was told all of what was in The Munich Pact of 1938. Obama's deal with Iran contains secrets. And what we do know of those those secrets shows they are very, very bad for America and the west.

From The Washington Post:
President Obama promised that his nuclear deal with Iran would not be “based on trust” but rather “unprecedented verification.” Now it turns out Obama’s verification regime is based on trust after all — trust in two secret side agreements negotiated exclusively between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that apparently no one (including the Obama administration) has seen.

Worse, Obama didn’t even reveal the existence of these secret side deals to Congress when he transmitted the nuclear accord to Capitol Hill. The agreements were uncovered, completely by chance, by two members of Congress — Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) — who were in Vienna meeting with the U.N.-releated agency.

In an interview, Pompeo told me that he and Cotton were meeting with the deputy director of the IAEA and the agency’s two top Iran negotiators just days after the nuclear accord was announced, when they asked how the agency will carry out verification at the Iranian military complex at Parchin. IAEA officials told them, quite casually, that the details were all covered in agreements negotiated between the IAEA and the Iranian government. It was the first they had heard of the side deals.

Pompeo says they asked whether they could see those agreements. He says IAEA officials replied, “ ‘Oh no, of course not, no, you’re not going to get to see those.’ And so everybody on our side of the table asked, ‘Has Secretary Kerry seen these?’ ‘No, Secretary Kerry hasn’t seen them. No American is ever going to get to see them.’ ”

It turns out that only the two parties — the IAEA and Iran — get to see the actual agreements...

See also: New York Senator Chuck Schumer dodges questions about Iran deal.

After seeing this, I've finally come to believe in love at first sight

I've never felt pity and arousal simultaneously before...

Monday, July 27, 2015

It's Bugs Bunny's 75th Birthday Today!

Bugs first appeared on July 27, 1940 in A Wild Hare:

Merrie Melodies - A Wild Hare (1940) by Cartoonzof2006

Leon Wieseltier demolishes Obama's "no alternative to this Iran deal" claim

“The president said many times he’s willing to step out of the rut of history.” In this way Ben Rhodes of the White House, who over the years has broken new ground in the grandiosity of presidential apologetics, described the courage of Barack Obama in concluding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with the Islamic Republic of Iran, otherwise known as the Iran deal. Once again Rhodes has, perhaps inadvertently, exposed the president’s premises more clearly than the president likes to do. The rut of history: It is a phrase worth pondering. It expresses a deep scorn for the past, a zeal for newness and rupture, an arrogance about old struggles and old accomplishments, a hastiness with inherited precedents and circumstances, a superstition about the magical powers of the present. It expresses also a generational view of history, which, like the view of history in terms of decades and centuries, is one of the shallowest views of all.

This is nothing other than the mentality of disruption applied to foreign policy. In the realm of technology, innovation justifies itself; but in the realm of diplomacy and security, innovation must be justified, and it cannot be justified merely by an appetite for change...

Wording of Iran deal question influences public response. Pew survey shows most Americans aware of the deal disapprove

...The different findings on public views of the Iran nuclear agreement in the Washington Post/ABC News and Pew Research Center surveys highlight how question wording – and the information provided in a question – can impact public opinion, particularly on issues where public views are still being shaped and information levels are relatively low. The Pew Research question, which does not describe the agreement, finds lower levels of support than the Post/ABC News question, which details the intention to monitor Iran’s facilities and raises the possibility of re-imposition of sanctions if Iran does not comply.

In other questions, both the Washington Post/ABC survey and the Pew Research Center survey find substantial public skepticism about the agreement...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Senator Ted Cruz blasts Republican Senate and Congressional leadership, calling them corrupt liars


Plus: Ted Cruz is on a roll. Code Pink mental cases crash a Cruz speech and he challenges them to debate. Naturally, he makes them look like the idiots they are:

The lies The Toronto Star thinks are OK to tell as long as they don't get caught

We live in times where the affirmation of fabulism is considered normal. So it's no wonder that principle guides everyday editorial policy at The Toronto Star, the socialist dinosaur of Canadian newspapers. What else could explain their description of Scott Vrooman as a "comedian?"

You probably have never heard of Scott Vrooman, nor have I until this week. But in a world where a founder of "Queer Theory" can proclaim that the genocidal, homophobic, misogynist terror groups Hezbollah and Hamas are part of the global, progressive left, why shouldn't an untalented hack like Scott Vrooman, who is about as funny as an ISIS beheading, lay claim to being a comedian?

To get a notion of the hilarity of Scott Vrooman's comedy, imagine Green Party leader Elizabeth May taking another of her drunken, sanctimonious stabs at humor, but instead of being drunk, she's dead sober, and instead of Elizabeth May, it's a whiny beta-male.

The Star made a video of Vrooman's "comedy,"in which he very seriously accused Israel of being a nation of child killers and whined about how awful it is that all Canada's major political parties support self-defense for the only liberal democracy in the middle east. Specifically, Vrooman railed about Israel's most recent military action against Hamas after that terror group incessantly bombarded the Israeli civilian population with missiles. The tone of his idiocy would be similar to that if in 1944, someone had decried the "barbarism" of Britain and the US and the terrible devastation caused to the Germans without once mentioning Nazism, or Hitler, or anything Germany had done up to or during the Second World War to cause retaliation against it. Who knows? Perhaps Vrooman takes comfort knowing that his position on Israel lines up precisely with those of the apocalyptic, theological nut cases running Iran.

Not exactly our generation's Bob Hope.

More likely, the next squirrel to appear in your garden will be more of a comedic genius than Scott Vrooman, possibly will stink less, and certainly will be less inclined towards making stupid declarations. But at least this time, The Star wasn't trying to pass off the biases, distortions and outright falsehoods in Vrooman's video as reporting.

This time it was opinion. Because The Toronto Star recently has become unusually sensitive about being caught out in lies. Not that it minds printing lies as fact. It does that with alarming frequency for something calling itself a newspaper. It just doesn't like to be caught flat-footed, with irrefutable proof against it when it lies, as it had just about a week ago.

The Star's "Social Justice" reporter, Catherine Porter, was simultaneously protesting and reporting at a Climate Change rally when she encountered Rebel Media's Ezra Levant, a conservative skeptic about anthropogenic climate change theory. Porter decided to use her child as a prop in an article she wrote about how terrible and mean Levant was to her child and other activists, thus of course discrediting all Global Warming skeptics as irredeemable meanies who bully children.

But what Porter wrote isn't at all what actually happened. In fact, Levant was cordial and affable with protesters Porter claimed he was "belittling." Rather than being mean to her daughter, Levant was polite and gentle. Levant did, however, ask the senior Porter questions about her participation at the rally and in the process exposed her as a hypocrite, ill-informed about an issue on which she had taken a very strong stand.

While infuriated that the outcome of her encounter with Levant didn't match her expectations, Porter decided to alter events and lied about Levant in her published column. Porter's article was an invention that suited what she would have liked to have occurred rather than what did occur.

How do we know that Catherine Porter lied about her and her daughter's encounter with Levant?

Because he video taped it.

In fact, she was even aware that Levant's Rebel Media cameraperson was taping the interview. In a mealy-mouthed explanation she wrote after Levant exposed the lies she told in her article, Porter explained that it was a bad decision to talk to him with the camera taping her. That is remarkably revealing. Why would it be a bad decision to talk to a fellow reporter when a camera is on? When you end up lying about what you said.

Porter explained that she wrote her column while still "angry and defensive" about her encounter with Levant. So angry and defensive, she apparently forgot what she wrote could be disproved.

The Star's Public Editor wrote a column in which she partially defended Porter and partially criticized the lack of accuracy in her column. But do you really think even that equivocal repudiation would have happened if Porter's work of fiction had involved someone of less prominence than Levant who didn't have video evidence?

I've witnessed politically-motivated lies coming from The Star on other occasions. I was in Rob Ford's office, conducting an interview with him while he was running for mayor in 2010, when The Star broke a story accusing him of assaulting a high school football player.  Ford had to repeatedly interrupt the interview to take and make calls trying to locate the alleged "victim," so he could refute the slander. The Star's story about Ford having assaulted the student was a complete lie which the supposed victim later publicly confirmed. But because Ford was someone The Star's editors despised, they felt it was OK to lie about him without properly verifying the story, and it was never formally retracted.

I was at a pair of rallies on subsequent days a year ago, one anti, and the other a pro-Israel rally. The Star's reports of those two rallies were total distortions of what happened at them. Rather than honest reporting, they were propaganda items trying to spread their biases against Israel.

One such example was last year's "al Quds Day" rally, an anti-Semitic event created by Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini, calling for the destruction of Israel, at which Khomeinists were advocating for another Holocaust of Jews and proclaimed explicit support for terror attacks. It was organized by notorious hatemongers and the speakers were a series of  terror-supporting Islamist extremists and vicious, radical leftists.

Incredibly, in reporting that event, The Star managed to avoid all mention of "al Quds Day" or Khomeini in an article about an al Quds Day rally put on by Khomenists celebrating Iran's deceased dictator. The Star's report intentionally ignored the blatant Jew-hate, the calls for Israel's elimination, or a major, five-minute melee that occurred when about three dozen Khomeinists violently attacked some of the counter protesters. In fact, anything that might cast the hateful anti-Israel protesters in an accurate light was intentionally omitted from The Star's report. The following day, a pro-Israel rally was held, with speakers including Members of Parliament and prominent, pro-peace community leaders. Yet because of a minor scuffle involving three people that that lasted less than fifteen seconds, one of whom was taunting the largely Jewish peace rally with a Nazi swastika, The Star deceitfully characterized the entire event as violent with the headline "Violence erupts at pro-Israel rally at Queen's Park."

There can be no real justice without truth. But "Social Justice," or at least The Toronto Star's version of it, relies more on invention than fact, and that isn't justice at all. It's one of the reasons trust in the mainstream media is at an all-time low, and confidence in the veracity of The Toronto Star's reports are even less than that. And it's why scepticism of the media and alternate sources of information are vitally important.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Iranian Negotiator Discusses Nuclear Deal

NDP tells supporters that their need of the child care benefit is greater than yours

Not content with planning to screw over taxpayers if they are elected to government, the socialist NDP wants to take money from taxpayers to finance their attempt to become government:
The federal NDP is encouraging parents who don't need the newly enhanced universal child care benefit to donate the money to the party.

The party's latest fundraising email blast urges supporters to follow the example of Ella, a financially-secure single mother who intends to donate her UCCB windfall to the NDP...

Iran's Grand Poobah continues to mock Obama for weakness after American capitulation in nuclear negotiations

Ayatollah Ali Khameini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, sent out a tweet today showing US President Barack Obama committing suicide, implying that if America would attack Iran, it would mean the latter leader's death.

Which suggests Obama's capitulation to Iran in the weapons, sanctions and nuclear arms negotiation have only emboldened Iran's continued belligerence and efforts at the destabilization of the middle east.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander's not-so-Excellent Islamic Adventure

...Chris Alexander was invited to speak at the Shia Eid event.

Some of the Shia were happy to see the invitation extended as Chris Alexander has greased the entry of certain Khomeinists into Canada for some bizarre reason.

Alexander was no doubt happy to accept because this is an election year and what harm could a little vote whoring do among crazed Khomeinists?

Boy was he wrong...

And in other political pandering to Islamic Nazis:

NDP's Mulcair meets with Palestine House official who called 2014 Jerusalem massacre “courageous”

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio are willing to screw over the public to buy union support

Hillary Clinton gave a speech warning that the new "sharing economy" of businesses such as the ride-hailing company Uber is "raising hard questions about workplace protections."

Democrats hate what labor unions hate, and a taxi drivers' union hates Uber, too. Its NYC website proclaims, "Uber has the money. But we are the PEOPLE!"

The taxi cartels, which provide inferior service and are micromanaged by government, don't like getting competition from efficient companies like Uber.

Clinton didn't mention Uber by name, but we don't have to wonder which company she meant. The New York Times reports that Clinton contacted Uber and told them her speech would threaten to "crack down" on companies that don't treat independent contractors as full employees. Apparently, Democrats think something's wrong if people are independent contractors.

But no driver is forced to work for Uber. People volunteer. They like the flexibility. They like getting more use out of their cars. It's win-win-win. Drivers earn money, customers save money while gaining convenience, and Uber makes money. Why does Clinton insist on interfering with that?

Clinton's "social democrat" pal, New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio, wants to crack down on Uber by limiting how many drivers they may hire. Uber cleverly responded with an app—a "de Blasio option"—that shows people how much longer they'd have to wait if de Blasio gets his way...

Aww...Curious Cows Help Save Seal Pup Stuck in Mud After Swept by Tide Into UK Marshland

A birdwatcher at Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire, U.K., says he didn't find any birds through his telescope, but rather, a much more usual scene: about a dozen curious cows surrounding a seal pup stuck in mud.

Ian Ellis, 67, told ABC News that he was birdwatching about three weeks ago when he "saw the seal was in distress," so he rang for help at the marshland by the North Sea, from where the seal was likely swept in by a tide.

The marsh is under the protection of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), which then contacted local seal rescue organization Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary for guidance, he said.

"We were able to give advice about how to take the seal out of the situation, and Ellis was able to recover it with the help of wardens," Seal Sanctuary director Duncan Yeadon told ABC News today. "They took her back here to the seal hospital, where she's still recovering in at the moment."...

Donald Trump bashes the media in interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper

Were I to make a guess, it would be that Donald Trump entered the race to be the Republican Presidential candidate in order to build his brand and was planning on dropping out by the third primary.

I'm not so sure anymore. I don't think he'd make a great President, but on the other hand, compared to the current office holder, he'd represent a significant improvement.

In what will come as a shock, it turns out Canadian union bosses are corrupt slimeballs

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Iran Vows to Buy Weapons Anytime, Anywhere

A senior Iranian official who led the negotiations with world powers that led to the recent nuclear deal said that the Islamic Republic will continue to import and export arms freely across the globe without restriction, according to recent comments flagged by the CIA’s Open Source Center.

Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, said that he insisted during the negotiations that Iran be able to purchase and ship military hardware at any time and from any place, according to the comments made on state-controlled television.

Araghchi vowed “to buy weapons from wherever possible, and [said that Iran] is to provide weapons to whomever and whenever it considers appropriate,” according to a translation of his comments made by the Open Source Center.

The issue of Iran’s ability to purchase and move arms has emerged as a key concern among critics of the Obama administration’s deal. As part of the agreement, Iran will allowed to import and export weapons.

Araghchi claimed that the deal goes further. Iran will not adhere to any current restrictions of its arms trade, he said...

German woman files police complaint against a squirrel for "stalking" her. Police arrest squirrel.

This is not from The Onion:

An "aggressive" squirrel has been arrested by German police officers after a woman complained it was stalking her.

Police in North Rhine-Westphalia received the bizarre emergency call on Wednesday from a woman who claimed the rodent was chasing her.

The woman, from Bottrop, tried to give the pursuant rodent the slip but eventually rang the police out of desperation.

Officers captured the squirrel and "arrested it," according to a message posted on the force's Facebook page... 

Gov. Bobby Jindal: It’s Time to Stop Pretending on Radical Islam

Let's be honest here. The President’s inability to say the words Radical Islam is threatening our national security and the safety of the American people. It’s time to stop pretending. 

Radical Islam has brought terror and death across the Middle East and the world—and on American soil – yet this president calls it just “violent extremism” or something similar. He gets it wrong nearly every time.

Yesterday, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron got it right. He had the courage to say what President Obama will not, when he said that, “We need to confront and expose Islamist extremism as a belief system that glorifies violence and subjugates people.” This leaves President Obama as pretty much the only leader in the free world who refuses to speak the truth about Radical Islam...

They're sweating in Canada's capitol over the Ashley Madison hack - a full 20% of Ottawa's population was registered with the marital infidelity site

Canada’s prim capital is suddenly focused more on the state of people’s affairs than the affairs of the state.

One in five Ottawa residents allegedly subscribed to adulterers’ website Ashley Madison, making one of the world’s coldest capitals among the hottest for extra-marital hookups – and the most vulnerable to a breach of privacy after hackers targeted the site.

Hackers threatened to leak details including the credit card information, nude photos, sexual fantasies and real names of as many as 37 million customers worldwide of Ashley Madison, which uses the slogan: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

The website’s Canadian parent, Avid Life Media, said it had since secured the site and was working with law enforcement agencies to trace those behind the attack.
“Everybody says Ottawa is a sleepy town and here we are with 200,000 people running around on each other,” said municipal employee Jon Weaks, 27, as he took a break at an outdoor cafe near the nation’s Parliament...

Palestinian family in Canada returns to Gaza to improve their standard of living

Lying anti-Israel fanatics keep telling you that Gaza is like "a concentration camp." 

...In November, 2008, Ihab al-Aloul and his wife Somaya left Gaza City and took their six children to Vancouver, British Columbia.
Last fall, they moved back.

The benefits and drawbacks to that decision play out differently for each family member, and also provide a glimpse into life in Gaza.

One benefit for the al-Alouls in Gaza is a private swimming pool. On a recent afternoon, workers installed a new lawn around the pool patio. The squares of grass were grown on a local sod farm. One drawback: the irrigation water is salty - much of the tap water in Gaza is brackish. Aloul says it's not the best for the grass but "it's not killing that much."

In Canada, the family's apartment had no yard, let alone a pool...

The closer you look at Obama's Iran deal, the worse it gets

...Just as the U.S. can claim the deal is being violated, so too can Iran. If the West gets sanctions snap back, Tehran gets what Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies calls “nuclear snap back.”

In practice, the threat of the latter will inevitably prevent the application of the former. Iranian violations of the deal, especially if they are technical and incremental, will be tolerated for the sake of preserving the deal. Violations will be treated as differences of interpretation as to what the deal requires, or as arcane disputes over technical issues, or as responses to some Western provocation. Pretexts will be contrived to revise the deal to suit new and more expansive Iranian demands. Editorialists will enjoin “all parties” to reason and restraint.

“When enough bureaucratic prestige has been invested in a policy,” Henry Kissinger once wrote, “it is easier to see it fail than to abandon it.” That’s the future of the Iran deal.

Meantime, Iran gets $150 billion in mostly upfront sanctions relief. Susan Rice insists that “for the most part” the money will be spent on “the Iranian people and their economy,” an insight the national security adviser must have from the same people who briefed her on Benghazi and Bowe Bergdahl. But she also admits that some of the money might be spent on Iran’s “bad behavior in the region”—but that’s OK because the nuclear deal “was not designed to prevent them from engaging in bad behavior.”...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Two Congressmen reveal that Obama made secret nuclear side deals with Iran that he hid from Congress

Pompeo, Cotton Urge Disclosure of Complete Iran Nuclear Deal

IAEA tells the lawmakers that two inspections arrangements regarding Iran’s past military work will remain secret

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04) and Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) on Friday had a meeting in Vienna with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), during which the agency conveyed to the lawmakers that two side deals made between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the IAEA as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) will remain secret and will not be shared with other nations, with Congress, or with the public. One agreement covers the inspection of the Parchin military complex, and the second details how the IAEA and Iran will resolve outstanding issues on possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program.

According to the IAEA, the Iran agreement negotiators, including the Obama administration, agreed that the IAEA and Iran would forge separate arrangements to govern the inspection of the Parchin military complex – one of the most secretive military facilities in Iran – and how Iran would satisfy the IAEA’s outstanding questions regarding past weaponization work. Both arrangements will not be vetted by any organization other than Iran and the IAEA, and will not be released even to the nations that negotiated the JCPOA.  This means that the secret arrangements have not been released for public scrutiny and have not been submitted to Congress as part of its legislatively mandated review of the Iran deal.

Parchin is a critical linchpin in the Iranian nuclear program that has long-been suspected of both long-range ballistic missile and nuclear weapons development.  In 2011, the IAEA suspected that the facility was used to conduct high-explosive experiments as part of an effort to build nuclear weapons.
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'Drunk' squirrel causes hundreds of pounds of damage

A "drunk" squirrel has caused hundreds of pounds of damage at a private members' club.

The secretary of Honeybourne Railway Club said he originally thought someone had broken into the premises, near Evesham in Worcestershire.

The floor was covered in beer and glasses and bottles smashed, Sam Boulter said.

Mr Boulter, 62, said he then saw a squirrel "staggering around" after coming out from behind a box of crisps.

He added: "There were bottles scattered around, money scattered around and he had obviously run across the bar's pumps and managed to turn on the Caffrey's tap.

"He must have flung himself on the handle and drank some as he was staggering around all over the place and moving a bit slowly....

Trudeau switches targets in bid to cut Mulcair’s momentum in polls

The dynamics have changed. Where once Justin Trudeau shrugged off the NDP, insisting his opponent was Stephen Harper, the Liberal Leader has made the telltale decision to switch targets.

Now, the Liberals are campaigning like the third-place party, attacking Thomas Mulcair and the New Democrats rather than keeping their guns trained solely on Mr. Harper and the Conservatives.

That is driven by the reversal of fortunes for the two opposition parties in which the NDP has taken the lead in many polls, with the Liberals in third. But many Liberals are also feeling that the fall election is shaping up as a referendum on whether Mr. Harper and the Conservatives stay or go – and that those in the latter camp will coalesce behind whichever party seems mostly likely to displace them.

And if that is the case, they fear, Mr. Trudeau cannot afford to go into the official campaign too far behind Mr. Mulcair. So they are trying to knock him back in the weeks before the writ is dropped...

Rhinos’ horns to be fitted with spy cameras and alarms to help catch poachers

The last remaining rhinos on Earth could be fitted with spy cameras in their horns and heart monitors to help catch poachers in a move hailed as a “game changer” by animal protection activists.

With a rhino killed every six hours in Africa, it is feared the animal could be hunted to extinction by 2035, but a British-made system called  Rapid – Real-time Anti-Poaching Intelligence Device – could make all the difference.

The system includes a camera, a heart-rate monitor linked to an alarm and a satellite-tracking device to enable the authorities to scramble a helicopter as soon as a rhino is killed.

The camera in the animal’s horn would then be used to provide evidence against the poachers.

It is hoped that system, which could also be adapted to fit animals like elephants and tigers, will be trialled in South Africa by early next year...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mark Steyn provides color commentary at the Super Bowl of Assholes

The only time a joke is truly offensive is if it isn't funny.

Mark Steyn reports on a joke told by Senator John McCain back in 1998:

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
"Because her real father's Janet Reno."

Rude, inappropriate, in questionable taste could all describe that joke. And if you're a member of the Clinton or Reno family, I can certainly understand how you'd find it offensive.

But I laughed.

Anyway, I've always liked John McCain and found him to be pretty reasonable for a politician (note the caveat), and he unquestionably was a war hero, having shown tremendous courage before, during and after his captivity in a hellish North Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp.

Steyn's latest article describes the fight between John McCain and Donald Trump. It could be a real life enactment, in a manner of speaking, of John Waters' classic cult movie Pink Flamingos, where two rival camps, competing to be the filthiest people alive, attempt to destroy each other by being...assholes.

Whether or not you agree with him, Steyn's article is, as usual, entertaining and enlightening, and you can read it at THIS LINK.

Amy Schumer raises Disney & Lucasfilm ire with suggestive Star Wars-themed GQ shoot

Last week, comedian Amy Schumer appeared on the cover of GQ magazine in a cheeky Star Wars-themed image that has Disney and Lucasfilm grumbling unhappily into their respective piles of money.

“Lucasfilm & Disney didn’t approve, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner,” the official Star Wars account posted on Twitter of the shots – in spite of the fact that Luke Skywalker himself is totally down:

Iran and the Bomb

The Democrats have their own version of The Tea Party

Anytime a Democrat tries to tell you the Republicans are dominated by Tea Party extremists, don't let them forget they have their own brand of lunatic extremists pulling their party firmly into residency status in Crazy Town.

Democrat activists shouted down Presidential candidate, former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and took over the stage when he made the innocuous and entirely reasonable statement "all lives matter."

"Black Lives Matter" campaigners adopted Occupy Wall Street cult idiocy of repeating en masse the words of speakers who denounced O'Malley's call for the recognition of the importance of according all people basic legal and human rights.

O'Malley later apologized for saying "all lives matter."  Which hopefully just means that he is a spineless political panderer rather than coming to the view that not all lives matter, or that the lives of some innocent Americans should matter more than others.

CNN's report on why the Democrat Party fanatics were so upset at O'Malley's statement utilized Judith Butler, the batshit crazy academic who also believes that the genocidal terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah are progressive and are part of the global left. 

Enough said.

Microaggression: A Beginner's Guide!


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Turkey's war against the Kurds

During Turkey's elections on June 7, the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) won a great victory by securing 13% of the vote, which allowed its candidates to occupy 80 seats in the 550-seat parliament of Turkey -- not all of them are Kurdish, some are Turkish or of other ethnic groups. In any normal country, this would be welcomed by state authorities as a potential way to resolve a huge national issue in a non-violent manner for the benefit of both peoples, Kurds and Turks.

Sadly, Turkey does not seem to be about to do so. The recent incidents in which Ferhat Encu, a Kurdish deputy from the HDP, was threatened, insulted and beaten by Turkish soldiers in the Kurdish village of Roboski (Uludere) in the Kurdish-majority province of Sirnak are another manifestation of that. (Video of the incident: here and here, and here.)

For four months, the Turkish army has blockaded the plateaus in Roboski and banned the villagers from going to those places, Ferhat Encu told Gatestone Institute.

Heavy military reinforcements have also been sent to the village, which borders Iraq's Kurdistan Regional Government, and this has created tension in the village, said Encu.

In 2011, Turkey's air force killed 34 innocent civilians, including 17 children, in an airstrike on Roboski. Ferhat Encu lost 11 relatives in the massacre, including his brother Serhat Encu.

Between the 2011 massacre and his election to parliament in June 2015, Ferhat Encu had been detained by the police six times under various pretexts...

Man Faces 6 Months in Jail For Disagreeing With Feminists on Twitter

UPDATE: The video is gone from YouTube, but you can see it and Chrstie Blatchford's article at the National Post


How Uber is ending the dirty dealings behind Toronto's cab business

From the Globe and Mail:
...Uber operates in 300 cities worldwide. It has built a better mousetrap, and the world is beating a path to its door.

After my investigation of the industry, my name was mud among the city’s taxi plate holders, who were worried about losing their golden goose. One woman, who inherited a pair of plates from her father, called me a “communist” for recommending that the taxi plate system be abolished. “This is free enterprise,” she declared.

In fact, Toronto’s taxi plate system is anything but free enterprise. Instead, it is based on the artificial restriction of a natural market, and the granting of licences to a fixed number of participants. Even those who paid top dollar for a plate used to enjoy an annual return of more than 12 per cent. And for those who inherited plates, the return was manna from heaven.

On the other side of the coin were drivers and customers. Passengers paid too much for rides in old junkers, and drivers found themselves trapped in a system that skimmed the lion’s share of their revenues. Many have compared the Toronto cab industry to the feudal system, which is probably not far off the mark...

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Obama says Iran nuke deal will make world safer while Iranians chant ‘death to America’

President Obama said Saturday that opponents of his administration’s nuclear deal with Iran are engaging in “overheated and often dishonest arguments” to derail the accord.

“This deal will make America and the world safer and more secure,” Mr. Obama said in his weekly address. “We held out for a deal that met every one of our bottom lines. And we got it.”

But in Tehran, Iran’s top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Saturday the historic nuclear deal won’t change Iran’s policy towards the “arrogant” United States. He said Iran will continue to support its allies in the Middle East including the Lebanese Hezbollah, Palestinian resistance groups and the Syrian government.

His remarks were greeted by customary chants of “Death to America,” ...

Canada's government should revoke the charitable status of terrorist-supporting groups that want to destroy Israel

The so-called "Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East" a terrorist-supporting organization, has published a list of  fellow Canadian groups engaged in the boycott of Israel.

These groups, by the Canadian government's definition, are anti-Semitic and those of them which have charitable status should have it revoked immediately.

How to shrink the underground economy: Tax less to collect more

There was a time when working in the ‘underground economy’ meant coal mining and related subterranean endeavours. These days, of course, it refers to the grey market, not the sooty black one. And at first blush it seems to be thriving

In April Statistics Canada released its latest estimate on the size of our country’s underground economy: $42.4 billion. With this up noticeably from $40.9 billion a year earlier, many commentators worried things are getting out of hand. “Canada has its work cut out for itself when it comes to cracking down on the underground economy,” the Toronto Star fretted. “The missing $42.4 billion means a lot of forgone tax revenue,” observed Canadian Business magazine.

But things might not be quite as bad as they seem in Canada’s shadowy underground economy. In fact Canadians’ tax honesty may actually be improving. What might be behind this apparent rise of tax truthfulness? One intriguing possibility lies in the Harper government’s much-maligned propensity to fiddle with the federal tax structure. Perhaps that panoply of boutique tax credits is actually making Canadians more honest at tax time.

While StatsCan pegs Canada’s underground economy at a sizeable $42.4 billion for 2012, in proportional terms the grey market actually appears to be on a long slow decline. Expressed as a percentage of total economic activity in Canada, the underground economy is 2.3 percent of GDP. That’s the same rate as 2011. For the nine previous years, it was 2.4 percent. Back in 1994 it was 2.7 percent. According the Canada Revenue Agency, which commissioned the research, “overall, the study provides encouraging signs that the underground economy is growing at a slower pace than the Canadian economy.”...

Friday, July 17, 2015