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Saturday, November 30, 2013

More waste and failure from the most incompetent, corrupt Provincial government in Ontario's history

Oh Oh... Liberal Party's All Day Kindergarten Is Making Your Kids Dumber

Saturday Night Movie: Electra Glide in Blue

You're in for a fantastic treat if you haven't seen this movie before.

Electra Glide in Blue is one of the best films to come out of the 1970's. A largely misunderstood movie that was derided by some who totally misunderstood it for "glorifying fascism." The movie deals with the themes of being an outsider, loneliness and the disconnect between between people.

The plot revolves around a highway motorcycle cop, played by Robert Blake, who is convinced that an apparent suicide is a murder.

It was directed by James William Guercio, who was a producer for the band, Chicago, and as you would expect, the movie has a fabulous score.

This film was a cult sensation for years, but lately has fallen into near-obscurity.


Green Leader Elizabeth May to help raise funds for group that encourages terrorism against Israelis

Following accusations by Canada's Green Party leader, and sole Member of Parliament Elizabeth May, that The Jewish Tribune published an article attributing "misleading statements" to her, that news outlet released an audio tape and transcript of the entire interview.

The tape bears out that the disputed article, by reporter Joanne Hill, was accurate and in her statement of "clarification," it turns out Elizabeth May lied, or as the Jewish Tribune more delicately put it, was "factually incorrect."

The issue that caused the controversy was May's agreeing to be the featured speaker at a fundraiser for a fanatically anti-Israel organization that goes by the deceptive name of "Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East." (CJPME)

Ms. May's policies on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute are not unreasonable. They are certainly more balanced than the unhinged and uninformed statements from the Libby Davies wing of the New Democratic Party. May's bear more resemblance to that of the Liberals. But the Green Party leader, who was seen as a political outsider, has evidently adopted the tactic of telling different tales to different groups, based on what she thinks they want to hear, in order to curry favor with them.

Worse still, the group for whom her appearance is designed to garner funds is one that has put on events in which terrorism against Israelis has been encouraged.

Last year, CJPME sponsored a talk by a histrionic anti-Israel activist by the name of Eva Bartlett,  who is a member of the terror-enabling organization International Solidarity Movement.

Among the other depraved assertions made by Bartlett during her talk to a small gathering of grubby anti-Israel zealots, she stated, "violent resistance is legitimate” while making continual reference to Palestinian “martyrs." The Palestinian  'violent resistance' to which Bartlett refers has included the launching of rockets at Israeli kindergartens and suicide bombings in which children were intentionally murdered. 

While correctly identifying CJPME's stance as "anti-Israel" which she later denied having said despite proof to the contrary, and despite her claim that she "is not going to pander" to them, May's tacit approbation of the group is disturbing and irresponsible.

May is correct in her belief that one should not only speak to those with whom one agrees, but by agreeing to be part of an event designed to, and effectively assisting in raising funds for a pro-terror group is of itself a reprehensible form of pandering.

May said in the interview, which she later implicitly denied in her "clarification," that she "never considered that it was a fundraiser as opposed to just yet another speaking invitation that I was accepting. So, mea culpa ."

Though it's increasingly difficult to determine when Elizabeth May is telling the truth, ff she was honest about what she said in her interview, then May will do the right thing and cancel her participation in the upcoming CJPME fundraiser on December 5. 

To do otherwise will demonstrate more of where Elizabeth May truly stands than anything she says. Because clearly May's words are less meaningful than her actions.

Friday, November 29, 2013

David Letterman presents Ken Burns' documentary: Rob Ford -The Statement

CBC Radio-Canada Ombudsman: "There's a sinister Jewish lobby and they seem to have proved that we're a bunch of Jew-haters" or words to that effect

Radio-Canada’s Ombudsman has released his annual report of complaint reviews. On Radio-Canada’s coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Ombudsman concluded that there exists “again this year, real problems in the coverage of Arab-Israeli dispute about the Palestinian issue” brought to the attention of our public broadcaster by “a very well-organized, determined and effective lobby”. The problems, continued the Ombudsman, merit a “change in attitude toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”. 

Some Socialist Studies items you should read

More politicized indoctrination from the Toronto District School Board includes a TDSB teacher taking his class to protest against Rob Ford,  a proposed TDSB learning resource that is heavily politicized and only attacks Conservative politicians, and an attempt by the Teachers' Union to have pro-union propaganda included in your kids' curriculum

Or just peruse the whole Socialist Studies website if you want to have nightmares about the deplorable state of affairs in Ontario's public education system.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I don't know any other city besides Toronto that can make this boast...

I bet your stupid city doesn't have its mayor featured in a hardcore sex tape parody.

Mine does!

(this is very, very, very NSFW!!)

h/t Five Feet of Fury

Today in "Scratch a Liberal, find a fascist" -

Past President Of Toronto & District Liberal Association Michael Homsi makes pro-Iran statement and says Baird Belongs In a Zoo With Netanyahu

More here at BLAZING CAT FUR

Idiot British MP David Ward at it again in interview with depraved anti-Israel website

Evidently too stupid to learn from previous mistakes, Liberal Democrat MP David Ward, fresh back from his suspension by his own party for fanatical anti-Israel comments, is doubling down in an interview with a depraved website which accuses Israeli soldiers of being "mercenaries" and child killers.

In the summer, Ward had been suspended for "questioning the continuing existence of Israel" and accusing "the Jews" of inflicting atrocities on the Palestinians and linking it to the Holocaust.

Clearly not taking the chastisement from his own Liberal Democrats seriously, speaking to an interviewer from the website MiddleEastMonitor.com that was published this week, Ward now suggests Israel should never have been created and that a pro-Israel Jewish Lobby dominates British politics.
"I've never actually said that, that it didn't exist" he explains. "If you asked my opinion as to whether or not it should have been created, that's another matter. We are where we are to some degree." "You become very aware, with all of the parties to be honest, that there is a very very strong pro-Israeli lobby which is very very influential in British politics at the moment" he says

Toronto's Gravy Train has rolled back into City Hall

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh No! The NDP is pissed because Prince Bonehead quoted Whorehouse Jack last night

It's like watching Dumb and Dumber get into an argument...

The real "shame and embarrassment" of being a Torontonian

Olivia Chow, a Member of Parliament for a downtown Toronto riding and a presumed candidate for the position of mayor in the city's next election, spoke recently of the "embarrassment" that Rob Ford had brought upon her by his antics. "We are being embarrassed" she professed at a recent media scrum. This is the same Olivia Chow who is the widow of Jack Layton, who led the New Democratic Party from 2003 until his death, and about whom it was revealed that during their marriage he was caught by police in a dingy Chinatown brothel after receiving a hand-job (at the least) from a hooker.

I don't recall Ms Chow professing her embarrassment about that, just as she did not proclaim her "shame" about being exposed for taking advantage of subsidized housing while she and her husband were making a combined six-figure salary.

But because of the current Toronto mayor's occasional drug use and his intemperate remarks, now, finally, Olivia Chow has come to learn what it is to be humiliated.

If you say so, Olivia...

Toronto Ward 21 Councillor "Fiasco" Joe Mihevc sent out an email to his constituents a couple of weeks ago in which he bemoaned "the shame and embarrassment Mayor Ford has brought upon us."

The very same Mihevic whose advocacy for, and bumbling oversight of an unnecessary dedicated streetcar lane along St. Clair Avenue in Toronto became the exemplar of how not to do a civics project. Disruption from the lengthy construction, which went more than twice the planned time at almost three times the cost to taxpayers, caused some local businesses to go bust. The resulting lane divided the neighborhood, created a nightmare of traffic congestion, made a number of intersections death-traps for pedestrians, and resulted in only a minimal reduction in travel time for public transit patrons.

I haven't been able to locate any expression of "shame and embarrassment" for his role in causing that fiasco. Last time I checked, Mihevc was still praising himself in the face of his incompetence.

But now, because of Rob Ford, a man for whom Mihevc has frequently and very publicly expressed his detestation, suddenly, a grotesque, enormous blot of shame has enshrouded "Fiasco" Joe.

A couple of days ago, I had a long conversation with an old friend in Los Angeles who is a film producer who has worked with people such as Steven Spielberg and Michael Mann. He asked me about Toronto and rather than shame, there was quite a bit of laughter in recounting the recent goings-on in my city's municipal politics.

One thing that did seem to surprise him was the increase in support for Ford since his confirmation of having smoked crack cocaine. It's easy to understand how someone not familiar with Toronto politics would find that unusual, and to explain that, I had to describe the Rob Ford phenomenon.

Despite the obvious problematic components, Rob Ford, at least in his role as a public servant and politician, is completely forthright, which places him in stark contrast with his opponents. He may tell stupid lies about his personal behavior, but when he says he wants to do something in the political arena, you know he means it and isn't saying it just for public consumption as is so often the case with his rivals. Ford may me prone to bizarre outbursts, but he is genuinely passionate about his concern for the average citizen.

After years of the city's being run by a wasteful nanny-statist, Ford was in large measure a reaction to the paternalism and deceit coming from our city's "mainstream" politicians.

Conrad Black put it well earlier in the week in an editorial for the National Post when he wrote that the people who support Ford "are not scandalized by obesity, occasional cocaine use, occasional drunkenness, or the odd whirl at the wheel of a car when a breathalyzer, if applied, could be problematical. They are, however, scandalized by rank hypocrisy from mouthy journalists and gimcrack municipal politicians, and by the confected and inflated sanctimony of prigs and twits."

Ford`s supporters are frequently portrayed by some of the stupider pundits and political prognosticators as only being concerned with keeping taxes down. If that were the case, then that fails to explain why Ford`s support held firm despite the need for a tax increase to help pay for a much-needed subway expansion in Scarborough. What those ideological enemies of Ford fail to grasp is that the mayor`s support is not based from people who hate taxes, but those who hate seeing taxes used wastefully, as they are so often by Toronto politicians who want to double as social engineers.

Last week, in what some have described as a palace coup, Toronto`s City Council stripped Ford of most of his mayoral authority, even though the excuse was little more than that they dislike and claim to be embarrassed by him. Ford has neither been charged with nor convicted of a crime while in office.

Then, as if on cue, only a couple of days later, the idiots on City Council started talking about imposing a property tax increase well above the limit Ford would have ever proposed. The backlash was swift and immediate. Ford`s opponents fell right into his hands, playing to his strength as a champion of taxpayers and his narrative that the rebellion was motivated entirely by ideology.

Ford is now rising even more in the polls, with him being favored more than any other candidate to be best qualified to manage Toronto`s budget.

Explaining Ford`s rise in popularity to my LA friend, I said, given the pathetic alternatives we have among municipal politicians here, the idea of a guy who takes the occasional puff of crack and goes on weird drunken tirades is still a lot more attractive than anyone else we have on offer.

"Wow," he replied, "things must be really bad there."

It was then that I felt a tinge of embarrassment. "Yeah," I said back, "they are."

Plus : No comment on this

Obama's Iran deal - Worse than Munich

...The Nixon administration also exited Vietnam in the context of a durable opening to Beijing that helped tilt the global balance of power against Moscow. Now the U.S. is attempting a fleeting opening with Tehran at the expense of a durable alliance of values with Israel and interests with Saudi Arabia. "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People" is the title of a hilarious memoir by British author Toby Young —but it could equally be the history of Barack Obama's foreign policy.

That's where the differences end between Geneva and the previous accords. What they have in common is that each deal was a betrayal of small countries—Czechoslovakia, South Vietnam, Israel—that had relied on Western security guarantees. Each was a victory for the dictatorships: "No matter the world wants it or not," Iranian President Hasan Rouhani said Sunday, "this path will, God willingly, continue to the peak that has been considered by the martyred nuclear scientists." Each deal increased the contempt of the dictatorships for the democracies...

Read it all at The Wall Street Journal 

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Great Leap Backwards - British Maoists running slavery ring

The two suspects in the south London slavery case ran a Communist collective in the 1970s that worshipped the Chinese leader Chairman Mao, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

The husband and wife, who are from India and Tanzania originally, were arrested last week on suspicion of holding three women against their will for more than 30-years.

It is alleged they subjected them to beatings and emotional abuse and were only allowed to leave their Brixton flat in controlled circumstances.

The pair, who are both aged 69, arrived in Britain in the 1960s and were associated with a number of extreme left political groups known to the police and security services.

h/t Marvin W

The Holocaust and Hot Babes presented by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal

Due disclosure - I used to consult for the Canadian Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC).

Having said that, I no longer work for the FSWC and don`t owe them anything. So taking all that into account, I`m going to tell you about the gala they put on Sunday night at the Wychwood Barns to launch their "Tour for Humanity" bus, which is their big genocide-awareness and education mobile. The bus will travel to schools and public events throughout Ontario.

This is the sight to which
I entered the FSWC gala
It's not a bad idea, given that just about all the things that pass for "social justice" in schools these days is founded in Marxist bullshit predicated on the teachings of a degenerate Maoist named Paulo Friere, whose book The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, is required reading at Teachers`Colleges. The fact that an acolyte of the most prolific mass-murderer in history is considered the apogee of equity by `progressive` educators is indicative of the sad state of our schools.

But that aside, there were some very good aspects and a somewhat troublesome one to the FSWC event last night.

Ontario's Minister for Economic Development and the local MPP, Eric Hoskins, gave a fine speech in which he extolled the Ontario and Canadian governments' close relationship with Israel, lavishing praise upon the middle east's lone liberal democracy.

Tim Uppal speaks at
the FSWC gala
Later in the evening, a remarkably spry 83-year old Holocaust survivor named Max Eisen spoke movingly about the many lives lost because the "civilized" world turned its back on Jews who attempted to flee Hitler. One of the worst such culprits was William Lyon Mackenzie King's government, which instituted its infamous "none is too many" policy towards Jews seeking sanctuary from the Holocaust.

When Max Eisen recounted that unfortunate part of Canadian history, I turned to Tim Uppal, the federal government's Minister of State for Multiculturalism, who was standing beside me, getting ready to deliver the next speech. "You better remind them that Mackenzie King was a Liberal," I quipped.

That cracked Tim up a bit.

Tim delivered a brief, thoughtful talk about the importance of the work FSWC does and the need for Holocaust education. What was implicit in Tim's speech but not said was the way that hateful bigots in our society, particularly among those laying claim to being advocates of "Social Justice," would like the whole association of Jews, The Holocaust and Israel to just go away.
Another sexy FSWC Go-Go girl

Tim Uppal is a great reminder of how deep the benches of Stephen Harper's Conservative government remain. It's filled with extremely bright, capable people of whom Uppal is but one example among many.

Which leads us to the next person to take the podium at the FSWC gala. I've read much from former Liberal Justice Minister and current Mount Royal MP Irwin Cotler, but never heard him speak in person before. Cotler is considered one of the intellectual eminences among the federal Liberal party. But with a Leader of the light caliber of Justin Trudeau, that distinction is a pretty low hurdle to achieve.

Last night I learned how low.

Though obviously a decent, well-intentioned man, he remains a proponent of censorship laws that flout some of the basic principles of free speech and are rife with potential for abuse.

Building himself up to a crescendo of hyperbole, Cotler got to the point in his speech that extolled hate speech laws, screaming "The Holocaust began with words!"

Well, Irwin, so did The Enlightenment and the American Revolution.

But no, the Holocaust didn't really begin with words. It began, like other genocides began, when a government decided to restrict what people can do and say, and that they can be imprisoned and abused based on their beliefs. Which, though not with the same intent, pretty much describes the type of laws for which Cotler advocates.
For reasons unknown, a lovely acrobat
performed contortions in a bubble

Cotler seems to have forgotten that most of us who are opposed to censorship laws aren't in favor of hate speech, but believe that the best way to combat lies is with truth, and by exposing the liars as fools. One aspect of his ideas that Cotler conveniently omitted was, just who gets to decide which words are OK and which words aren`t?  Irwin Cotler and Justin Trudeau? Or maybe the Supreme Court? Unless someone is calling for violence or lawbreaking, I think I'd prefer to take my chances with unfettered free speech.

So after all the speeches, I made one of my frequent trips back to the bar to chat up a beautiful bartender named Kelsey. Handing me a glass of white wine, she asked me what I was doing at the gala. Even though I was dolled up in a nice suit and a rather snazzy tie I picked up from Stollery's a few months ago, I suppose I didn't seem like the typical sort for that type of thing. When I told her "media" she asked me what angle I was going to take on the night.

Thinking for a moment, I responded, "Well, I guess 'The Holocaust and Hot Babes' just about sums it up for me."

One thing I immediately noticed when entering the FSWC gala was how many very attractive women were working the event. Not just the volunteers and serving staff were gorgeous, but there were strategically placed, sexy go-go dancers and a lovely, extremely flexible acrobat in a flimsy outfit doing some interesting contortions inside a transparent plastic bubble.

That's Kelsey on the right
It makes sense of course, as these events are primarily for the purpose of fundraising. If you can't get them with pathos, why not try lust, and it certainly can't hurt to combine the two.

I sure had fun. Given the very good work done by the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, which is one of the few major Jewish groups in Canada that hasn't succumbed to the infection of vapid moral relativism promoted by halfwits like those at JSpace, I was pleased to be there, for all the aforementioned reasons.

The best of all possible worlds: delicious cake dispensed by delectable women

Sunday, November 24, 2013

So two Newfies come across a shark choking on moose meat and decide to reach in its mouth to save it...

It sounds like the beginning of a joke John Crosbie might tell, but it actually happened

Hollywood superproducer Robert Evans recalls indulgences of stardom

The Montreal Gazette has an interesting article about the legendary Hollywood producer Bob Evans that's worth a read:
“Whatever indiscretions I’ve had in my life, I’ve paid for them pretty good,” says Robert Evans, sitting in his elegant dining room in Beverly Hills. “To live the life I’ve led and still be here …” He lowers his voice to a whisper. “Let’s just say, I’ve paid my car fare.

Obama is our generation's Neville Chamberlain

Obama's deal with Iran is as good as Chamberlain's with Hitler
Like Neville Chamberlain waving his "peace in our time sell-out deal with Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama is trying to spin his bumbling failure and the manipulation of him by Iran's mullahs as a "victory."  It doesn't take a crystal ball to see that Barack Obama will be judged by history as an empty suit filled only with articulate platitudes.

With the disaster of Obamacare and now the inept nuclear deal with Iran just negotiated by his Administration, even Democrats have become nostalgic for George W. Bush, whom Obama has made into a great President by comparison. Worse still for the Democrats, they are beginning to realize that they will pay a heavy price for Obama's incompetence, both in next year's midterm Congressional elections and the Presidential one two years later.

The only "victory" to be found in Obama's lethal incompetence was handed to the totalitarians in Iran, who are now boasting that the deal they just signed gives them both the ability to enrich uranium, with which they will be able to build nuclear weapons and it removes the international sanctions that had crippled the country for years.

We now live in the most dangerous times in human history. Barack Obama has laid out the groundwork for the next World War, the one we have always dreaded - the one that will be fought with the nuclear weapons America's worst ever President placed in the hands of Iran's apocalyptic sociopaths.

See also: Congressional reactions to Obama's sell-out

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Movie for a Saturday afternoon - Town without Pity

Starring Kirk Douglas, Robert Blake and E.G. Marshall

Conrad Black: The salvation of Rob Ford

....the Greater Toronto Area is picking up a number of federal constituencies upon the next expansion of the House of Commons to 338 legislators, and that Toronto’s contiguous built-up area, almost from Niagara Falls to Oshawa, will have nearly 70 of them. About half of those are largely inhabited by people who are not scandalized by obesity, occasional cocaine use, occasional drunkenness, or the odd whirl at the wheel of a car when a breathalyzer, if applied, could be problematical. They are, however, scandalized by rank hypocrisy from mouthy journalists and gimcrack municipal politicians, and by the confected and inflated sanctimony of prigs and twits.

Mitch Wolfe: Rob Ford Is Getting His Groove Back

This has been a good week for Rob Ford's campaign for re-election as Toronto's mayor in 2014.

Say what?

I can just see and hear those from the old media -- the Star, the Globe, the Post and the Sun -- spitting up their gluten-free almond milk all over their granola, down at their local Whole Foods store.

The consensus among the Toronto literati, intelligentsia, and Richard Florida's creative class, (who all apparently live within the Annex or cycling distance to the Annex) is that Ford has made Toronto into an international laughingstock.

...Ironically, a very well-respected CBC reporter Neil Macdonald, has come indirectly to Rob Ford's defence. He wrote in an article:

"But embarrassed? Us? As in 'Oh. My. God. He's turning us into a LAUGHINGSTOCK?'  Spare me.The only Canadians I know who actually think that are the Torontonians who never shut up about how cosmopolitan their city is."

Plus, from England's Daily Mail: Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is more popular than Obama and U.S. Congress

Holy Shit! Charlie Manson has an environmental charity in California!

While checking out some of the links on the groovy blog, Blazing Cat Fur, I came across an item about Charlie Manson being newly engaged to a 25 year old woman. The iconic Manson is a fascinating and instructive case of the weirdness that has permeated popular culture in many ways over the last few decades. People make fun of monstrous characters, but even within the scope of the modern zeitgeist, Manson remains unique.

Like many other demented killers who claim a higher purpose, Manson was an ideologue. He was responsible for the vicious, senseless murders of innocent people and yet he is one of the few such killers that we can simultaneously invoke either or both as a joke and an embodiment of evil. Yes, we can make Hitler jokes, but it's often considered to be of such bad taste that you know someone is going to be seriously offended. Che Guevara was a sociopathic murderer, but unlike Manson, admiring the Cuban totalitarian still has a great deal of cachet among, and is taken seriously by, legions of the pathologically stupid. 

But Manson, for a long time, has almost universally transcended the realm of the taboo into comedy.

One of the funniest things ever done on TV was The Ben Stiller Show's parody of Lassie, replacing the famous, devoted Collie with the infamous, depraved psychopath.

So after reading the article through Blazing Cat Fur and the links associated with it, I decided to investigate (i.e. goof around on the Internet)  a bit further, since it's grim, cold and wet outside, and I'm fueled up on some delicious Bloody Marys (which, to my credit, I make extremely well).

During that inquiry, imagine my surprise to learn that Charlie Manson has become an environmentalist guru!

Manson`s acolytes, in his name and in tribute to him, have an environmental non-profit set up in California called ATWA (Air-Trees-Water-Animals).

While a bit startled at that thought, still, the physical idea of Manson as an environmentalist had a strangely familiar look.

One of these guys is a narcissistic cult leader
and the other is Charlie Manson
I guess after a while, all these environmental guru/cult leaders start to look alike.

According to the ATWA website, "Charlie noticed that each time he got out of jail, the natural part of the world would be more and more degraded to make room for so-called human progress..."

Like David Suzuki, Manson has been outspoken about the perils of Global Warming. I suppose one way to make sure those awful humans don't infringe on the environment too much is to have your followers slaughter them.

Manson evidently still has a lot of groupies, some of whom maintain his facebook fan page, which has over 11,000 followers. (Update - That Manson facebook fan page has since been removed, but he has a closed group of admirers who number over 1600.)

Weirder still, it turns out contributions to Charlie Manson`s legal trust are tax deductible.

If you donate $25 ($35 outside of the USA), they'll even send you a print of a drawing by Manson called Dragon.

DRAGON by the noted contemporary artist and murdering mental-case, Charlie Manson
Speaking of idiotic use of taxes, it's actually a lot better than most of the stuff that has received Canada Council grants for far more than 100 times that amount. I'd be tempted to get one, except for the problem that even as a joke, knowing I've helped out Charlie Manson would be a bit more than even I can stomach.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Venezuela's new Mussolini

Venezuela's National Assembly has given final approval to special powers for President Nicolas Maduro.

Under the measures Mr Maduro will be able to govern without consulting Congress for 12 months.

After signing the bill, he promised to keep prices down and conduct a "ground-shaking" anti-corruption offensive.

The president says the aim of the new powers is to tackle the economic crisis. However, critics fear he may use them against the opposition.

Stripping Ford's powers was always about undermining democracy

You can buy your "Vote for Rob Ford" t-shirt through this LINK

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Council opponents, from Day 1 of his term, publicly committed to undermining him. When that proved difficult, they did everything they could to remove him from his job, including a number of failed court challenges.

When those failed, the foibles in his personal life was the excuse they used this week to strip him of most of his authority. As problematic as his personal behavior was, it had nothing to do with the way he performed his public duties. Despite the lies told by his Council opponents, the City's Manager said that Toronto was NOT in any crisis and the city was functioning well under Ford.

And now, only a few days later, we see their real motive - imposing high taxes that Ford would do everything he could to impose.

If Toronto City Councillors like Gord Perks, Joe Mihevc and Shelley Carroll think they've won the war, they're wrong. They won a battle, but there's an election coming in about 11 months.

At that point, it's very possible they'll learn that Torontoinians still consider a guy who takes the occasional toot of crack and goes on drunken tirades to be more competent and trustworthy than them.

Plus: Ford wins over gathering of business leaders last night

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Truth About Tornadoes

BERKELEY, Calif. — DOES global warming weaken tornadoes?

Yes, you read that correctly. Despite the recent spate of deadly twisters, including those that tore through the Midwest over the weekend, the scientific evidence shows that strong to violent tornadoes have actually been decreasing for the past 58 years, and it is possible that the explanation lies with global warming.


h/t Doug D.

6 Sneaky Ways Movies and TV Shows Outsmarted the Censors

#6 William Shatner Forced NBC to Air the First Interracial Kiss


In 1968, the Star Trek cast and crew were filming the episode "Plato's Stepchildren," which featured aliens using mind control to force Captain Kirk (William Shatner) to make out with Communications Officer Uhura (Nichelle Nichols). You know: standard classic Star Trek stuff. Star Trek just wasn't Star Trek if Kirk wasn't being goaded by an alien god into some sort of sexual harassment. But when it came time to shoot that scene, the director and some NBC suits got uncomfortable -- not because of the weird consent issues (this was the '60s, after all; slapping a woman was considered foreplay), but because Nichols is black. Up until that point, scripted interracial kisses on television just weren't done. The actors wanted to shoot the scene as it was, but since they weren't in charge, there was only one thing they could do: sabotage.

Read the rest at Cracked.com

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OISE's promotion of anti-Semitism, sympathy for terrorism and other forms of depraved idiocy

It's quite interesting that the only form of national self-determination in the world that comes in for condemnation at the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) is Jewish national self-determination. That discriminatory manifestation of Jew-hate is part of the institutional culture at OISE.

The institution is a Marxist cesspool of radical fanaticism, but making matters worse is that the faculty is one of the primary guiding forces in shaping the public school curriculum in Ontario. Ben Levin, the former Ontario Deputy Education Minister who attempted to introduce curriculum changes that were criticized for its over-sexualization of young children, was on staff at OISE when he was arrested on charges of producing child pornography.

Aside from sympathy for the ideas that produce pedophiles manifested at a recent OISE conference, sympathy for terrorism, particularly when it is directed against Jews, is something else the faculty promotes.

This Friday evening, OISE's Leadership, Higher and Adult Education department is presenting a talk by Birzeit University Academic Linda Tabar about her paper, "Palestine and “The Internationals”: Tracing the Domestication of Solidarity Post-Oslo.

Linda Tabar
Ms Tabar claims her paper will examine "the rise of the local concept of the internationals, which emerged during the second Palestinian intifada, as a way to critically explore some of the ways in which solidarity with the Palestinian struggle has been domesticated and transformed in the context of both the Oslo “peace process,” its pacification of the Palestinian liberation movement, and the neoliberal and US imperial hegemonies that have reframed transnational solidarity."

Note the concept of the "pacification" of the "Palestinian liberation movement."  Later in the facile, buzz-word filled description of her presentation, she elucidates that such pacification "is producing problematic recolonising relationships, where what happens in the name of solidarity not only reenacts white privilege, but reproduces Zionist settler colonial hierarchies and its racialised colonial order. The paper contrasts this with the militant tradition of solidarity that was created by the third world liberation movements in the 1970s."

If you think that sounds like thinly-veiled nostalgia for the good old days of Palestinian terrorist campaigns of suicide bombings and child murders against Israelis, there's good reason. In the description of a talk Ms Tabar gave on the same paper in Austria, where there is little compunction about public sympathy for Palestinian terrorism, she was more explicit about her sympathy for violent ideologies and wrote:
"I will aim to shed light on the new hegemonies that are competing to fill the political space once fully occupied by the Palestinian national liberation movement and its radical liberatory consciousness. In a period of global neoliberal capitalism, when an assemblage of NGO aid workers, human rights regime, political tourism and liberal cosmopolitanism mediate local-global encounters, I argue that liberal imperial hegemonies have redefined international solidarity in a way that conceals global structures of dominance, and threatens to replace a tradition of radical political solidarity with the Palestinian struggle that is based a shared anti-colonial, anti- racist, and anti-imperialist politics."
Ms Tabar's pro-terror talk is being presented at OISE by its Professor Sharzad Mojab, who previously has produced what could well be the most idiotic paper in the history of Canadian academia. In it, she attributed the erosion of women's rights in Muslim countries, not to the rise of Islamism and its repressive misogyny, but to western governments, which she alleges are "in concert with large charitable foundations and corporations to actively suppress and dismantle social movements, including the women’s movement."  

This sort of detestable nonsense with which OISE indoctrinates its students, who then go on to spread that poison throughout other education faculties in Canada, invites a pressing question.

Why does the leadership of the University of Toronto continue to acquiesce to what goes on at that vile institution?

Welcome to the Banana Republic of Toronto

Oh, of course we’re fans of democracy — just so long as the right guy is in office.

That’s the dominant view playing out at Toronto City Hall.

Yes, democracy is in crisis in Canada’s largest city. But not because of Mayor Rob Ford’s seemingly endless list of personal faults, but because of what’s being done to him.

Council removed the mayor’s emergency powers and appointment abilities on Friday and on Monday took away much of his budget and staff.

This doesn’t seem to violate the letter of the law. But it certainly violates the spirit of the law.

The vague argument to justify this is that Toronto is in crisis.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne — who might still intervene — said the situation is “extraordinary and unique” without elaborating.

The apolitical city manager Joe Pennachetti came out two weeks ago to pour water on this.

“The situation that is unfolding is unfortunate ... It has also resulted in some media reports that the City of Toronto is in crisis. This is not the case.”

See also: Will Ford Nation be replaced with Spend Nation? 

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

James Delingpole: Why Rob Ford is better than most low-life politicians

...it’s in this context that I find myself weirdly unbothered by the Rob Ford affair. Sure, crack-smoking drunken mayor isn’t ideal. But I’m honestly much more interested in what a politician gets up to in his public life than in his messy private life.

To put it another way, who would you rather have governing the minutiae of your existence?

a) A crack-smoking hell raiser who kept taxes down, made public services more efficient and otherwise kept his grubby fingers out of your business?

b) A squeaky clean do-gooder who, confident in his own moral probity, felt justified in trying to micromanage every last detail of your affairs with more taxes, regulations and codes.

For me, it’s a no brainer...

Read it all at The Financial Post 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Septuagenarians to reunite for comedy tour

The five surviving members of Monty Python are getting back together!

And if you don't like it, you can complain to the man in the video below:

h/t Marvin W.

Iran's Foreign Minister says "Aww..everyone else gets nukes, we want them too!"

Making a slick plea in English, the Foreign Minister of the apocalyptic, genocidal, sociopathic Iranian dictatorship says he wants nukes because everyone else has them.

Preceded by soft piano music accompanying his walk through his ornate Iranian Foreign Ministry offices, it's reminiscent of a pitch from a two-bit TV evangelist.

However, Javad Zarif conveniently forgets to mention that everyone else isn't the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism nor have they threatened genocide against one of its neighbor countries. But it's probably racist to bring that up...

h/t Loonette the Clown

Monday, November 18, 2013

Toronto's reputation is about to hit rock bottom

Sideshow Sarah Thomson is going to be on Piers Morgan's CNN show to "rehabilitate" our image.

Everything that the city rejected from the political and social so-called "elites" in Toronto that led to Rob Ford's election is embodied in the vapidity, two-faced sanctimony, attention-whoring and creepiness of Sideshow Sarah.

If she's ever considered the face of Toronto, we're really in deep shit.

UPDATE:  Here's the sanctimonious, self-promoting hypocrite on Morgan's show (click link)

Toronto City Council tells the voters that elected Rob Ford that democracy doesn`t matter & to go fuck themselves

What?! Toronto voters thought they had democratic rights?

You Fools!

Don't you remember how The Toronto Star, unions, and their stooges on City Council told you they were going have their way in spite of your choice?

They finally made good on it.

But Rob Ford promises a bloodbath in the next election.

Let the games begin - let's start taking a close look at Ford's rivals personal lives and see how they stand up to scrutiny.

Like the Gay one in a sham marriage who associates with a paid agent of the Iranian government.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Ewww! Just reading FIFTY SHADES OF GREY can give you herpes

Those who've flicked through a much-shared copy of the erotic love story, or most popular library books, may have overlooked secrets hidden between the lines.

But a Belgian team has discovered the most borrowed titles at an Antwerp library contained icky elements of past lives.

They found herpes simplex virus 1 - associated with cold sores - clinging to steamy pages of Fifty Shades of Grey and more on Tango, another romance title.

Scientists at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium studied 10 of the most popular books on loan at a local library.


Top 10 Queen's Park observations

Rob Ford says give Toronto voters an election instead of the socialist coup d'etat

Rob Ford calls for a snap election instead of Council's conspiracy to undo his economic reforms.

PLUS: Ford does impromptu interview with John Oakley on 640AM Radio

Rob Ford promises to give his unfiltered side of the story on Sun News Network at 8 pm tonight

'Tin Foil' Tom Mulcair, who is running anti-Israel fanatic and socialist loon Linda McQuaig in a bi-election, says Rob Ford will 'rub off' on Harper

Tin Foil Tom Mulcair, the federal NDP leader and sometime conspiracy nut, has proclaimed that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's woes will rub off on Stephen Harper.

Ford, who stands an excellent chance of being reelected as Toronto's mayor next year, is neither Harper staffer, adviser, Conservative MP nor a federal Conservative candidate.

Mulcair has however endorsed the moral imbecile, anti-Israel fanatic Linda McQuaig, whose economic goals resemble that of the morons at an Occupy movement encampment.

McQuaig is the NDP candidate in the bi-election in the Toronto Centre riding to replace the retiring Liberal MP, Bob Rae.

So if Rob Ford is going to 'rub off' on Harper, then Mulcair may want to take a shower to clean off the feces he has covered himself in by his close ties to Linda McQuaig.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Despite the best efforts of the consenus media and angry lefties, Toronto`s unwashed masses still love Rob Ford

Rob Ford was thronged like a rock star at the Argos game today

But..but..how can THIS be!

Mitch Wolfe explains Rob Ford`s popularity to Buffalo


David Suzuki is full of Fukushima

Vice Magazine debunks Suzuki`s latest exaggerations and fear-mongering

"They're all going to laugh at you!" Toronto's loony left goes full-on Carrie's mom

Five Feet of Fury's Kathy Shaidle has been saying for weeks now that the pathetic, insecure loony left in Toronto has been acting like Carrie's Mom. These of course are people who are pathologically obsessed with how other people think about them, and they believe their worst fear, that they are being laughed at, has come true.

The belief that Rob Ford's troubles reflect directly on them is something that would only go on within diseased minds.

Yesterday, at a sparsely attended anti-Ford rally at Toronto's City Hall, in which the media almost outnumbered the protesters, Kathy's Carrie's Mom comment was fully realized.

A protester named Linda Keigher furiously, bitterly seethed into a bullhorn in front of the two and a half dozen or so assembled malcontents that:
"The world is talking about us, they're laughing at us, and they're finding it to be very funny!"

Oh, the horror!

Actually, I'm finding it pretty funny too. It's something I can share a laugh about with friends who aren't from Toronto. When they ask, "so why is his popularity going up?" it's an easy answer. "Because of the other morons we'd have to choose from if we get rid of Ford."

A couple of weeks before things blew up with the latest Ford brouhaha, the Mayor went on an excursion to Austin, Texas to find ways of emulating their success as a live-music hub. Ford has accomplished something better now, making Toronto a global center of live comedy, and all his stupid opponents do is gripe!

Take a look at the idiotic, petulant, juvenile behavior of the rest of his Toronto City Council opponents when Ford spoke a couple of days ago. Like spoiled 8 year-olds, as a group, they decided to turn their back on him.

This is more disgraceful than any behavior I've seen from Ford in his role as a public official and it's completely typical of the half-wits we have sitting as Ward representatives in Toronto. Why would no other media show this picture that reveals the real face of Toronto's hateful, insecure, self-obsessed, would-be ruling class? Because if they did, they know they'd be laughed at even more.

For them, nothing could be worse than that.

French President Vows Tough Iran Stance in Israel

France's president promised Sunday to take a hard line toward Iran in upcoming nuclear talks this week as he began a three-day visit to Israel.

Francois Hollande's message was sure to be welcomed by his Israeli hosts, who have voiced concerns that an emerging deal with global powers gives Iran too much without getting enough in return.

"France will not make concessions on nuclear proliferation," Hollande said at a welcome ceremony at Israel's international airport. "France will maintain all its measures and sanctions until we are certain that Iran has renounced nuclear weapons."

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Evidently COOKING never occurred to the "Social Justice" teacher complaining about how welfare can't buy enough food

...As a part of their social justice course at the school, five students chose to take part in the challenge, organized by Raise the Rates, a coalition of community groups with concerns over poverty.ll

...The students started by combing the grocery store for the cheapest items, and wound up with Heinz Zoodles, a canned pasta. They would eat Zoodles for breakfast, maybe an apple and granola bar at lunch and Zoodles again for dinner.

Gee.. seems no one pointed out to these entitled geniuses that you can actually buy a pound of uncooked pasta (which, cooked, would be a heck of  a lot more) for less than the price of a can of those pre-made Zoodles they were buying.

h/t Terry Glavin

A UN interpreter says on a hot mic what everyone thinks about the clownish UN "Human Rights" Council

"I mean, I think when you have five statements, not five, like a total of ten resolutions on Israel and Palestine, there’s gotta be something, c’est un peu trop, non? [It’s a bit much, no?] I mean I know… There’s other really bad shit happening, but no one says anything, about the other stuff."

An international disgrace centered in Toronto!

..that has nothing to do with Rob Ford:

A sweeping child pornography investigation has led to the rescue of 386 children around the world and the arrest of 348 people, Canadian police said Thursday.

Toronto police describe the Project Spade operation as one of the largest child porn busts they've ever seen.

"It is alleged that officers seized hundreds of thousands of videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children, some of the worst that they have ever viewed," Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins said.

Police said 108 people were arrested in Canada and 76 in the U.S. Others were arrested in other countries.

Australian Federal Police commander Glen McEwen on Friday confirmed that 65 men had been arrested in Australia as a result of the Canadian investigation, and six Australian children had been removed from harm.

Police said the children were "rescued from child exploitation" but did not give more details.

School teachers, doctors and actors were among those arrested.

And by the way, whatever happened with the charges of producing Child Pornography against Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's former right-hand man, OISE professor Ben Levin?