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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The old poisoned vagina trick!...that's the second time I've fallen for it this week

Women using poison to murder their husbands is an old trope – one going back as far as Claudius's poisoning, which implicated his wife Agrippina. "Arsenic Annie" Nannie Doss saw off four husbands, as well as most of her family, in the span of four decades (she confessed to the murders in 1954). And now a Brazilian woman may soon be added to this pantheon of gloom. Although this alleged attempted homicide was unsuccessful, the method will certainly go down in history: she allegedly put poison in her vagina, and invited her husband to perform oral sex on her. The man became suspicious while down south, surprised by an "unusual smell". He took her to hospital, where the poison was found.

More HERE 

h/t GenuineWitty 

Obama's Secretary of Defense Nominee Hagel cracking under Senate pressure

Inhofe, like other senators, zeroed in on Hagel's vote as a senator against labelling the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organisation and imposing sanctions against it.
Hagel said he was one of 22 senators who took the same position.
He was against the move because the US has "never, ever designated a part of a legitimate government, a state" as a terrorist organisation.
Hagel said the vote would have permitted the US to use force against Iran and America was already in two wars at the time. He noted that John Kerry, the new secretary of state, Joe Biden, now the vice-president, also voted against the measure in the Senate.
Hagel was pressed about his opposition to unilateral sanctions against Iran a decade ago, and said that was a different time. He said he regards Iran a state sponsor of terrorism.
Inhofe asked Hagel: "Why do you think the Iranian foreign ministry so strongly supports your nomination for secretary of defense?".
Exasperated, Hagel responded that he had no idea. "I have a difficult time enough with American politics," he said.
Several senators picked up on Hagel's statement in an interview for a book that the "Jewish lobby" intimidates many members of Congress. Hagel later apologised for using "Jewish lobby", saying he should have referred to "pro-Israel lobby".
Senator Roger Wicker pressed Hagel. "Do you stand by your statement they succeed in this town because of intimidation?" he said.
Hagel said he should have described it as influence not intimidation.
Senator Lindsey Graham picked up on the issue when he demanded that Hagel name any senator who has been "intimidated by the Israeli lobby" and identify a "dumb thing" Congress has been pressured to do by groups supportive of Israel. "I can't give you an example," said Hagel.

more at The Telegraph

Governor-General gives the finger to Ontario Liberals' race-based policing

CALEDONIA - Caledonia activist Gary McHale is on a journey to the land of sweet vindication.
Monday, the Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality announced that McHale – its executive director – will receive a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal next month for outstanding service to the community.
McHale, 50, of Binbrook, will receive the medal at a luncheon in Toronto Feb. 18.
The Canadian Taxpayers Federation nominated McHale late last year. The Governor-General’s office in Ottawa recently approved it.

This is making the imbeciles at the union-controlled NDP mouthpiece rabble.ca awfully mad

More about McHale and his group CANACE

Communist-promoting Toronto District School Board leaders have a learning disorder

Some people never learn.

We all know a few of them - they aren't too bright; they aren't able to process information or to draw lessons from experience the way others can. They just never quite get it.
Soon to be the TDSB's new logo

You'd figure those are the last people who you'd want teaching your children. In Toronto, it's worse than that. In Ontario's capitol, they're running the school board and are in charge of the curriculum.

Here's an example.

With the myriad examples of the behavior of Communist governments, like he brutality of the Soviet gulags whose murders and horrors closely rivaled the Nazi death camps, the Cultural Revolution in the People's Republic of China which, designed to impose Maoist orthodoxy, claimed 30 million innocent lives, the tyranny of Castro's totalitarianism which eliminates dissenters, and with the starvation, brainwashing, and slave labor in North Korea, a rather clear pattern is evident.

Of course there are those sad, desperate ideological hold-outs who maintain that the problem isn't communism but the way in which it has been implemented.

But in every single instance that communism has ascended to national rule, the result has been repressive totalitarianism.

After the example of its causing 100 million deaths and generations that suffered debilitating repression of freedom in every aspect of their lives, you might think that anyone who isn't a complete imbecile would realize by now that communism isn't such a great idea.

Enter the pinheads of the Toronto District School Board.

TDSB Praising communism
Nurtured at the neo-Marxist ideological cesspool that is the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, TDSB senior staff have bought hook, line, and sinker into the anti-capitalist brainwashing that occurs there, and are spreading that poison to children in Toronto's public schools.

Previously embarrassed by their extolling of the murderous totalitarian Che Guevara, the TDSB's commissars, as is their pathetic pattern, still haven't learned their lesson and are repeating deplorable errors.

The TDSB is continuing to post material extolling El Salvador's Communist Party, offering uncritical lessons and questions about communism, as if it were no different than Hobbesian Equality.

from the TDSB Black Panther lesson
Other material taking a laudatory approach to the racist, violent Black Panther organization refers students to Marxist material. Because, after all, in the apparent view of the TDSB, if you can't trust totalitarian fanatics devoted to the overthrow of western democracy, who can you trust?

The examples go on and on. TDSB material with a student giving her glowing account of attending a school-sponsored excursion to protest with the violent anti-capitalist group, The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty,  or material postulating OISE-like claptrap such as that only white people can be racist and oppressive. 

With the recent demise of the TDSB's OISE-educated former Education Director, the serial plagiarist Chris Spence, the current school board leadership may think some pressure is off. The recent rise to the Premiership by OISE-educated Kathleen Wynne may have emboldened them further. 

But in the end, pressure needs to come from the regular citizens of Ontario, who themselves need an education. Because at the end of the day, the Toronto District School Board doesn't care about children, it doesn't care about parents, it only cares about its own politicized social agenda. The public needs to learn the filth that the Toronto District School Board in inflicting daily on its captive audience of impressionable children.

h/t Matthew at Eye on a Crazy Planet's facebook group

UPDATE: The TDSB caves under pressure

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cool! Kevin Smith turns up on Ray William Johnson's show

It's true - if you bring healthy snacks to a party, people will hate you

It's official: People have too much time on their hands.
Taco Bell has surrendered to a vegetarian jihad in response to its latest anti-carrot-and-friends Super Bowl themed commercial.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

The Globalist Hand Behind Idle No More

I'm not sure how accurate this stuff is, but it's pretty interesting...

Observing the unfolding of this “spontaneous grassroots movement”, I was struck by significant emergent patterns and connections that mirrored with alarming precision what had occurred in globalist orchestrated movements and “color revolutions” throughout the world. 
Evidence reveals that this legitimate Indigenous revolution is being strategically hijacked by George Soros and the Tides Foundation and that this process began before it emerged in the public milieu as Idle No More.

h/t GenuineWitty

Canadian aboriginal leader tells Palestinians to stop comparing themselves to his people

...The Palestinians claim to have been colonized but it was their own leaders who refused to negotiate and who lost the land that they want by waging a needless war on Israel.  They claim to have faced genocide but they suffered no such thing: their population has exploded from a few hundred thousand in 1948 to over 4 million today.  They claim deprivation but their elites live in luxury while their people live in ramshackle poverty.  

What’s more, the Palestinian leaders have never been interested in a peaceful solution for their people. They were given several opportunities to have their own state – for the first time in history -- and refused each time, choosing war over peace because the offers were never deemed sufficient. They have persistently used terrorism to bring attention to their cause and their leaders have celebrated the killing of civilians by naming parks and schools after murderers.  And any Palestinian that questions the maximalist rhetoric or who suggests real compromise is immediately ostracized, branded a traitor, or killed.

The Palestinians are not like us.  Their fight is not our fight.  We natives believe in bringing about change peacefully, and we refuse to be affiliated with anyone who engages in violence targeting civilians.  I cannot remain silent and allow the Palestinians to gain credibility at our expense by claiming commonality with us. I cannot stand by while they trivialize our plight by tying it to theirs, which is largely self-inflicted.  Our population of over 65 million was violently reduced to a mere 10 million, a slaughter unprecedented in human history.  To compare that in whatever way to the Palestinians’ story is deeply offensive to me. The Palestinians did lose the land they claim is theirs, but they were repeatedly given the opportunity to build their state on it and to partner with the Jews -- and they persistently refused peace overtures and chose war.   We were never given that chance.  We never made that choice.

The whole article is here 

h/t Elder of Ziyon

"Tin Foil" Tom Mulcair selling out Canada

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jonathan Kay: David Suzuki is poster boy for why Canada needs Sun’s brand of journalism

Few in this country would dare say a negative word about Suzuki, who has repeatedly been voted the most-trusted Canadian in Readers Digest magazine-sponsored polls. But Sun, and Ezra Levant in particular, have been going after Suzuki for years, and Suzuki himself admitted that Sun’s focus on his politicized activities was one of the reasons he felt obliged to step down from the board of the David Suzuki Foundation.
This week, Sun scored another win: Through access-to-information requests, the network discovered emails that reveal the odd demands Suzuki made in regard to a 2012 visit to John Abbott College in Montreal ...

read the whole column at The National Post

Liberals inflict an OISE asshole on Ontario as Premier

The way a person speaks, their vocabulary, and their cultural practices will tell you, in very general terms, something about them. Even certain aspects about their physical appearance, such as whether they are unkempt or well-groomed, if their clothes are neat and expensive or not, can lead to natural and not unreasonable inferences.

But one thing that anyone of sound intellect in a modern civilization has come to realize is that you can't make rational judgments about an individual based solely on their skin color. Pigmentation will tell you nothing about a person's intelligence, affluence, education, cultural practices, religion, or anything else of substance. 

The only people who think they really know something about another person based on their skin color are racists, and racists are not only stupid, but they tend to be assholes.

So, who are the racists in North American? There are a few moronic troglodytes who represent the classic notion of the racist - the handful of imbecilic neo-Nazis who try to mitigate their pathetic failures of lives by attempting to bolster themselves with the hare-brained idea of collective racial superiority. Those are the obvious assholes. 

Unfortunately, there is a vastly more pervasive form of racism that has infected our society with the imprimatur of respectable educational and political institutions, such as the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). It's an insidious racism rooted in political dogma that places everything in delusive terms of perceived power structures and relationships. This racism deems that no matter how wealthy, how influential, how powerful and informed you are, if you aren't white, you are oppressed, racialized and a victim. This same racism postulates that no matter how enlightened, egalitarian and fair you may be, or no matter how impoverished and subjugated,  if you are Caucasian, you are an oppressor and a beneficiary of "white privilege."

This belief system is predicated on the idea that racism is practiced in society. Indeed it is, but only by assholes. This OISE racism postulates that all white people are racists due to their having been born with a particular skin pigmentation. That counsel is itself racist and it means that OISE is teaching its students to be assholes. In that one aspect they have been uniquely successful and even more so now that Kathleen Wynne, the new Premier of Ontario, appointed by the Liberal Party elite, is a product of OISE racism. 

OISE racism is practiced by idiots and is fueled with the pompous sanctimony common to fanatics who think they have a right to suppress any speech or thought that does not conform to their notion of a "better world."

OISE racism has been in place in Ontario's schools for some time now. It was promoted by outgoing Premier Dalton McGuinty's Education Minister Laurel Broten. It was infused in Toronto's schools through the plagiarizing OISE grad, disgraced former Toronto District School Board Education Director, Chris Spence.

As Ontario's new Premier Wynne prepares to completely capitulate to the province's over-privileged, entitled teachers' unions, that impending loss in what should have been a victory for Ontario's taxpayers can also be traced to the neo-Marxist idiocy indoctrinated in students at OISE. Wynne received her MEd in  OISE's Adult Education and Counselling Psychology program, which despite its innocuous-sounding name, is one of the most radical, politicized departments in that hyper-politicized institution. The program boasts such faculty luminaries as Shahrzad Mojab, who has bizarrely concluded that oppression of women in Afghanistan is caused not by Islamist fanaticism, but an evil western, capitalist conspiracy.

Wynne, who is a promoter of the sexist, oppressive mosqueteria at Toronto's Valley Park Middle School was never elected to lead the province by the voters of Ontario. She was put in place by Ontario Liberal Party delegates, who appear to have judged that the way to victory is to give the party`s helm to someone who can out NDP the NDP. That will make the new Premier`s former teachers at OISE happy, since they are more devoted to infusing their ideological totalitarianism in society than they are to a particular political party. As the province gets to see what OISE assholes do when power is handed to them, perhaps Ontario`s Liberal party will find the biggest largesse they have dispensed is not to Wynne, but her political rivals in the Progressive Conservatives.  But until that happens, the erosion of rights in Ontario will continue to take a nasty slide.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Satanists rally for Florida Governor Rick Scott

A group of self-proclaimed Satanists on Friday praised Florida Gov. Rick Scott for signing a bill into law last year that lets Florida school boards permit student-initiated prayer and other "inspirational messages."   
During their rally, a white sign with black lettering was stretched across the steps of Florida's Old Capitol proclaiming "Hail Satan! Hail Rick Scott!"

Saturday afternoon horror movie: The Omen

Friday, January 25, 2013

Christie Blatchford: Ten reasons to be grateful for the decision in the Rob Ford case even if you don’t love and adore the mayor

10. The sight of lawyer Clay Ruby turning his back on a television camera, a feat that previously would have been considered a physical impossibility for the un-shy and, let me be frank, unctuous defender of correct thinking and all proper causes.
But there he was, o be still my beating heart!, Friday morning after the Divisional Court decision was publicly released, walking past the CP24 camera and the CP24 reporter yelling questions at him.

and here are the other nine..

Star Trek style 'tractor beam' created by scientists

A real-life "tractor beam", which uses light to attract objects, has been developed by scientists.
It is hoped it could have medical applications by targeting and attracting individual cells.
The research, published in Nature Photonics and led by the University of St Andrews, is limited to moving microscopic particles.
In science fiction programmes such as Star Trek, tractor beams are used to move much more massive objects.
It is not the first time science has aimed to replicate the feat - albeit at smaller scales.
In 2011, researchers from China and Hong Kong showed how it might be done with laser beams of a specific shape - and the US space agency Nasa has even funded a studyto examine how the technique might help with manipulating samples in space.
The new study's lead researcher Dr Tomas Cizmar, research fellow in the School of Medicine at the University of St Andrews, said while the technique is very new, it had huge potential.
more at BBC News

Kelly McParland: Rob Ford’s victory deals second bitter blow to Ford-hating elite

...the record isn’t what perturbs Ford’s opponents. Never has. What matters is his style and his conservative views. The suburban voters who elected him may be satisfied – many analysts suspect he’d be quickly re-elected if given the chance — but the downtown core is embarrassed. He doesn’t have David Miller’s hair or his political correctness. He doesn’t pledge fealty to unaffordable projects that make them feel good about themselves. He’s a bit bumptious. He says stuff on the radio that offends them. They maintain this is an embarrassment to Toronto, although in reality the embarrassment stems from the chronically childish culture that emanates from city council as a whole, where partisanship reigns, fiscal irresponsibility runs rampant and left-wingers feel free to throw around tax dollars on whatever personal agenda suits them. 

Rob Ford to stay as Toronto's mayor!

The Divisional Court has overturned a decision ordering Mayor Rob Ford out of office.
Regional Senior Justice Edward Then, Justice Katherine Swinton and Justice Lynne Leitch disagreed with a lower court that Mr. Ford broke the Municipal Conflict of Interest, designed to keep elected officials from exerting influence on decisions that could benefit them financially.
The panel of judges found that Justice Charles Hackland erred in finding the city had the authority to order the mayor to reimburse donations made to his private football foundation. The city’s integrity commissioner had found the donations were obtained improperly with use of city resources. But the higher court objected to a “so called remedial measure.. being used for a punitive purpose.”  
Furthermore, council’s decision went beyond the actions allowed in the city code of conduct “because it required Mr. Ford to reimburse funds which he never received personally,” the judges wrote in a decision released Friday morning. It concluded the mayor did not have a financial interest in the matter.

Winter Storm Khan!? Now you have to say it!

We Raise All Our Beef Humanely On Open Pasture And Then We Hang Them Upside Down And Slash Their Throats

From The Onion

h/t Doug D.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will Ontario have its first OISE Premier?

There aren't too many people who are opposed to social justice. The only problem is that different people have a different concept of that term. For quite a few, particularly at the University of Toronto's radical, politicized diploma mill, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), social justice is a euphemism for anti-Capitalism.

OISE has made the news quite a bit in the last two years, thanks to diligent investigation by Toronto bloggers, and none of that news has been positive. It's most famous alumnus until now is the disgraced former Education Director of the Toronto District School Board, Chris Spence. A Doctor of Education degree he received from OISE in 1996 was bestowed on the basis of a plagiarized thesis. Naturally, it wasn't OISE professors who are supposed to be experts in education,, but investigative journalists who discovered the plagiarism. The institute has programs with preposterously low academic standards and awarded advanced degrees to theses notorious for promoting racism and anti-Semitism, as well as lunatic, idiotic theories that demonstrated no empirical research.

The school has programs which openly advocate against "neo-liberalism" (i.e. free-market capitalism) in favor of Castro-style communism. Its student population is demographically representative of the Church and Wellesley neighborhood in Toronto and they want to impose the attitudes that are pervasive there throughout the entire province.

So when one of the leading contenders for the Liberal Party of Ontario's leadership, which will make the winner the new provincial premier, announces she wants "to be the social justice premier," Ontarians should take her seriously. Particularly when that person, Kathleen Wynne, is an OISE graduate.

One of the most reprehensible facets of OISE-type social justice is their dogmatic zeal in suppressing any thought or idea that doesn't conform with their own. It is an ideology that has no respect for free speech. Rooted in the concepts of an approach called Critical Pedagogy, founded by a Brazillian Maoist named Paulo Freire, the world is divided up into a Manichaean division of oppressor and oppressed, in which oppressed can do no wrong and oppressor can do no right.

OISE thought revolves around a facile notion of victimhood, with points and tiers awarded for various perceived historical subjugation. So a white, Christian lesbian gets points for being a woman and homosexual, but still loses to a Muslim Arab, who has points for being a non-white, colonized member of a religion which is perceived as being oppressed (despite the fact that more acts of religious oppression are committed in the name of Islam than all other religions combined).

The bad news for most Ontarians of European background is that they fall into the oppressor class.

There are places in the world where being born into the wrong race and religion is a horrendous deficit, and people of the wrong color or faith are made to suffer.

If OISE graduate Wynne becomes Ontario's premier this weekend, pray she didn't take her education to heart. Because if she did, a majority of people in the province may have to pay a heavy penalty for having committed the unforgivable crime of being born to the wrong ethnic groups - the ones that founded Canada.

Kathy Shaidle waxes philosophical about Sun TV news

Cable news in its current format — the breathless pace, the reliance upon what seems to be one rather oddindividual’s worn out, twenty year old Rolodex for “expert” guests (Dick Morris!?) — has been with us since CNN launched in 1980.
Despite all the criticism and parody, that format is so entrenched I doubt it can be dramatically altered.
However, if you’ll forgive a foreigner for boasting, we Canadians might be able to offer a few tips.
The Sun News Network debuted up here a few years ago. Dubbed “FOX News North” by liberal detractors even before it aired, Sun, being new, had no “bad habits” to unlearn, and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to start from scratch and thus avoid some of its predecessors’ mistakes.
They operate on a budget that probably wouldn’t keep CNN running for a day.
Yet Americans who’ve watched Sun segments via YouTube, my blog and elsewhere typically exclaim, “Wow! FOX News wouldn’t even do that! Not even John Stossel is THAT cool!”

Jonathan Kay: On Canadian campuses, it’s open season on Christian social conservatism

Say what you want about the financially beleaguered Sun News and its signature firebrand, Ezra Levant. But sometimes, he and his colleagues do manage to get things exactly right. 
On Wednesday, Mr. Levant interviewed Arun Smith, the 7th year “human rights and sexuality” major who took it upon himself to tear down a “free speech” installation set up at Carleton University by a group called Carleton Students for Liberty, because he was offended by socially conservative jottings on the wall that expressed support for traditional marriage, and opposition to abortion. Even putting aside Mr. Smith’s appalling act of vandalism, Mr. Levant noted, the very notion that university students feel they need a “free speech zone” is telling. “We have a free speech zone in Canada,” Mr. Levant declared. “It’s called ‘Canada.’”
 Read the rest of Jonathan Kay's column at the National Post

Big Chief Jenny Craig calls Senator Patrick Brazeau a "typical colonized Indian asshole."

Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence took to Twitter Thursday to call Senator Patrick Brazeau a "typical colonized indian asshole."
Brazeau, a first nations man who has long been critical of fiscal accountability on reserves, was tweeting about the celebrations to end Spence's hunger strike Thursday when Spence shot back with the vitriolic tweet.

In related news, a CBC polls indicates that most Canadians think Theresa Spence's soup diet was a waste of time.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Palestinian "human rights" group chairman calls Holocaust a "fairy tale"

In an article that sounds more like a parody of a supervillain from an Austin Powers movie than a serious representative of the Palestinian people a call for "the Zionist entity" to pay $500 billion dollars to Egypt for  "crimes against Egyptian people and state" was punctuated with a description of the Holocaust as a "fairy tale."

Mustafa Ahmed Abul Khail, the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Palestinian Association for Human Rights, provided yet another example of the idiocy and backwardness that characterizes the Palestinian leadership and has made the Middle East peace process such a seemingly impossible task.  

Compounding these difficulties is Egypt's recently-elected Muslim Brotherhood President, who has, in the tradition of Islamic anti-Semitism,  called Jews "the descendants of pigs and apes" and by means of explanation, told a US Senate delegation that the problem was due to the fact that Jews control the media.

The fanaticism, ignorance and hatred that is so pervasive Arab and Islamic countries will present a tremendous ongoing obstacle to their ability to be taken seriously by the west. As western hypocritical so-called progressives will accuse criticism of Islamic countries as "racis,t" they continue to patronizingly absolve those countries of the most vile racist practices. The reality for those familiar with the regressive left is that their racism exceeds no bounds and is only surpassed by their dim-witted sanctimony.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur and Elder of Ziyon

The faces of Idle No More - sex offenders who target kids and professional douchebags

The Toronto Star abetting the defense of violent scum?

Read this post at GenuineWitty to see what one Toronto Star writer has been up to.

Rand Paul takes Secretary of State Clinton to task over Bengazi

Obama's Progressive Vision: A World Without Political Opposition

Let no one accuse President Obama of a lack of vision. In broad strokes, the president’s inaugural speech painted a picture of a modern progressive state, technocratic and competent, muscular in its efforts and far-reaching in scope, capable of intricate micromanagement when necessary but also willing to take big steps to fix the big problems that liberals deem in need of fixing, whatever they may be. Obama defended the entitlement system, talked up the value of public infrastructure and environmental action, and explicitly tied the nation’s greatness to its ability and willingness to undertake whatever grand—and presumably public—reform efforts Obama and his fellow liberals imagine.

More at Reason.com

Britian's Prime Minister Cameron is feeling the pressure from UKIP's Farage

LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron will promise on Wednesday to give Britons a straight referendum choice on whether to stay in the European Union or leave, provided he wins an election in 2015. 
Cameron will end months of speculation by announcing in a speech the plan for a vote sometime between 2015 and 2018, shrugging off warnings that this could imperil Britain's diplomatic and economic prospects and alienate its allies.   
In extracts of the speech released in advance by his office, Cameron said public disillusionment with the EU is at "an all-time high".

H/T Doug D.

Friday, January 18, 2013

CUPE forces hospital patients to see self-mutilated staff members

The Ottawa Hospital’s pioneering attempt to impose a dress code on its staff has been struck down by a labour arbitrator, who ruled there was no justification for ordering workers to cover up their tattoos and remove their piercings.
Defending a policy considered unique in Canadian health care, the hospital had argued the body art could be disturbing to patients who need all the help they can get to recover.
Arbitrator Lorne Slotnick agreed some of the hospitals’ older patients might have a more negative first impression of a nurse sporting a tattoo or nose ring, but concluded there was no evidence the adornments affected patient health.
Great, next time you're in hospital. you can look forward to your nurse looking like this:

Champagne is flowing at the Euro Parliament, but time may be running out

Smart doggie knows better than to accept treats from bad people

h/t Confessions of a Closet Republican

Thursday, January 17, 2013

University of Western Ontario student union wants to shut down student newspaper and give space to Muslim association

This is typical of some of the Stalinist student unions at Canadian universities.

More politicized brainwashing of children by the Toronto District School Board

Reading, writing, arithmetic. There was a time when primary school was created to provide the basics of education. But the people responsible for education in Toronto see another value in having a captive audience of impressionable young minds.

Napoleon Bonaparte recognized that schools could be used not only to teach, but to instill a particular set of values that was useful to his authority and made sure that a curriculum was created instilling ideological values that suited his ability to rule. That approach to education has become a routine facet of totalitarian societies ever since, being used by the Soviets and the Nazis in the last century and in dictatorships like Iran, North Korea and Cuba today.

It should be alarming to Ontarians that the ideologues who run the Toronto District School Board (TDSB)  who are determined to shift the thinking in society to their socialist goals are utilizing the same process as dictatorships to indoctrinate the children entrusted to their care.

In a democracy with a public education system, schools aren't supposed to indoctrinate children to a particular political party. However if the goal is indoctrination rather than education, then that rule doesn't apply. This accounts for the TDSB's publication of a poem titled Election Day by a Grade 1 student named Ahmed Nur from Shoreham Public School:

The poem is a paean to the New Democratic Party that seems suspiciously unlike something an unprompted 7 year old would compose independently. Even if little Ahmed has developed pre-pubescent political partisanship, it it completely inappropriate for the TDSB to publish something of that nature unless they were exhibiting students advocacy of all Canada's major political parties. Did the TDSB print other poems extolling the Liberal and Conservative parties? Of course not.

The message the TDSB want to instill in it's students is even more clearly delineated in the "Earth Hour Rap" it made available at the School Board's website, which contains lyrics such as:

But can we save the world, before all we know is gone?
These corporations are all filled with nothing but actors
Trying to take us out, break our back like chiropractors


 I'm expressing my mind, it's like I'm stressing for time
Watching every second before this hour is gone
It's Al Gore and Suzuki combined into one
All I say is real, and I ain't gonna be fake.
So let me ask you, how much more can you take?

If this blatant type of indoctrination is worrisome, don't expect it to get any better. With a looming leadership race to determine the next Premier of Ontario, one of the leading candidates is Kathleen Wynne, whom the fanatically politicized Ontario Institute for Studies in Education boasts is one of its graduates. If you think things are bad now, wait until the province has an OISE Premier running the show.

While at the TDSB's "Futures" conference last spring, which promoted equity in schools by attributing the ills in the education system to "white privilege," to an audience of credulous educators, I was sitting at a table  during lunch with a group of young teachers.. One of them, a male in his early thirties', earnestly related to the group how his mission was not to teach his students what to think, but how to think.  That sort of self-serving, self-righteous pomposity typifies the thinking in Ontario's Ministry of Education and The Toronto District School Board.

Human beings are born with the innate ability to think. School exists to provide students with information that they can utilize to advance themselves and to reapply in the various circumstances they will find themselves in life. When someone at the  TDSB  says he or she wants to teach their students how to think, what they mean is they want to teach their students how to think exactly the same way as their teachers.

That's not education, it's brainwashing, and it's something the public should be doing everything in its power to prevent from happening to our children.

h/t Matthew at the Eye on a Crazy Planet Facebook group

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Blackadder preserves Britons' right to be insulting: Ministers agree to amend laws after campaign led by Rowan Atkinson

Ministers agreed to scrap a law outlawing ‘insulting words or behaviour’ last night after a campaign led by comedian Rowan Atkinson. 
Home Secretary Theresa May announced a dramatic U-turn yesterday saying the government would ditch the contentious words from the Public Order Act amid fears that they are strangling free speech.   
The Blackadder and Mr Bean star led a coalition of campaign groups complaining that the legislation has been abused by over-zealous police and prosecutors to arrest Christian preachers, critics of Scientology, gay rights campaigners and even students making jokes.

The New Democratic Party, Iranian-linked Muslims and Jew hate in Canada

Diligent work by the blogger Blazing Cat Fur exposed the Jew-hate of Canadian Shia groups who use  anti-Semitism as a scapegoat for the murderous internecine violence between Muslims in Pakistan.

One of the leaders of this hateful thinking is Zafar Bangash, who has blamed Muslim fanaticism on "Zionist" and American plots.

Bangash and other acolytes of the Iranian dictatorship are deeply tied to leftist groups like the Canadian Peace Alliance and to Canada's New Democratic Party.

thanks to SDAMatt for the video

Intelligent policy proposals from Marc Garneau

Garneau appeared on Sun News Network today to discuss his policy positions.

Garneau is the only feasible choice the Liberal Party of Canada has to offer

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Important lessons from the Nortel trial

On Jan. 14, 2013, nearly nine years after the claimed fraud was alleged to have occurred, Ontario Superior Court Judge Frank Marrocco dismissed all charges against former Nortel Networks Corporation chief executive Frank Dunn as well as former chief financial officer Douglas Beatty and former controller Michael Gollogly.

All three executives were accused of defrauding Nortel and the public by deliberately misrepresenting Nortel’s financial results between 2001 and 2004, in order to maximize corporate bonuses due to them. The demise of Nortel — a telecom giant — is complex and the context of the telecommunications industry at that time is important to a deeper and more penetrating understanding of what went wrong.

More on this item from Terrence Corcoran at the Financial Post

The "Victimology" Subterfuge

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Monday, January 14, 2013

More on today's Nortel trial verdict

James Bagnall in the Ottawa Citizen has done a consistently good job on covering this trial.

From his wrap-up:

..the Crown produced no evidence challenging how and why Nortel put liabilities on its balance sheet. Nor was the Crown convincing when it alleged that Nortel’s accountants bent the rules when they removed liabilities to manipulate earnings. Crown prosecutor Robert Hubbard asserted that proof of the fraud lay in the fact that Nortel was forced to re-state its numbers a second time in 2005. But Marrocco considered a raft of documents showing that the re-stated numbers reflected differences of opinion and judgment about how to apply the relevant accounting standards.

Indeed, it was the defence that provided the lion’s share of evidence — and this showed that Nortel’s auditors, Deloitte, signed off on all the accounting entries the Crown alleged were done fraudulently. The real weakness of the Crown’s case was its failure to address motive and its apparent lack of understanding about how a large multinational conducts its business.

The full ruling from Mr. Justice Marrocco:

Nortel Fraud Trial Verdict due today

Three men accused of perpetrating the largest fraud in Canadian Securities history are anxiously awaiting to hear whether Judge Frank Marrocco will decide that their lives and reputations are ruined or if they are the victims of a politicized and inept prosecution case.

The judge will most likely not frame the case in those terms, but over the course of a lengthy, expensive trail, the prosecution has not offered a shred of actual evidence that former Nortel executives Frank Dunn, Douglas Beatty and Michael Gollogly conspired to commit fraud. Indeed, a great deal of evidence was offered by the defense to establish that everything the defendants did at Nortel was disclosed to and had the approval of the firm's auditors, Delloite and Touche.

The RCMP unit that gathered the evidence for the Nortel case is feeling apprehension about the outcome, as the only major conviction the ever secured was the slam-dunk Drabinsky fraud trial. The apparent reason for Nortel's ills was the legal, if stupid spending spree on ultimately near-worthless dot-com investments that the Board made before the executives on trail headed the company. The Nortel collapse was the biggest financial tumble in Canada, and will billions lost to investors, there was enormous pressure to find scapegoats and the Board was hardly likely to offer themselves up.

The Ottawa Citizen's James Bagnall is at the University Avenue courthouse this morning and will be live tweeting updates. The Globe and Mail has a crew live tweeting too.



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