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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Wicket bar on Bloor

My old, wonderful buddy Nigel Naimool is something of a legend among Toronto bartenders. The most outrageous and vivacious of the city's bar scenes in the last quarter century frequently found Nigel at their vortex.

He was tending bar in the last days of the wildest times of the Sticky Wicket, which was owned by the entrepreneurial impresario Stan Anderson. Tucked away on Spadina Avenue, just south of the Annex, in the mid 1980's, The Sticky Wicket was a continuous, raucous party with a wild assortment of denizens that included my rowdy, reprobate friends and notables such as the late marvelous, cantankerous Shakespearean actor John Colicos, and it's where the depressive, alcoholic poet Gwendolyn MacEwen's liver was gradually drowned to death by my dear friend Matthew, who also bartended there and was one of the architects of its bacchanalian climate. Well, I suppose that last bit makes it sound more like Charles Bukowski's LA than Miller and Hemingway's Paris, but Gwen usually drank in the afternoons and the party took place at night; almost every night.

Flaky, sexy neophyte fashionistas mingled with low-rent Gordon Gecko wannabes, gregarious foreign expats, aspirant actors, pretentious bar stool philosophers, Gypsy pot dealers, dizzy academics, desperate barflies, crazy writers and musicians, and all sorts that became an incestuous, extended, intimate group relationship. Hmm...that description may not do justice to how much fun the Sticky Wicket was at its pinnacle, but somehow that bizarre, unplanned formula created a consistently entertaining atmosphere, the likes of which Toronto's bar scene hasn't seen since.

When the Sticky Wicket came under new corporate, unfun ownership, Nigel moved on to the Bamboo Club, making it the hub of Queen Street West's cool scene in the final days before that neighborhood was completely taken over by preening trendoids and hipster slime. During his stint at the bamboo, Nigel is the only bartender I've ever known to whom I had to complain that he was putting too much booze in my cocktails. Back then, the place had an uninhibited reggae casualness and the electricity of great music, hot, friendly babes and a cool zeitgeist.

But time moves on and now Nigel's recently opened his own bar that hearkens back to some of the old Sticky Wicket's jovial, semi-debauched insanity which is evoked in its name, The Wicket.

Squeezed in among a funky, eclectic little stretch of Bloor Street near High Park, The Wicket combines sleek, yet comfortable design with local pub atmosphere. A couple of weekends ago, my great pal Skippy Stalin and I popped into The Wicket to have some drinks.

Though The Wicket's modern design is very different from The Sticky Wicket's English pub decor, much about Nigel's new establishment felt very much like being in its namesake of old, with a significant, but natural variation. As some decades have passed, and given the High Park neighborhood's demographics, the mean age of the patrons seems to have increased along with Nigel's from Sticky Wicket days. Nigel is one of those bartenders who is a "draw" and it seemed like most of the patrons knew him. As the evening progressed and the alcohol flowed, that intimacy increased exponentially.

As readers of this blog know, when Skippy and I get together, the spectral presence of mischief always seems to be nearby. The Wicket being an apparent Mecca for lascivious middle aged women in the High Park area didn't do anything to mitigate that equation.

However I can gladly report that on this particular occasion, I had absolutely nothing to do with instigating the conversation about the pleasures of having one's anus probed with the tongue that ensued between Skippy and a plump but not unattractive woman, while I was sandwiched between them at the bar.

I'd guess the woman is in her late 30's to mid 40's, and she wore an oversized pendant on her necklace  which seems to be a fashion approach favored by women 'of a certain age.'  The noticeable tramp stamp on the back of her neck is a feature now frequently seen on women for whom time has rendered unflattering comments on a decision they made in their late teens to do something wild and spontaneous.

I can sense your scepticism about my professing innocence about the scatological turn the conversation took. Yes, I may I like to pepper my conversation with expletives while I'm drinking, but that sort of thing Skippy and that woman discussed takes the term "potty mouth" to a literal place of which I want no part. It's not that I'm a prude, however I've seen what comes out of rectums and there's no way that a tongue that's spelunked The Forbidden Zone, even mine, is getting clearance to come back to the proximity of my mouth or my wine glasses.

I suppose the exception might be if the gorgeous Rosario Dawson were to make me an offer like that, the way she seemed to be into it in Kevin Smith's Clerks 2. But that was obviously a fantasy movie, since there's no way in a real world the stunningly beautiful Dawson, even nerdified for the sake of film art, could be convincingly lovestruck with Brian O'Halloran's Dante.

As this was going on, I noticed a heavy set woman walking around, going up to various attractive women standing around the bar, and fondling their breasts. This naturally struck me as being particularly sexist. If I went around doing that sort of thing, there'd be police on the scene and I'd be getting denounced as the Jian Ghomeshi of the blogosphere. Still the women on the receiving end didn't seem to mind at all, and truth be told, the double-standard that favors women in that regard isn't something I found objectionable.

While the fondling had distracted me, Skippy and the woman with whom he was conversing stepped outside for a cigarette. I don't know exactly what turns their conversation took outside, but I gather it didn't go particularly well, since upon her return, she decided that in repayment for a scotch I had bought her earlier, she would make an amateur, and somewhat unflattering attempt at psychoanalysis on Skippy and me. Virtually all of her factual assumptions were completely incorrect, including that we were both married. I assumed she meant both Skippy and I to respective women, but perhaps she meant Skippy and I to each other. In either case, she seemed to get very upset when I informed her that not only was I not married, but I had no interest in matrimony. It's possible I may have used the analogy of how I may like fillet Mignon, but I don't want to eat fillet Mignon for every meal for the rest of my life.

In any case, she seemed to get rather perturbed and took her leave of us, leaving Skippy and me to ponder the mysterious ways of the other gender.

Tonight being New Year's eve, and with The Wicket being only recently open, I think it may be low key, but you never know.  I don't know if I'll be there tonight, but if you happen to be around Bloor Street West and Indian Road, stop into The Wicket and say hi and happy New Year to Nigel for me.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Japan imprisons woman for making a kayak shaped like her vagina

...Japanese feminist artist Megumi Igarashi got busted by the poon police for producing a 3-D printed likeness of her vagina in the form of a kayak and putting it in a store window for sale. The snatch boat threatened every single guy you know who likes to brag about how manly kayaking is. Unlike in the U.S. where Igarashi would have been rewarded with a teaching fellowship at Sarah Lawrence, in Japan she faces two years in a penitentiary and a lifetime ban from selling her used panties in train station vending machines...
background HERE and HERE

h/t Skippy Stalin

In what will surprise no one, the NDP's "think tank" is full of idiots

...the hard left-wing Broadbent Institute's newly published "eat-the-rich" paper on wealth inequality in Canada (and the accompanying video, which has been viewed 134,000 times in 10 days) is remarkably bad.

Here are some points about the Broadbent Institute's paper that are worth considering.  If you can think of more, please leave them in the comments.

1a) The people that were surveyed for this paper were asked about how much wealth each quintile should control in an ideal world.  The people surveyed are evidently idiots, for they believe the middle 20% should control more wealth than the second-wealthiest 20%.

1b) As can be seen from the Broadbent Institute's accompanying video, the "ideal wealth distribution" in Canada has people in the fifth richest decile with more wealth than the people in the third and fourth richest deciles...

Friday, December 26, 2014

Teenager arrested for insulting Turkey's scumbag Islamist president

Turkey's slimy president Recep Erdogan wants people to know that North Korea's Kim Jong Un isn't the only dictator who will make people suffer for insulting him:
A teenager was detained by the police after being accused of insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish media reports said. The newspaper Hurriyet reported that the 16-year-old high-school student, identified only by his initials M.E.A., had been arrested Wednesday in Konya after making a speech at a student protest a day earlier. The boy reportedly said that Mr. Erdogan was regarded as the “thieving owner of the illegal palace...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Brad and Angelina Support the Shit Out of Their Tranny Third Grader

Celebrity reporters are fingering themselves with approval over Brad and Angelina encouraging their grade school daughter Shiloh to live life as a boy named John. According to every gender identity expert found at any British college you’ve never heard of, indulging your children’s tranny experimentation is the key to a healthy child. Yes, it used to be vitamins and exercise, now it’s this. Shiloh’s transformation has everything to do with gender identity crisis and nothing to do with a child searching for a modicum of attention in the International House of Wee Pals with celebrity parents, one of whom just lopped off her own tits to quell a possible visit from future cancer. After the third night of mom’s favorite bedtime story ‘All The Jolie Women Die Horribly Young’, I’d start binding any hint of female identify and start calling myself John as well...
h/t Skippy Stalin

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Legendary defense lawyer Eddie Greenspan passes away at age 70

Canada's most renowned criminal defense attorney, Eddie Greenspan, passed away today in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 70.

One of my best friends articled with Eddie back in the late 1980's and they remained good friends ever since, and through him I had a chance to experience the famous lawyer's acerbic wit and humor.

Arab governments pressure David Cameron to crack down on Islamists while he sits on controversial Muslim Brotherhood report

Don't hold your breath if you are waiting to read the British government's controversial review of the Muslim Brotherhood. It could be months yet before this sees the light of day — a reflection of difficulties over how to handle an extremely sensitive topic as well as wider confusion about the role of political Islam after the disappointments of the Arab spring.
Downing Street is still refusing to say when or how it will release the review, which was ordered by David Cameron in April amidst accusations that he had bowed to pressure from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt —all viscerally hostile to Islamists as well as heavyweight allies and trading partners for the UK. But the word in Whitehall is that it is still not imminent. And if it has not appeared by March it may then be too close for constitutional comfort to May's general election - which means it might never surface at all.
The project, entrusted to Sir John Jenkins, Britain's widely-respected ambassador to Riyadh, was to look at the Brotherhood given its role in Egypt until the overthrow of the democratically-elected but hugely unpopular Mohamed Morsi by the army — as well as its Arab and international network. Brotherhood involvement in Britain was examined by Charles Farr, head of security and counter-terrorism at the Home Office. The brief was to examine "the philosophy, activities, impact and influence on UK national interests, at home and abroad, of the Muslim Brotherhood and of government policy towards the organization."...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm baking cookies today!

As an experiment, I've added molasses to my famous shortbread cookie recipe. Happy holidays everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Steven Pinker vs. Microaggression

 ...Pinker was right in opposing the suddenly fashionable thought that what’s wrong with Harvard and other Ivies is that those  institutions don’t facilitate students in their construction of their personal souls or whatever. Harvard hires specialists in various academic fields; they are chosen according to their potential for making contributions in said fields, not for their skill or competency in soul development. Students, Pinker claims, should work on their souls, if they believe they have them, on their own time...

...Pinker is getting more vocal and resolute about speaking out against everything at Harvard that trivializes, infantilizes, or plain represses intellectual life on campus. Here’s a noble and eloquent excerpt from a letter he wrote yesterday about Israel BDS (boycott, divest, sanctions) movement at Harvard, where the presence of a SodaStream sparkling-water machine made by an Israeli-based company is alleged to be a “microaggression” that has to be purged from the university community.
Equally foreign to the mission of a university is the idea that students are to be protected from “discomfort” or so-called “microaggression” when they are exposed to beliefs that differ from theirs, or when the university does not accede to demands that it prosecute their moral and political crusades. Discomfort is another word for tolerance. It is the price we pay for living in a democracy and participating in the open exchange of ideas...
Plus more HERE

Sunday, December 21, 2014

North Korea Now Claims the US Government Made 'The Interview'

In the latest round of the blame game going on between the US and North Korea, the reclusive Asian country accused the US government of making the controversial film The Interview and threatened an attack as payback for recent comments made by President Barack Obama.
North Korea's state-run news agency published a statement in which the country's government again denied being involved in the hack that caused Sony Pictures to cancel the release of the film and made public millions of the company's emails and documents.
"The DPRK has already launched the toughest counteraction. Nothing is more serious miscalculation than guessing that just a single movie production company is the target of this counteraction. Our target is all the citadels of the US imperialists who earned the bitterest grudge of all Koreans," the statement read.

NYPD officers turn away from Mayor de Blasio as he enters police presser for murdered cops

Believing City Hall has betrayed them, cops demonstrated their anger Saturday by turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio as he entered a Brooklyn hospital to pay his respects to two murdered officers.
A startling video shows a hallway at Woodhull Hospital filled with officers silently facing away from de Blasio as he walks a blue gantlet.
The demonstration, captured by WPIX11 News, included the presidents of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association and the Sergeants Benevolent Association.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Reporter takes ridiculously massive SUV on test drive to douchebag hipster haven - hilarity ensues

From Conquest Knight's website

...The Knight was the largest four-wheeled vehicle I’d ever driven. Passenger cars scurried around far below, like dinghies manoeuvring around a battleship, and I felt the Knight’s seven-ton bulk through the seat of my pants – if I wasn’t careful, I’d be picking Hondas and Chryslers out of my grille.  
The Knight’s weight came from more than just its size and security features. In back was a 32-inch Sony flat-screen TV, a PlayStation system, a satellite receiver, a granite bar and power-operated steps that folded out like the stairs of a Learjet. On top of the dash was a pair of video screens that showed the outside world through heat-sensitive cameras known as FLIR’s – cars and pedestrians appeared on the screens as ghostly white shapes, like missile targets in a Tom Clancy film.  
I wondered where I should go in the Knight – the financial district, perhaps? As attention-getting devices go, the Knight would make short work of the Bay Streeters’ Porsches and BMWs. Or maybe I should go to a crime-ridden neighbourhood, where the Knight’s steel fortifications would render me Glock-proof. I decided on Kensington Market, home to Toronto’s single greatest concentration of social activists and environmental buffs.  
Kensington is the spiritual home of the Occupy movement and the bicycle. Residents pride themselves on an art installation called the Earth Car (an old Ford that has been filled with dirt, converting it into a wheeled planter). So what would the Kensingtonians think of the Knight, which is designed to protect one per centers from the resentful masses? (And burns about 40 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres.)  
As we wove our way through the market’s narrow streets, every head turned. Jaws dropped, and countless people snapped our picture with their cell phone. Finally, I found a spot large enough to park the Knight (I used the FLIR screens to double-check that I wasn’t running over any people or cars.)  
I soon realized that the Knight was a social litmus test on wheels. “Who do you think you are?” one woman asked, shaking her head. A thin guy in sandals and a greasy-looking Cowichan sweater walked straight up to me, his lips contorted in fury: “Big tough guy in his big tough truck, right? Screw you!”...

More confirmation comes in about Associated Press's extreme anti-Israel bias

...AP has long been criticized as biased against Israel. Lavie provides eye-witness testimony that:
A recent account by another former AP reporter, Matti Friedman, indicting AP editor Steve Gutkin for killing a story about a 2008 peace proposal advanced by Israel, drew a sharp and categorical denial by the AP director of press relations and the now ex-editor Gutkin. They asserted flatly that Friedman was wrong and that what he said happened didn’t happen. But now Lavie weighs in: “I was there,” he told The Jewish Press. “Gutkin said to can” that article.
More broadly and more deeply, Lavie is profoundly pessimistic about the quality of the work put out by AP and most sources of mainstream journalism today. Driven as they are by the Internet’s insatiable appetite for the latest flash, people who call themselves reporters are interested, he says, primarily if not exclusively in speed, not substance.

Andrew Bollt: The Left’s self-censorship is actually dangerous

Anne Davies of the Sydney Morning Herald recalls the night she refused to report on the threats of gunman Man Haron Monis. See, she is one of many reporters who have censored their reporting of Islam - promoting a wilful and deadly blindness in the name of community harmony...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

And in other news, Naomi Klein is still a fucking idiot

I thought global climate change was supposed to be, you know...global, but apparently not...

(remember, Klein is even stupider than her inspiration Noam Chomsky, who himself is something of a dishonest idiot.)

...conspiracy theorist Naomi Klein has come up with a new one: People who are skeptical of the climate change hypothesis don't care about climate change because it will only damage countries where people of color live.

"If we refuse to speak frankly about the intersection of race and climate change, we can be sure that racism will continue to inform how the governments of industrialized countries respond to this existential crisis."

see also:  Philip Cross: And the Worst Book of the Year prize goes to . . . Naomi Klein

Plus - Now this is really remarkable Klein has an article in the Globe and Mail that is ostensibly supposed to be about the tragic death of a young Cree woman who died in Toronto from falling from the balcony of a downtown Toronto condo under very suspicious circumstances. So naturally, Klein wrote an idiotic, self-serving piece about oil sands, fracking and an attack on the federal government (for which she's getting nailed in the comments).

Hollywood cowardice spreads to Paramount - Team America screenings cancelled

North Korea's reign of terror continues across multiplexes of the U.S.
As a show of solidarity for the filmmakers behind "The Interview" — which Sony pulled from its planned Christmas Day release after a cyberattack and terror threats attributed to Pyongyang — several movie theaters had planned to show another North Korea-bashing comedy, "Team America: World Police," instead, The Hollywood Reporter first reported.

Shortly after the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas, Cleveland's Capitol Theater and Georgia's Plaza Atlanta made the announcements of the substitute screenings, they were apparently forced to backtrack under pressure from Paramount, the studio behind "Team America."
The outlandish, R-rated puppet satire, which was the brainchild of "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, centered on an anti-terror force's battle with a group of international goons headed by former North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.

My guess is that there are plenty of Hollywood studio exec emails detailing deviant S&M sex and loads of racism that the North Koreans have up their sleeves...

See also: Kim Jong Un hands a payday to creepy race huckster Al Sharpton

I'm doing my own personal screening of Team America at home for friends this weekend!  If you're not a North Korean terrorist and want to bring some booze and participate, email me! (or if you're a really sexy North Korean terrorist, I may make an exception, but there will be a full body search)

Liberals paid $10,000 to have gas plant data erased

Peter Faist, the IT consultant and spouse of Liberal deputy chief of staff to former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty, was paid $10,000 by the Liberal caucus to wipe data off of approximately 20 government computers.
The allegation, unproven in court, comes from an OPP Information to Obtain document release by the Ontario Superior Court on Thursday. The document was used to get a search warrant, which it executed at a government office in late November.
The data Faist is said to have deleted relate to the cancellation of two gas plants in the Toronto-area during the midst of an election campaign. Police suspect the data were internal email conversations regarding the cancellation of the gas plants.
David Livingston, McGuinty's chief of staff, is accused of ordering the deletion of the emails.
Police allege that Livingston, in emails, requested information on how to delete emails permanently and ultimately gave Faist access to the computers.

Rob Lowe gave the best summary of Sony cancelling The Interview

On Wednesday night, Sony Pictures announced that they would not be releasing the Seth Rogen film, “The Interview,” on it’s planned release date of December 25th.

The picture was scrapped after a hacker organization known as Guardian of Peace threatened 9/11 style attacks at cinemas around the country.

See also: Mark Steyn:  Norks Nix Yanks' Pix

I was barely aware of The Interview until, while sitting through a trailer for what seemed like just another idiotic leaden comedy, my youngest informed me that the North Koreans had denounced the film as "an act of war". If it is, they seem to have won it fairly decisively: Kim Jong-Un has just vaporized a Hollywood blockbuster as totally as if one of his No Dong missiles had taken out the studio. As it is, the fellows with no dong turned out to be the executives of Sony Pictures. 
I wouldn't mind but this is the same industry that congratulates itself endlessly - not least in its annual six-hour awards ceremony - on its artists' courage and bravery. Called on to show some for the first time in their lives, they folded like a cheap suit. As opposed to the bank-breaking suit their lawyers advised them they'd be looking at if they released the film and someone put anthrax in the popcorn. I think of all the occasions in recent years when I've found myself sharing a stage with obscure Europeans who've fallen afoul of Islam - Swedish artists, Danish cartoonists, Norwegian comediennes, all of whom showed more courage than these Beverly Hills bigshots...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Obama administration restores US diplomatic ties with Cuba

WASHINGTON — The United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in Havana for the first time in more than a half-century after the release of an American contractor held in prison for five years, American officials said Wednesday.
In a deal negotiated during 18 months of secret talks hosted largely by Canada and encouraged by Pope Francis, who hosted a final meeting at the Vatican, President Obama and President Raúl Castro of Cuba agreed in a telephone call to put aside decades of hostility to find a new relationship between the United States and the island nation just 90 minutes off the American coast.
The contractor, Alan Gross, boarded an American government plane bound for the United States on Wednesday morning, and the United States sent back three Cuban spies who have been in an American prison since 1981. American officials said the Cuban spies were swapped for a United States intelligence agent who has been in a Cuban prison for nearly 20 years and said Mr. Gross was not technically part of the swap but released separately on “humanitarian grounds.”  
Continue readingIn addition, the United States will ease restrictions on remittances, travel and banking relations, and Cuba will release 53 Cuban prisoners identified as political prisoners by the United States government. Although the decades-old American embargo on Cuba will remain in place for now, the administration signaled that it would welcome a move by Congress to ease or lift it should lawmakers choose to...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

ISIS-like ideology flourishes in Canada

Leaders of the Canadian Muslim community have repeatedly condemned ISIS practices blaming it of extreme and misguided interpretation of the Quran and deviation of the right path of the true Islamic teachings. However, examining the views of leading Canadian imams and Islamic books that are being sold or distributed for free in Canada, reveals similarities to ISIS ideology.
The Walk in Islamic Info Center (WIIC), a Toronto-based organization dedicated to Dawah (propagating Islam) activity, distributes for free at Dundas Square in downtown Toronto the book, Human Rights in Islam and Common Misconceptions.” The book stipulates “two exceptions as legitimate sources of slaves,” ...

​Sorry, Putin. Russia’s economy is doomed

A funny thing happened on the way to Vladimir Putin running strategic laps around the West. Russia's economy imploded.
The latest news is that Russia's central bank raised interest rates from 10.5 to 17 percent at an emergency 1 a.m. meeting in an attempt to stop the ruble, which is down 50 percent on the year against the dollar, from falling any further. It's a desperate move to save Russia's currency that comes at the cost of sacrificing Russia's economy. So even if it "works," things are about to get a lot worse.
It's a classic kind of emerging markets crisis. It's only a small simplification, you see, to say that Russia doesn't so much have an economy as it has an oil exporting business that subsidizes everything else. That's why the combination of more supply from the United States, and less demand from Europe, China, and Japan has hit them particularly hard. Cheaper oil means Russian companies have fewer dollars to turn into rubles, which is just another way of saying that there's less demand for rubles—so its price is falling. It hasn't helped, of course, that sanctions over Russia's incursion into Ukraine have already left Russia short on dollars.
h/t Doug D.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Conservative Muslim student at U of Michigan becomes hate crime victim

A Muslim student at the University of Michigan who holds conservative and libertarian beliefs has been viciously attacked with vandalism left on his apartment door that called him a “dick” and “scum,” told him to “shut the fuck up,” and included an image of the devil as well as eggs and hot dogs. 
The vandalism posted on junior Omar Mahmood’s apartment door stated “you scum embarrass us,” “you self-righteous dick,” “you have no soul,” “everyone hates you you violent prick,” and other messages. 
Some of the warnings were posted on paper that included a print out of Mahmood’s satirical essay he wrote recently for the conservative campus publication the Michigan Review that poked fun of liberals’ victimhood mentality. That column, titled “Do the Left Thing,” caused an uproar among some on campus and triggered his termination as a columnist from the mainstream Michigan Daily student newspaper...


Do the Left Thing  
It was one of the coldest days of this winter past, and I was hurrying along the Diag to class. The blistering cold did not turn my eyes from all the white privilege falling around my. All those white snowflakes falling thick upon the autumn leaves, burying their colors. Majoring in womyn’s studies, I’ve learned that oppression comes in many forms. 
Sometimes we fail to notice it because it’s just everywhere – just like that white snow.
As I walked, I slipped on a patch of wet leaves lining the steps of the Hatcher, and I fell forward headfirst onto the steps of the library. If it hadn’t been for the left hand that I thrust out right before my fall, I would have ended up just another statistic in the war on colored people. As it were, a white cis-gendered hetero upper-class man came down the steps just as I was falling. He looked at me with that white man’s burden face that I see too often on this racialized campus.
“Cold, isn’t it?” 
Behind his words I sensed a patronizing sneer, as if he expected me to be a spokespersyn for my whole race. He offered his hand to help me up, and I thought to myself how this might be a manifestation of the patriarchy patronizing me. I doubt he would’ve said those violent words had I been white, but he would take any opportunity to patronize a colored m@n or womyn. People on this campus always box others in based on race.  Triggered, I waved his hand aside and got up of my own accord...