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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne and Ontario Liberal leadership crumble as their lying was about to be exposed

Trying to head off further political damage, Wynne admitted the cancellation of two gas plants at a cost of $250,000,000 to Ontario taxpayers was a political decision. Now, after weeks of obfuscation and deception Wynne is saying "I have never said this wasn’t a political decision."

h/t BCF

Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis accused of lying to Canada Border Agency

In a Canada Border Services Agency internal report obtained by The Globe and Mail, officials claim the MP advised an organizer of the concert to have the musicians misstate the reason for their visit to Canada.
In an interview on Monday, Mr. Karygiannis confirmed he got involved in the matter. He acknowledged the musicians were in town to perform at the concert, adding that the event fell within a 40-day mourning period after his father’s death in late January.   
“There was a song dedicated to my dad [during the concert],” the MP for Scarborough-Agincourt said.   
However, he denied telling officials the musicians were coming to perform at his father’s wake or funeral, as two CBSA officials claim in the report.   
The five musicians encountered problems at customs on Feb. 13. Initially, they said they were not acquainted with one another and were in town to visit different people, according to the report. In fact, Ms. Stanisi was travelling with her brother Michail, as well as three other musicians: Ioannis Dimou, Vasilios Saganas and Dimitrios Bampalis. The report does not say why officials stopped them. 
After searching the Internet, federal officials found the quintet was booked to perform at an event organized by Hellas News, a Toronto-area Greek-language media outlet. 
“When confronted with this, the band ... continued to deny that they were coming to perform,” said the report, written by the CBSA’s Kristopher Chartrand. “The singer finally admitted that she was coming to sing but was instructed to lie about her intentions by the person who invited her to perform.”
Read the whole article at The Globe and Mail

Obama White House threatening iconic journalist Bob Woodward

The President's acolytes don't like Woodward's exposure of Obama's Sequestration agenda and a pliant media are acting as Obama's stooges.

h/t BC Blue

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Discussing the promotion of Communism in Toronto's public schools

More on this HERE

Islamic persecution of Gays is just "Zionist fantasies"

Islam's idea of Gay rights
Or so says the lunatic pro-Palestinian Electronic Intifadah

How's this for a fantasy? Or this? Or this? Or this? I could fill this page and hundreds of others with similar links if I had the time..

So who exactly is the fantasist?

h/t Sam Schulman

Vile, violent American scum to be extradited to Canada to face G20 charges

I hope I didn't violate a Hate Speech law by inciting hatred of Yankees.

Some of my best friends are Americans. But not these

Toronto District School Board actively promotes communism

This is a subject that has come up over and over again.

The Toronto District School Board, whose wasteful spending and incompetence will result in a reduction in needed teaching positions, finds the money to put on expensive conferences promoting collectivism and fund policy papers and teaching guides that actually promote communism.

There is a reason that every single occasion Communists have had an opportunity to form a national government for any significant length of time, the result has been repression, totalitarianism, deprivation of basic freedoms and mass murder.

It is an inherently evil system in which the individual is devalued.

But the people running the Toronto District School Board, including Acting Director Donna Quan and Chief Academic Officer Manon Gardier, along with TDSB Chair Chris Bolton do not appear to recognize that. If they did, why aren't they doing something about the pervasive promotion of Marxist and communist ideology in the curriculum?

Reader Matt L. sent in the following information about the TDSB`s resource guide `Challenging Class Bias`which is an outright promotion of communism and a promotion of class warfare to children by our public school system:

Here they are taught to despise class enemies and that the middle and upper classes are ``agents`` of class bias:

The TDSB`s ``educators`` are promoting a vapid and patently false depiction of capitalism that appears to have been arrived at by some idiot who based their information on the subject exclusively from reading the rules for the Parker Brothers`game Monopoly:

Naturally, according to the TDSB, the wealthy should be despised and a lack of a specific wealth tax is somehow a `gift`` (or a capitalist plot):

And wasteful entitlement spending could all be paid for if we only taxed the rich more and more. Evidently, the morons running the TDSB never learned the lesson from England in the 1960`s and 70`s when that approach nearly bankrupted the country, drove the wealth out, and resulted in a backlash that brought Margaret Thatcher to power for many successive governments:

And once their young charges have been sufficiently indoctrinated, teachers are commanded to tell their students to lobby government for the politicized outcomes the TDSB communists want:

This type of education is immoral and a violation of the rights due to parents and the responsibilities educators have to their students and to society.

I`ll be discussing it further on The Arena with Michael Coren tonight.

My friend Aurel Braun discussed some of this with Ezra Levant yesterday:

Canada's Supreme Court rules prohibition against making fun of "protected" groups is unconstitutional

In its ruling in the Whatcott case, the Supreme Court made an important statement.

While upholding the validity of certain aspects of Canada's Hate Speech legislation it did rule that:

.. expression that “ridicules, belittles or otherwise affronts the dignity of” does not rise to the level of ardent and extreme feelings constituting hatred required to uphold the constitutionality of a prohibition of expression in human rights legislation.  Accordingly, those words in s. 14(1)(b) of the Code are not rationally connected to the legislative purpose of addressing systemic discrimination of protected groups and they unjustifiably infringe freedom of expression.  Consequently, they are constitutionally invalid and must be struck from s. 14(1)(b).
So while it's not ok to say that people of a certain group should be discriminated against, we can keep making fun of them for their stupid cultural or other practices.

Which must come as a relief to Canadian comedians - at least those who haven't had to pay fines based on idiotic Human Rights Commission rulings.

UPDATE:  A good review of the ruling by Jon Kay in the National Post

Missing Native women - a tragedy with grossly exaggerated numbers and political motives

Back in 2005, under Prime Minister Paul Martin’s Liberal government, an agency called Status of Women Canada gave a $10 million grant to the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The money was earmarked for the NWAC’s Sisters in Spirit Initiative with the intention of building a national database of missing indigenous women & girls.
The project was very successful at raising awareness- right to the point where their rallying cry of 600 missing and murdered women was announced on the floor of parliament. Unfortunately, it appears there are significant questions about the integrity of their database- arguably the most important part of the project.
Earlier this month the RCMP made a statement about the Sisters In Spirit initiative that caught a lot of people’s attention. First, they said that the NWAC only provided them with 118 names our of the 582 they claimed to have in their database- no explanation has been provided for the remaining 464 cases. When RCMP staff searched the 118 names released they were only able to confirm 54 cases listed in police databases.

20th anniversary of first WTC bombing: Does anyone care?

Kathy Shaidle has a piece up at 5 Feet of Fury

It's well worth a look - we need to be wary of a movement that characterizes opposing terrorism as "racist"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Irony-impaired imbeciles at rabble.ca make a funny

“ a 'news' network that slavishly serves a political agenda through mass manipulation and fear threatens the fabric of our democratic society.

Rabble.ca is funded almost completely by Public Sector unions and NDP-affiliated organizations like The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and Maude Barlow’s Council of slimy, idiotic Canadians. You can get banned from their user forums for making anti-union or pro-Israel or anti-abortion comments.

But they weren’t talking about themselves, they meant Sun TV... maybe because “the masses” don’t read rabble (other than for its unintentional humor). It's only taken seriously by a few aging Commies and some certifiable radical nutcases. 

Courtesy of the website published by the spouse of the NDP’s talking hippo, Libby Davies:

Libby Davies addressing NDP delegates at the last convention

Retired McGill Psychology Prof Don Donderi on UFO visitors

Don Donderi has been a great friend of mine for many years and is one of the most rational people you could ever meet, anywhere..ever.

I've heard stories from him that aren't in the National Post article in which he discusses his upcoming book and the possibility of aliens visiting Earth, and they are very convincing.

His book comes out later this year.

9 sexist things that happened at the Oscars

Just 9?

That's pretty disappointing... (I would have expected at least a dozen)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to leftie sore losers: "try to beat me at the ballot box"

Monday, February 25, 2013

Another miserable day at The Toronto Star - Mayor Rob Ford won’t be prosecuted for alleged election violations

Compliance Committee votes not to prosecute Toronto's Mayor for minor election spending rules violations.

The case was brought forward by Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler, a failed candidate for Toronto District School Board Trustee who ran his campaign in tandem with leftist Ward 21 Councillor Joe "St. Clair streetcar fiasco king" Mihevc.

Mihevc has made no secret about his detesting Rob Ford.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

United Nations "Human Rights" Council transcends hypocrisy into outright evil

The speakers were never meant to live and tell their stories. Their torturers expected them to either submit or die. But somehow these men and women managed to escape from their dungeons and concentration camps to gather at the seat of the United Nations Human Rights Council.
They came to bear witness to the crimes committed by some of the very members of this esteemed UN body. Naturally, at the Palace of the Nations, where over 80 international officials, including Foreign Secretary William Hague, will over the coming days address the Council, there will be no space for these brave freedom fighters.
This is why UN Watch, together with over 20 other NGOs, organized the Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy last week. Now in its fifth year, the annual summit does the sort of work the UN shies away from. It gives the victims, not the perpetrators, of state terror a podium.
While the international dignitaries will speak under the auspices of Council Vice President Mauritania, the Geneva Summit participants heard from a former subject of the North African country—Abidine Merzough, a man born as a slave to slave parents.
As unfathomable as it may sound, some 20 percent of Mauritanians, about 600,000 people, are still slaves. Mauritania uses Sharia to justify a racist system where Arabs exploit the country's black African population and which "runs counter to Islam's humanist principles," Merzough explained:

What if the terrorists were Jews?

An article that deserves reading by Douglas Murray in The Spectator

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jason Kenney's Lame Explanation for Consorting With the Jaffari Khomeinists

Jason Kenney has been an exceptional Cabinet Minister, so I would be inclined to chalk this up to a lack of diligence on the part of his staff..

Dead "Zombie" cells outperform living cells in experiment

The so called “zombie cells” are created after coating living cells with a silica solution and then heating the cell at temperatures greater than 400 C (753 F). This process evaporates the proteins within the cell, leaving a three-dimensional nonliving, but nearly structurally identical “zombie cell”. According to Kaehr, the zombie cells are in some ways better than their living counterparts because they are capable of surviving greater pressures and temperatures, and can perform some functions better than when they were alive, saying:
“Once we've used silica to stabilize the cellular structure, it can still carry out reactions and, more importantly, that reaction is stable enough to work at high temperatures.”


Jimmy Carter gives credit to Canada for "Argo" hostage rescue

Friday, February 22, 2013

Montreal child kidnapper Chiheb Battikh was affiliated with Muslim Association of Canada and other Islamist organizations

The kidnapping of a 3-year old child in Montreal on December 19 was well covered by the media. 

On the other hand, the main suspect Chiheb Battikh’s Islamist background and his role within the Muslim Brotherhood local infrastructure have gone unreported since his arrest.  Point de Bascule presents a list of organizations run by Battikh that we have been able to identify so far.

Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne siphoning socialist support from NDP

But people who have a basic understanding of economics are gravitating to Ontario's Progressive Conservative party, suggesting the Tories could form a minority government in the next election.

CBC promotes Iran-linked stooge working against Canada's interests

Yesterday CBC Hamilton put out a story on their website about a local activist who has a surprise visit from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). The article painted a picture of an innocent man being ‘threatened’ by CSIS agents for simply writing an article titled Harper Is Wrong Demonizing Iran. It sounds scary, doesn’t it?    
Reading this story one is likely to think it’s about a dissident in China, Iran, or Turkmenistan- not Hamilton. But, are things really that scary in Canada or is there more to the story? In this case, there’s much more- in fact, the CBC’s article misses so much of the story that readers are left to wonder if it was intentional…  
The CBC’s story describes Stone as a “labour and anti-racism advocate”. It’s not so interesting how labelled him as what they didn’t tell us. Stone is one of the most prominent anti-Israel protesters in Canada- here’s a video of him speaking at the controversial Al Quds rally in Toronto last year. Considering that Iran is one of the world’s most anti-Israeli governments, you’d think the CBC would have mentioned his affiliations and how they relate to the story.   
When Stone appeared on the Iranian government owned PressTV in January he was given a different identity- they introduced him as a “protester from the Idle No More movement”. This is significant because it starts to explain why CSIS took an interest in his work. PressTV, the Iranian government, and their Canadian agents have been actively working towards inciting indigenous revolts.

More at GenuineWitty 

and some more background on the crackpot, self-hating Jew,  Ken Stone

"An insult to every immigrant who played by the rules to get into this country"

Joe "happy to waste your tax dollars" Mihevc
Welcome to the brave new world of the idiots we elected to Toronto City Council

Support Free Speech, Support Blazing Cat Fur

A Message from Kathy Shaidle of FiveFeetOfFury.com

steynblurbAs you may know, my husband Arnie Lemaire–also known as BlazingCatFur–was sued a few years ago by former Human Rights Commission investigator Richard Warman.
Warman sued Arnie for libel, largely for comments made by Arnie’s readers, as well as for linking to Mark Steyn’s website,SteynOnline.com.
At long last, the lawsuit is over. However, the fight was expensive and Arnie and I still have big legal bills.
We hate to ask for your help again, but we have to.
Already, plenty of individuals who treasure freedom of speech–from Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit to our countless loyal readers–have graciously donated to help settle these bills and we are almost free and clear, thanks to them.
And now, thanks to the great Mark Steyn himself, we can announce one last fundraising push that even includes a terrificthank you gift.
Mark Steyn is generously offering a FREE copy of his wonderful book, Lights Out–about his own battles to restore freedom of speech in Canada–as his way of thanking anyone who kindly donates $200 or more to help Arnie and me.

Jason Kenney Visits Iran's Outpost In Canada

"Jason Kenney has a difficult job, it's one he has done mostly well, his visit to Iran's outpost in Toronto was clearly an act of poor judgment."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

We Must Sacrifice For Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne

Bloated public sector salaries, perks unsustainable

Also.. more documents about the Ontario Liberals' dodgy, vote-buying cancellation of two gas plants emerge while the Great Leader continues to prevent an inquiry. 

Toronto Council's left wing wants taxpayers to subsidize and enable illegal aliens

A motion, currently being held by left-wing councillor Joe Mihevc, would prevent Toronto city employees from notifying authorities if an illegal alien with a criminal record seeks civic services.

This motion was recommended for adoption by the Community Development and Recreation Committee which is comprised of some of the city's least-able Councilors, including convicted drunk driver Ana Bailao and Joe "St. Clair Streetcar Fiasco King" Mihevc.

Advocating for the motion are some of the most idiotic radicals the city has to offer including the violent, class warfare proponents of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and the lunatic Trotskyites of No One Is Illegal.

Anticipating public outrage, among the Community Development and Recreation Committee's recommendations were "a complaints protocol and a public education strategy to inform Torontonians of our policy. "

The motion, which uses the soft-headed, politically-correct term "undocumented workers" instead of the more accurate illegal aliens can be viewed here.

Nice to know the socialist left on Toronto City Council wants to help protect foreign murderers and rapists and others exploiting Canada's laws from being outed to federal immigration and subsidized by Canadian citizens and Toronto taxpayers.

A link to the committee's report is here.

George Galloway solidifies his reputation as a douchebag

Rape apologist, Muslim terrorist enabler, and all-around scumbag...

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Global Warming Alarmists Attack Integrity of Scientists who dissent from their hysteria

Global warming alarmists are attacking the integrity of scientists, desperately seeking to minimize the damage presented by a recent survey of geoscientists and engineers regarding global warming. 
A recent survey of more than 1,000 geoscientists (commonly known as earth scientists) and engineers reported in the peer-reviewed Organization Studies found that only 36 percent agree with the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assertion that humans are causing a serious global warming problem. By contrast, a majority of scientists in the survey believe that nature is the primary cause of recent global warming and/or that future global warming will not be a very serious problem. 
Global warming alarmists, desperate to restore the shattered remains of their fictitious global warming consensus, spent the last week in overdrive expressing outrage and attacking the scientists participating in the survey. 

Petulant morons of OCAP disrupt Toronto City Council (again)

The ill-informed, half-witted Marxist fanatics of OCAP think its their right to disrupt any proceeding that doesn`t go their way and did that yet again yesterday when a motion by their sympathizer Adam Vaughan did not pass.

These spoiled imbeciles are the group that the Toronto District School Board wants to provide classroom education and influence over your children.

Given that the organization was headed by a notorious plagiarist, it`s no great surprise this is the example they find appropriate.

h-t Matthew L.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Palestinian propaganda film maker held for questioning at LA X until intervention by famous obese socialist

The histrionic idiocy suggests the type of over-exaggerated propaganda routinely put out by Palestinian activists and their supporters:

"Last night, on my way from Turkey to Los Angeles, CA, my family and I were held at U.S. immigration for about an hour and questioned about the purpose of my visit to the United States," Burnat said in a statement issued to THR. "Immigration officials asked for proof that I was nominated for an Academy Award for the documentary 5 Broken Cameras and they told me that if I couldn't prove the reason for my visit, my wife Soraya, my son Gibreel and I would be sent back to Turkey on the same day. After 40 minutes of questions and answers, Gibreel asked me why we were still waiting in that small room. I simply told him the truth: 'Maybe we'll have to go back.' I could see his heart sink. 
Although this was an unpleasant experience, this is a daily occurrence for Palestinians, every single day, throughout he West Bank. There are more than 500 Israeli checkpoints, roadblocks, and other barriers to movement across our land, and not a single one of us has been spared the experience that my family and I experienced yesterday. Ours was a very minor example of what my people face every day."

 This is the time of "oppression" and "war crime" they complain about, or as we in the west call it, routine security measures.

Typical of the idiots who are worked up about Sun News' CRTC application

"The world is watching you, govern yourself accordingly and do not support Rothschild Zionists."

Original HERE

You can show your support for Sun News at this link

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

I Google You

Heard about Lady Rizo from Stephen Fry..

Iranian-sponsored terrorists arrested before executing attack in Nigeria

Nigeria arrested three people suspected of being members of an Iran-linked terror cell planning attacks on U.S. and Israeli interests in Lagos, the commercial capital, state security police said. 
The group is led by a local Shiite leader from the central Nigerian city of Ilorin, who received training in Iran in armed combat and the use of improvised explosive devices, said Marilyn Ogar, spokeswoman of the state security unit also known as the Department of State Services. The group was planning attacks on the Lagos offices of the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Haifa-based ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. and the Jewish Cultural Center, she said without giving further details.

‘Ontario is worse than California’: Province must address soaring public sector wages to slay deficit, new study says

Ontario’s public sector workers tend to be far better off than private employees, a new study says, even as the province grapples to slay its growing deficit and curtail spending — a full half of which is dedicated to salaries, wages and benefits. 
The Fraser Institute study, to be released Wednesday, found that federal, provincial and local government employees working in Ontario earned 13.9% more wages, on average, than their private sector counterparts in April, 2011. Government workers are also three times more likely to be covered by a pension plan, far less likely to lose their jobs and, on average, set to retire more than a year earlier than private workers. 
Co-author Jason Clemens said if the Ontario government is serious about tackling the deficit — projected by the widely cited 2012 Drummond Report to hit $30.2-billion by 2017 — it will likewise need to tackle compensation. 
“Pick a joke about governments going bankrupt and California is the punch-line, but Ontario, on every measure we’ve looked at, is worse than California,” Mr. Clemens said ahead of the study’s release. 

Great Leader Kim Dong Wynne takes a massive dump on Ontario taxpayers

Despite her rhetoric about working with both parties, it’s now clear Wynne intends to buy the support of the NDP with our tax dollars, in an attempt to keep her Liberal minority government alive.

Her throne speech was politically dishonest and awash in elitist bafflegab meant to deceive average Ontarians about what the Liberals have in mind.

Take, for example, how Wynne purports to inform residents of the Greater Toronto Area that her government is going to impose higher taxes and road tolls on them, without ever using the words “tax” or “toll”, ostensibly to pay for improved public transit.

To wit: “If we continue to argue about the tools this investment will require, then we are deaf to the symphony of progress that echoes around us.  “

The new government is confident that the people of Ontario are willing to participate in a practical discussion of these costs if they can be guaranteed measurable results.”

What a load of bull.

Another prespective from Kelly McParland's piece in the National Post

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

University of Toronto's anti-Israel Graduate Students Union and OISE present cinematic glorification of terrorism

The University of Toronto's Graduate Student's Union (GSU), which a few moths ago chose, in a vote where only a minuscule percentage of actual graduate students participated, to support a boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against the only liberal democracy in the middle east, supporting the anti-Semitic goals of the terrorist organization Hamas.

Evidently that support for terrorism isn't coincidental. At the obvious location of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, the faculty with radical, politicized, buffoonish courses with laughably low academic standards, the GSU's film club, Cinema Politica, is presenting two films that glorify terrorism.

Though hardly a surprise, since all Cinema Politica's films dealing with Israel reflect the simple-minded biases of those wanting the elimination of the Jewish state, with their double feature planned for this Thursday night,  Leile Khaled; Hijacker and My Daughter the Terrorist, the GSU and OISE cross the line into outright praise of terrorism and those who engage in that evil.

h/t Marvin W

Obama having a hissy fit over Hagel filibuster

Obama whined during an Internet broadcast about the Republican filibuster aimed at delaying the Senate confirmation vote on the inept buffoon he nominated for Defense Secretary.

What happened to Chuck Hagel was the exact opposite of unprecedented. It was typical Washington. Liberals did it to Defense nominee John Tower. Then in a moment of pure poetic justice, the second nominee, easily confirmed, was Dick Cheney. Liberals brought "Borking" into the lexicon a quarter of a century ago. Unlike Hagel, Judge Robert Bork was actually qualified for the job he wanted. Liberals trying to claim that the situations are not 100 percent analogous are trying to split the hairs on Charlie Brown's head. A President who likes to nominate unqualified people to virtually every major government position is doing so again. The precedent is the last four years. It is typical.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The wisdom of utilizing "The Silent Treatment"

This could explain why my weekend has been so quiet:

The silent treatment is almost universally acknowledged as negative, thanks to its damaging social and psychological outcomes. A new study, however, finds a notable exception when it comes to complete jackasses.

Turns out, when somebody is so obnoxious that it’s exhausting just to talk to them, cutting conversational ties is actually a positive mental health strategy – one that allows people to save their cognitive capital for more fruitful activities. Say, watching paint dry.

“It’s depleting to force yourself to have difficult conversations when all you want to do is ignore the person,” said lead author Kristin Sommer, associate professor of psychology at Baruch College, City University of New York. “Ostracism can serve the regulatory goal of allowing people to conserve resources.”

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Toronto District School Board adopts Glorious Leader Wynne's program to teach hatred of class enemies

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is a radical group of often violent, foul-mouthed fanatics whose leaders advocate for class warfare. With offers of free food and clothing, they bribe mentally ill and homeless people who have little knowledge of the positions they advocate to attend their demonstrations.

They are known for their attempts at verbal and physical intimidation of politicians and citizens who disagree with their hateful agenda. OCAP frequently makes common cause with an organization of Trotskyite lunatics called No One Is Illegal which is closely linked with the violent Black Bloc.

So who better, in the questionable judgement of the commissars of the Toronto District School Board, to provide classroom instruction for Marxist-sounding ``Anti-Classism Education`` than these vicious organizations. It doesn`t take much of a look to see that the TDSB and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne`s Ministry of Education share the same goals of those groups of replacing western `neo-liberal democracy` with the socialist paradise they envision; one the class enemies are either re-educated or eliminated.

From the looks of things, Ontario is in some very deep trouble.

See link to TDSB page here
h-t Matthew at Eye on a Crazy Planet`s facebook group

Trudeau missed House business while earning thousands on speakers circuit

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau is one of just three MPs - all of them Liberals - to report extra income from speaking engagements in the last five years.  And, in Trudeau's case, it appears he missed debates, votes and possibly one of his party's caucus meetings so he could earn tens of thousands on the speaking circuit.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Uh-oh..Vice President Joe Biden admits gun control legislation won't make a difference in affecting mass shootings

Hey Joe, you work for Obama - get with the program! You're not supposed to tell the truth in public.

h/t Small Dead Animals

Glorious Leader Kim Jong Wynne imposes Gender Studies on school kids

Meet your new Grade 1 Gender Studies teacher

Ontario's OISE Premier is about to inflict more depraved weirdness on public schools

See this LINK

More clues to what Glorious Leader Wynne has in store for your children here

This image of the Ontario People's noble future stolen redistributed from capitalist wrecker  Blazing Cat Fur

Valentine's Day is a hate crime

A clever marketing ploy that commenced in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries has evolved into the most exploitative, oppressive day in the Christian calendar.

Crass consumerism isn't something that usually bothers me much. Sure, there is the soulless materialism that goes along with it, but on the other hand, sometimes you can get really neat, unusual, seasonally-themed stuff at good prices. But Valentine's Day stands alone in its uniquely contrived and subtle malevolence.

Apparently it's Geoffrey Chaucer, the famous English poet whose indecipherable works no one's actually read in the last two generations, who is responsible for associating the previously perfectly pleasant and innocuous day of February 14th with the pressures of romantic love. But it was never considered all that big a deal. Not, at least, until improvements to the printing press and cheap postal rates in the late 1700's inspired some fiendish English capitalists with the devilishly clever idea of profiting from people's insecurity by making them think that unless they received a card that day, they were unloved.

Since then, just about every cynical commercial enterprise has gotten in on the act. Florists, chocolatiers, hoteliers, clothing designers, candy-makers, jewelers, perfumers; restaurateurs, you name it.  Now everybody with a cash register is trying to convince you that unless you patronize them on the Ides of February, you are some sort of inferior creature.

Commercialism aside, there are far more insidious aspects to this most iniquitous day.  There is a condescending, exclusionary component to its message. Some of the best and finest people on earth are single. Yet the message of Valentine's Day is that if you're one of those people, this day isn't for you. Worse still, the shameful implication of this sinister, unofficial "holiday" is that if you aren't part of a couple, something is wrong with you.

The poison of Valentine's Day begins in childhood, when pre-pubescent children are conditioned to associate self-worth with the number of Valentine's Day cards received. Or at least that's the case in places that don't compel children to give every single one of their classmates a card, taking all meaning out of the gesture. And who benefits from that? You got it- the greeting card manufacturers whose dastardly plan this all started out with!

There's also the abhorrently sexist nature of Valentine's Day. There's enormous pressure on men to make some grand romantic gesture and anxiously wait to have it evaluated, like an unfortunate soul standing before Minos, Rhadamanthys and Aeacus in the Underworld, by a woman they have to sufficiently impress. And furthermore, when was the last time a woman on a date had to pick up a tab on February 14!?!

St Valentine being martyred
As far as I'm concerned, he had it coming
But possibly the worst crimes emanating from this idiotic, saccharine occasion are the insufferably tedious chick flicks that hapless men are compelled to endure to appease their female overlords. Under normal circumstances, no self-respecting male in his right mind would be caught dead in the theater watching a complete piece of crap like the current Valentine's cinematic offering, Safe Haven. But on this deplorable day, while wishing we could be placed in a medically-induced coma for the two hours of its duration, we have to pretend we don't hate having to sit through something that would make a root canal seem like a welcome relief.

Surely the time has come for this oppression to end! Starting next year, I propose that every sensible person boycott this exploitative, capitalist manipulation of the insecurities of innocent people! As of 2014, as far as I'm concerned, Valentine's Day no longer exists!

I'd say the boycott should start today, but right now, I'm in a relationship and if there were any hint I would actually follow through this year,  I'd be vivisected alive.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marc Garneau calls out Justin Trudeau for his lack of policy and vision

From Garneau's campaign website:

I believe this leadership race is the time for the party to vigorously debate the issues of importance to Liberals, to Canadians; to define where we stand as a party; and to select the person who can best lead us. 

That's the fundamental difference between Justin Trudeau and myself.

Justin believes telling Canadians we need a 'bold' plan and a 'clear vision' without defining either is good enough. He speaks in vague generalities, and on his two key priorities - the middle-class and youth - he has presented no direction. 

Justin says he will do that after the Liberal leadership race is over - sometime before the next election in 2015.

As Liberals, we cannot wait that long to find out what we signed up for.

That is like asking Canadians to buy a new car without first test-driving it.

We must know what we are voting for, not just who we are voting for. 

Personally, I think Trudeau does have a vision, but he's afraid if if he publicizes it, the country will see what an idiot he is.

Afghan duo who disrupted solemn Remembrance Day services want to sue Sun News for "defamation"

Two young Afghan-Canadian women who helped disrupt Remembrance day services last November say they want to launch a defamation suit against Sun News. The presumptive grounds is their claim they were libeled when referred to as "Taliban supporters" "Islamists" and "Jihadists."

The pair do however, make it very clear they want NATO and western forces out of Afghanistan.

If NATO, including Canadian forces were to withdraw from Afghanistan, who benefits and who loses?

The obvious answer is that immediate gain would go to the Taliban, the fanatical Islamist terror organization, which would likely regain control of the chaotic Central Asian country. The clear losers would be Afghan women, upon whom the Taliban, during their rule and in areas they control, imposed the most brutal and restrictive controls. The Taliban prevented women from receiving education, from having employment, from going out in public in anything more revealing than a full-body burkah, and from leaving home without permission of a male relative, among other primitive dictates from the catalogue of Islamic totalitarianism.

So it follows to reason that those advocating a NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan are, consciously or not,  acting in the de facto interests of and lending tacit support to the Taliban.

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Which brings us to a pair of young women who gained notoriety last November for a reprehensible display during Remembrance Day services at Toronto's Old City Hall. Laila Rashdie and Suraia Sahar both insist they are neither Taliban supporters nor Islamists, as they had been described following the incident which they helped to instigate. From their appearance, that claim seems entirely plausible.  Both wear modern western clothing and take advantage of Canada's generous education subsidies to all post-secondary students, privileges they would be deprived of were they living under Taliban control in what they often refer to as their "home country" of Afghanistan.

But by proposing a withdrawal of all foreign troops to Afghanistan, they are advocating for something the Taliban desperately wants so it can seize control in Afghanistan and restore their tyrannical rule.

So how would a modicum of  human and women's rights be preserved in Afghanistan if NATO were to pack up and leave? Ms. Sahar offered the phenomenally simplistic, nonsensical solution of providing education and health care. Things that have improved significantly under NATO's presence and would be eradicated under the Taliban. How women are going to receive these services without a competent armed force to preserve them is something she neglects to delineate because she obviously doesn't have the slightest clue.

What does seem apparent is Ms Sahar and Ms. Rushdie lack the mental acuity to connect rather obvious dots and comprehend that what they advocate serves to support the aims of the hateful Taliban Islamists.

Of course, profound, or even average insight is not something one expects from the sort of people who write things like,
"The ugly side of freedom is the state-run military spectacle supporting the NATO-led imperialist war and occupation in Afghanistan but parading as a false guilt-trip memorial for those who sacrificed to fight for “our” freedoms. Well, just in case you selectively forgot, your parade is and has always been on stolen, occupied, Native land - what about their freedoms to sovereignty and the Afghan peoples for self-determination? What about our freedom of speech which was infringed on when an officer called our message “trash” and “laughable.” We courageously endured a violent and racist crowd calling out: “go back to your country”, "
There's a priceless humor in the irony of the blatant hypocrisy of two women who refer to Afghanistan as their home condemning Canada as a settler colonial society on stolen land and then bitching about people who tell them to "go home". Unfortunately for the duo, understanding that appears to be beyond their cognitive abilities. If they actually believe the idiocy they propound, what are they doing here settling, occupying and stealing land from its rightful owners? If, as they have repeated, Afghanistan is their "home country," shouldn't they stop being occupiers, pack up, and go to a Taliban-occupied part of Afghanistan to experience what Afghan self-determination would actually be like if they got their wish for a NATO withdrawal?

Apparently that's something they want for other unfortunate Afghan women, but not for themselves. Maybe, though hypocrites, they aren't quite as stupid as they sound.

There are plenty of opinions and honest disagreements about the Canadian military role in Afghanistan and anyone has the right to speak out and demonstrate against it. But Remembrance Day services are solemn occasions meant to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country and the principles that represents. To choose the particular location and occasion of a Remembrance Day service to insult and demonstrate and intentionally offend those who have come to mourn is callous and disgusting. Anyone who does that, as my friend Michael Coren has observed, is in my opinion no better than the moral troglodytes of the Hillsboro Baptist Church who defile military funerals with their "God hates fags" protest signs.

While writing about their own courage, the pair of hypocrites who claim their free speech was deprived neglected to mention the police were actually protecting them from an angry mob they had riled up with their offensive display.

Rashdie and Sahar protest that they, with their banner, were not the ones shouting slogans during the moment of silence at the service and they were only one of four protest groups their to offend those honoring and mourning lost soldiers. To the casual observer, there would be no distinction between the two dozen or so ragged radicals who were intermingling and shaming themselves on that occasion. And, as a video shows,  the pair certainly enthusiastically participated in foul-mouthed, shrill, shameful hysteria that continued the disruption of the services that day.

The pair tried to justify themselves when they wrote,  
In 2001 we watched the invasion of our home country, Afghanistan. Fast forward 11 years later: Afghanistan is still occupied, and every year on Remembrance Day we are reminded of it. It has become painfully obvious that Remembrance Day is used as a war propaganda tool. If one is going to take offense to our presence, direct your misguided anger at those responsible for why we are taking offense. 
No one has the right to physically attack someone for their opinions. But someone would have to be a complete idiot to go to a service at that nature, provoke the crowd, and not expect such a response. While taking advantage of the freedoms that Canadian soldiers have fought and died to preserve, they came to a memorial to metaphorically spit on the graves of the people who gave them the rights they abused.

Their idiocy continued with:
This is a settler-colonial society, reinforcing itself through racism, which we witnessed at the Remembrance Day ceremony. This is what explains why a handful of racist, white men screamed in our faces to "go back to your country." They believe that they are the rightful owners of this land. We are never accepted as real Canadians in their rigid, exclusionary and alienating cultural terms. We are always deemed as a potential foreign threat especially when we reveal this status quo and hypocrisy. 
Speaking of hypocrisy, the pair, that alternatively posture themselves as either Canadian or Afghan, depending on which suits their needs at the moment,  claim to be "peace activists." It brings to mind the sort of peace activism the late Christopher Hitchens described when he wrote,   "in reality, they are straight out pro-war, but on the other side."  

That seems evident from an article penned by Leila Rushdie in which she wrote:
We should support the Palestinian national fight for liberation against a military super-power threatening the Near East. The Zionist project is founded upon colonialism and genocide of Palestine. Palestine acts in defense to a colonizer that has been viciously taking Palestinian land and lives in one hand while shamelessly claiming peace and negotiations in the other. The comparison maps of Palestine since 1946 till today speak for itself about the intentions of Apartheid Israel: its about land, not peace.
Aside from other apparent idiocies, for so-called peace activists such as Rushdie and Sahar, Western troops fighting against Islamic Jihadists who throw acid in the face of Afghan women who want an education is bad, but Muslim Jihadists who murder Israeli civilians to replace a liberal democracy with an Islamic state is just fine.

But remember, Ms Rushdie and Ms Sahar are not Taliban supporters, Islamists or Jihadis. They just, by remarkable coincidence, share a lot of desired outcomes with them.