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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh no!! The Monkees' Davy Jones is dead.

Davy Jones died of a heart attack today. The Monkees may have been a "manufactured" group, but they were fantastically talented and had a string of remarkable hits, many of which are still popular today, more than 40 years later.

A little known fact, Davy Jones of The Monkees is the reason that David Bowie is known as David Bowie. Bowie's real name is David Jones and he took the new last name so as not to be confused with The Monkees' lead singer.

This ain't Naomi Klien's idea of Israeli Apartheid Week!

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center presents a panel at York University on Monday March 5th featuring Rights and Democracy Chairman Professor Aurel Braun and Professor Salim Mansur, the author of Delectable Lie: A liberal repudiation of multiculturalism speaking about the obsessive focus on Israel in academia, the media and in politics.

It's a rare chance to hear these Canadian intellectual innovators together and it's free!

7 pm to 9 pm, Room 135 - Vanier College, at York's Keele Campus.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anyone who believes government agencies are competent should read this

More on the idiocy and Orwellian intrusions into the lives of citizens in Ontario  by government agencies. A man was arrested and compelled to submit to  a search of his home because his daughter drew a picture of him holding  a toy gun in class.

Anyone who knows any civil servants should realize, that while many if not most are nice people, very, very few have the intelligence or capabilities to be given real authority over our lives.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Canada's New Democratic Party again proves they have earned the name The Wormtongues

Do you ever get the feeling that Canada's New Democratic Party possess the intelligence and competence of the mutant family from The Hills Have Eyes?
The greatest leader the New Democratic Party of Canada never had
Having fluked their way into Official Opposition status through the collapse of the Bloc Quebecois, were it not for the Conservative majority, Canada narrowly avoided having this gang of inept buffoons being able to exert real power over governmental affairs.

The most recent example of just how bad things could have been were the NDP to ever acquire any real authority comes from that party's Immigration and Citizenship Critic Don Davies and Foreign Affairs Critic Hélène Laverdière's joint statement on the government's defunding of Palestine House.

An alleged welcoming centre for Palestinian immigrants to Canada, Palestine House has been linked to Immigration fraud and sponsorship of anti-Semitic rallies in Canada and works against the Canadian government's foreign policy goals.

Immigration Don Davies in particular should serve as a warning of how far the state of Canadian politics could have descended. The dearth of NDP abilities has given a senior role to someone who criticized laws meant to deter the illegal exploitation people wishing to come to Canada through human smuggling to Canada by comparing that with the Underground Railroad that helped escaped slaves seek refuge here.

Human smuggling entails criminals bringing in illegal aliens to work as slaves in Canada or as illegal economic immigrants, a subtle distinction evidently lost on Don Davies. Davies is the same person who showed his wisdom and capability as a player in the world of international diplomacy by calling for Canada to bar entry to the former Vice President of our closest ally and trading partner.

Davies seems happy to stand up for Palestine House, stupidly claiming, "“Given the high quality and success of its programming, it’s clear the Minister cancelled this funding for political reasons, all of which have turned out to be spurious." The political reasons of which Davies wrote would include support for terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as a litany of other disgusting acts from an organization that made a mockery of government funding programs.

Davis has shown his complete gutlessness in the face of coercion from anti-Israel groups before. While attending an anti-Israel rally in Vancouver in 2009, he stood at a podium and denounced Israel, but at a meagre attempt at balance, he made a simple, obvious statement that, "Palestinians must also stop violence against Israel."

He was immediately shouted at by the bloodthirsty fanatic that comprise the anti-Israel groups embraced by his NDP colleague and namesake Libby Davies, and rather than stand his ground, like Bob Rae has in similar situations,  Davies slunk from the podium like a confused, impotent, beaten dog. He later oozed his way back to try to re-ingratiate himself to the cretinous assembly by proclaiming, "My friends, do not take anything I've said to justify Israeli actions that we've seen."

If Rae's Ontario NDP were The Clampetts, at least they were well intentioned if not able. The federal NDP would be better described as The Wormtongues, cowardly, repulsive, self-interested politicans who Canada would do well to keep as far from the halls of power as possible.

h/t Sassy Wire

Friday, February 24, 2012

Communist indoctrination for your kids courtesy of the Toronto District School Board and your tax dollars

“I asked her what she was doing,” said the parent, who wished not to be named in this article. “She said her class was learning about Occupy Toronto, and they were being asked to write a slogan or a chant as if they were down at one of the Occupy protests.

“She said this is about the 1% — this isn’t about you — it is about the billionaires and the millionaires that don’t pay any taxes.

“And I was so mad I called the school that night. This isn’t critical thinking. This, in my mind, is indoctrinating the kids into the individual teacher’s way of thinking or the school system’s way of thinking, and it is not right, not at 12 years old.

None of this is surprising. With greater focus on the biased indoctrination of students in the university system, neo-Marxists are shifting their focus to attempt to indoctrinate students in elementary and high schools.

The Toronto District School Board is actively promoting such fanticism through conferences to encourage teachers to promote their biases. And this comes with the full support of Dalton McGuinty's Minister of Education, Laurel Broten.

The nanny police state strikes again in Ontario!

Police arrested a Kitchener, Ont., father outside his daughter’s school because the four-year-old drew a picture of him holding a gun.

Jessie Sansone told the Record newspaper that he was in shock when he was arrested Wednesday and taken to a police station for questioning over the drawing. He was also strip-searched.

Dictator of Wadiya launches threat against Academy Awards

Great promo for Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie, "The Dictator"

h/t Scaramouche

Rabbi Shmuley's Accusation of anti-Semitism against Michael Coren is Absurd

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is a pop-rabbi known less as a theologian than as an author of self-help books, a hanger-on of Michael Jackson,  and a TV personality featured as an occasional guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. This fellow, currently exploring the possibility of running as a  Republican Congressional candidate in New Jersey, who bills himself as America's Rabbi, appeared on Sun TV's The Arena with Michael Coren yesterday.

Rabbi Shmuley, as he likes to be called, did the show to plug his new book, Kosher Jesus, which has gained some controversy in the orthodox Jewish community for describing Jesus and his teachings' close connection to Judaic traditions. There is absolutely nothing controversial about the conclusions Rabbi Shmuley reaches in his book. Robert Graves, the great war poet,  classical scholar, and the extraordinary author of unforgettable novels like I Claudius,  made identical assertions some sixty-six years ago, though in the form of historical fiction, in his book King Jesus.

Rabbi Shmuley's segment with Michael Coren did not go well. When discussing Jewish attitudes, Coren complained of the negative depictions that secular, leftist Jews attribute to conservative Christians. This set Rabbi Shmuley off and the conversation quickly degenerated into a shouting match, with Shmuley accusing Coren of dredging up anti-Semitic canards and Coren  responding that words he did not say were being put in his mouth and that Shmuley was in effect in denial of historical fact and contemporary reality.

Within a few hours of taping the interview, before it was even broadcast later in the day, Shmuley Boteach, through his press agent, sent out an email blast accusing Coren of perpetrating a "disgusting slur, a tributary of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that the Jews control whole segments of society."

What to say about all of this? Well, I have a few things and I'm in a unique position to comment. Firstly, the idea of Michael Coren being anti-Semitic is patently absurd. I have known Michael for over a year, appeared on his television show about half a dozen times, spoken to him and corresponded with him on many other occasions. He is outspoken about  and proud of his own Jewish heritage, which has made him the target of anti-Semitism from Islamists and fanatical leftists like those who skulk in online ideological cesspools such as rabble.ca.

What Michael said about secular leftist Jews and their contempt for conservative Christianity is something he has said to me about secular leftist Christians. Indeed he was much more harsh in his assessment of them. Perhaps Michael would have done well to bring that point up with Rabbi Shmuley, but given the heat of the exchange and the Rabbi's constant interruptions, that opportunity never arose.

Rabbi Shmuley seemed to take great issue with the contention by Coren that Jews are influential in Hollywood. I was a Strategic Planing and Creative Executive for a major Hollywood film production company and during my time with it was involved with a slate of films that were nominated for 14 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director,  Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Documentary. 

The fact is that there are a lot of Jews in very important positions in Hollywood. Anyone who is familiar with the history of the film industry knows it was virtually founded by Jews. This is not something to be ashamed of. Movies are the great American art form of the 20th Century and Jews should take pride in their role in its birth and life.

What is objectionable is to cast Jews in the fictional mold of a conspiratorial monolith who act in secret concert for some sinister end. Absolutely nothing could be further from the truth. No Hollywood executives are meeting and saying, "let's as Jews, trash Christianity."  The fact is that most Hollywood Jews, like just about everyone else in Hollywood, are secular leftists and the philosophical and ideological outlook that comes with those attitudes is reflected in their work. Most Jews in the US also vote for the Democratic Party, but that hardly makes it part of a conspiracy.

But let's be clear, Coren was talking about secular Jews and their attitudes because his guest was a Jewish rabbi, in the same way he would have raised the subject of anti-western attitudes in leftist Christian churches if the Presbyterian Moderator had been his guest.

If Michael is guilty of anything, it may be of not articulating that better. But given the inflammatory exchange, it's hardly surprising he didn't get a chance.

Michael Coren is one of Canada's most ardent defenders of Zionism and the right of Jews to national self-determination. In less than a week, he will be a panelist at an event presented by The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, an organization devoted to combating anti-Semitism. Not only is the calumnious accusation of anti-Semitism against Coren wrong, but it is a shameful disgrace and if Rabbi Shmuley has any sense, he will retract his self-serving publicity release and apologize.

UPDATE: The battle continues at the Huffington Post. It looks like both Michael and Shmuley are milking a lot of publicity out of this. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect a conspiracy (Oh, no!!! Now I'm an anti-Semite too!!!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toronto mayor Rob Ford gets a Sunday afternoon radio show

CFRB gets rid of mushy middle Councilor Josh Matlow and puts Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Councilor Doug Ford on the radio every Sunday afternoon.

h/t Etobicoke Slim

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Egyptian Imam: Soccer is a Zionist plot to corrupt Muslims!

And I always thought it was a European plot to bore North Americans

The Video the CBC doesn't want you to see

Personally, I'm not offended that the CBC bought some French soft-core porn comedy.  Lots of television, in some cases rather good television, like the Starz Spartacus series, contains graphic sex that would have been considered pornographic until quite recently.

The issue of whether a publicly funded network should broadcast something of this nature is a bit disingenuous. I understand that the material may be offensive, but most of the people objecting to it have never even watched it, other than the brief clips that Sun TV broadcast, and no one is forcing anyone to watch them. I have never seen the programs in question in their entirety, so I cannot possibly comment on their merit, although as a professional in the film industry, I will comment that the clips don't suggest 'high art' or great talent.

Nonetheless, what is startling about the whole affair is that a video juxtaposing the scenes from the racy CBC show with CBC Executive Kirstine Stewart talking about the CBC's values is something that the state broadcaster found so objectionable, it tried to suppress it. The terminology used by CBC's legal counsel was, "Placing Ms. Stewart on the same screen as graphic sex scenes is indefensible morally and legally.”

So remarkably, the CBC was deeply offended that Sun TV had the temerity to show a CBC executive along side a CBC program. Evidently the ability to understand irony is a quality lacking in the Light Entertainment division of the civil service. That accounts for such alleged comedies as Little Mosque on the Prairie, which is about as funny as gangrene.

The CBC went so far as to file a complaint with YouTube to prevent the video from being seen. However, in a small victory for the forces of goodness, blogger Blazing Cat Fur was able to prevail in his counterclaim, and so, in all its glory, here is the video the CBC doesn't want you to see:

Is the NDP stupid enough to put someone other than Mulcair in charge?

Any question that begins with, "is the NDP stupid enough..?" usually has 'yes' as the answer. But this time, on the question of whether they reject Thomas Mulcair to maintain purist socialist and anti-Western principles that dominate the party, we may see an exception. The New Democratic Party's March 24 leadership convention will reveal the extent of the Canadian far left's will to survive as a political force.

Mulcair has a reputation for being mean-spirited and aggressive. But he is, by leaps and bounds, the most intelligent, robust and capable of the NDP's weak line-up of leadership candidates, with Paul Dewar playing a distant second in the group of also-rans. Unlike the one-time front-runner Brian Topp, who has no legislative experience at all, and was relying on being the anointed choice of most of the late Jack Layton's inner circle, Mulcair has charisma and the ability to engage an audience. That is an ironic turn, since Topp was the head of Canada's actors union. Which just goes to show that those who can, do, and those who can't leech off the union dues of those who can.

The only candidates that have any chance to emerge as leader are Mulcair, Topp, Foreign Affairs Critic Dewar, and Toronto MP Peggy Nash. Other than Mulcair, the remaining three are representatives of the stereotypical ineptness that has prevented most political observers from taking the NDP seriously.

Bob Rae once took the NDP to its pinnacle,  leading it to be the governing party in Canada's most populous and prosperous province from 1990 to 1995. The outcome of that was Rae's defection to the Liberal Party upon his experiencing the reality that the NDP is comprised of incompetents unfit to govern. Rae's Ontario cabinet meetings must have resembled Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies, being flanked by dim-witted scoundrels spurring him to wonder aloud, "why must I be surrounded  by frickin' idiots?!"  At the time, the NDP caucus became known as The Clampetts after the out-of-their depth family from TV`s The Beverly Hillbillies.

Indeed, should Mulcair ascend to the leadership of the national NDP, his first and biggest challenge will be to purge his party`s upper ranks of embarrassments to the party's credibility, like anti-Israel fanatic Libby Davies.  Davies humiliated the NDP in 2010 with an impromptu video interview in which she effectively denied the legitimacy of the Jewish state and endorsed the vapid Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment campaign against it. The so-called BDS was recently denounced by one of the leading figures in the anti-Israel movement, Norman Finkelstein, as a `cult` made up of liars whose goal is the destruction of Israel. Yet Davies, who was expressly told not to engage in the Israel issue by Dewar and Jack Layton, evidently has some psychological condition that renders her incapable of inhibiting herself in that subject. Just a few days ago she was billed as a speaker at an event promoting the anti-Israel boycott and lauding the failed Sea Hitler boat mission that attempted to break Israel`s arms embargo of Gaza. Along with verteran MPs like Joe Comartin and Pat Martin, who are regular sources of embarrassment to the NDP, Mulcair will have a lot to contend with if he takes the reins of Canada`s political joke party.

But for the NDP, that would be considerably preferable to the alternative of sliding back to the obscurity of being the third party, which would be all but guaranteed under Peggy Nash, who wants to make nice with terrorists from Hezbollah, were she to become the new party leader. The same sorry fate would ensue from a victory by the staggeringly boring Topp, who in addition to having the backing of Libby Davies, just acquired the endorsement of the anti-Semitic, terrorist-supporting Canadian Arab Federation.

Mulcair is the only NDP leadership candidate with credibility in Quebec, which now represents half their caucus. On March 24, the NDP will choose between that credibility along with the chance of being a serious Opposition that Mulcair provides, or by rejecting him, prove that radicalism and bubble-headed stupidity are the only constants of which the New Democrats are capable.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Obama wants to skirt US law to give money to corrupt UN Agency

JointMedia News Service — President Barack Obama has proposed to renew funding for the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with $79 million. UNESCO agreed to admit “Palestine” as a member last October, after which the US government cut off funding to the organization.

According to the US House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, current US law prohibits contributions to any UN body granting membership to the PLO or any other “organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.” However, according to the White House’s 2013 Budget Request, which was submitted to Congress earlier this month, “the Department of State intends to work with Congress to seek legislation that would provide authority to waive restrictions on paying the US assessed contributions to UNESCO,” reported Israel Hayom.

To Hell and Back: The Audie Murphy Story

Here's a treat, the full movie To Hell and Back, the story of WW2's most decorated soldier, Audie Murphy, starring Murphy himself, who enjoyed a popular acting career after the war.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lorrie Goldstein presents: Justin Trudeau's Diary

Dear Diary:

I, Justin Trudeau, woke up this morning wondering, as I do every morning, what Canada can do for me … Justin Trudeau.

After all, who wants to live in a country that insists on calling honour killings “barbaric”?

One where you can’t even call Peter Kent a “piece of sh*t” in the House of Commons without everybody going bananas?

Fuddle duddle.

Read the rest HERE

h/t Small Dead Animals

Scientist discovers cats can literally drive people insane

No surprise here. I always knew they were out to get me. From The Atlantic:

Flegr’s thinking is jarringly unconventional. Starting in the early 1990s, he began to suspect that a single-celled parasite in the protozoan family was subtly manipulating his personality, causing him to behave in strange, often self-destructive ways. And if it was messing with his mind, he reasoned, it was probably doing the same to others.

The parasite, which is excreted by cats in their feces, is called Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii or Toxo for short) and is the microbe that causes toxoplasmosis—the reason pregnant women are told to avoid cats’ litter boxes. Since the 1920s, doctors have recognized that a woman who becomes infected during pregnancy can transmit the disease to the fetus, in some cases resulting in severe brain damage or death...

But if Flegr is right, the “latent” parasite may be quietly tweaking the connections between our neurons, changing our response to frightening situations, our trust in others, how outgoing we are, and even our preference for certain scents. And that’s not all. He also believes that the organism contributes to car crashes, suicides, and mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

Leapin' Lizards! Iranian Ninja chicks learn to do the splits to defend their homeland

In what looks like the premise for an action comedy movie, Iran is training female ninjas en mass to defend their homeland from invasion by Chick Norris.


h/t Weasel Zippers

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Former Anishinabe Chief Terry Nelson wants to be Canada's George Galloway

Former Anishinabe Chief Terry Nelson went to Iraq in 1998 to kiss up to Saddam Hussein. Now wants to go visit Iran's puppet President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to seek permission to address Iran’s parliament on how Canada treats First Nations people.

Crazy Muslim dictators may be attractive to Nelson, but rather than going to shed crocodile tears and talk, he might to better to observe Iranian treatment of its Baha'i, Christian and Kurdish minorities, who routinely suffer persecution and torture.  However he will probably prefer to boost his sense of entitlement by complaining to foreign despots eager to exploit his stupidity.

Much work needs to be done on Native communities. But First Nations will succeed at nothing if they want the government to solve all their problems for them. That attitude makes it no wonder there was so much Native representation in the vapid Occupy Movement.

Hating the government while expecting it to play the role of Big Brother speaks to an insurmountable irrationality. Native leaders like Nelson would do well to think before alleging abuse by a government that gives them preferential employment equity opportunities and pours millions of dollars into their communities and cultural preservation programs. On the other hand, the government may be contributing to waste by rewarding such behaviour through shelling out welfare instead of investing in Native infrastructure and training opportunities and not holding Native communities accountable for their spending.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nortel Show Trial Update: Prosecution witness says Chinese hackers contributed to Nortel downfall

Computer hacking - not the bursting of the dot-com bubble or a later financial scandal - may have been the driving force behind the spectacular fall of former Canadian tech darling Nortel Networks Corp., a cyber-security expert says.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that hackers from China had breached Nortel's corporate network as far back as 2000, and maintained access to various information for at least 10 years.

That kind of hacking, said David Skillicorn of Queen's University in Ontario, may have been just as responsible, if not more, for the Nortel collapse than the dot-com bubble or the scandal that has landed three former company executives facing trial for fraud.

And in further news, yet another Crown witness does more to prove the defense's position that fraud charges are "preposterous." The Globe and Mail reports:

In earlier questioning by Crown attorney Robert Hubbard, Ms. Sledge said she felt employees were rushed to meet an October deadline to publicly disclose the company’s third-quarter financial results and the broad scope of the restatement. The restatement details were finalized in December, 2003, but Nortel announced two months later that it needed to do a second, broader restatement, which was ultimately unveiled in January, 2005.

Mr. Porter suggested the company was obliged to act quickly on the restatement in 2003 to minimize harm to investors.

“You understand it was potentially harmful to Nortel and its shareholders for quarterly statement for Q3, 2003, to be delayed and not available to the public,” he asked Ms. Sledge.

She replied that she knew it was.

Prediction: In the not-distant future, the defense moves for a summary dismissal of charges based on the prosecution not having established in any way that a crime was committed and to spare the taxpayers more wasted money and court time pursuing charges the prosecutor doesn't appear to understand...and they get a ruling in their favour.

Idiot of the Day: U Penn's Amy Kaplan

If the information in the video and story at The Blaze are correct, then University of Pennsylvania's English Professor Amy Kaplan has violated a sacred duty and crossed the line from being an educator into abusing her position to be a cheap radical political propagandist.

WTF!!??! NORMAN FINKELSTEIN calls anti-Israel BDS movement a cult of liars who want to destroy Israel!!

Full version here:

Arguing the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign with Norman Finkelstein from HuffPoMonitor on Vimeo.

Bonus (an oldie but a goodie):

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Here's a shock: Justin Trudeau's twitter followers are too stupid to understand sarcasm

Bill C-30 the invasive, ill-advised government Bill that allows police to intrude on the privacy of Canadian Internet users without a warrant, has generated some interesting backlash and discoveries.

The Globe and Mail reports:
An anonymous individual armed with a Twitter account has begun broadcasting excerpts of what are purportedly affidavits from the Manitoba Conservative MP’s divorce. The documents lay out deeply personal details of a marriage that ended in recent years.

“Vic wants to know about you. Let's get to know about Vic,” a user going by the account name @vikileaks30 said, affixing the numeric title of Mr. Toews’ bill – C-30 – to the post.
“Let's start with affidavits from Vic's divorce case.”

The Paris Hilton of Canadian politics, Justin Trudeau, has been publicizing the vikileaks30 twitter account to his 110.000 followers.

Amusingly, Mr. Trudeau the Younger's acolytes don't understand that their idol was not actually sympathizing with Mr. Towes but was taking an opportunity to disseminate embarrassing personal details of the Conservative minister's divorce.

Why is it not surprising that people who think Justin Trudeau should be Prime Minister have extremely limited comprehension abilities?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alan Dershowitz: Soros-funded Media Matters is "the equivalent of David Duke on the Extreme Left"

“Media Matters and Center for American Progress are two extremely left-bigoted groups that are so virulently anti-Israel and anti-supporters of Israel that they’ve gone over the line from anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism,” Dershowitz said. ”They now use the term ‘Israel firsters,’ the way anti-Catholic bigots used to use the term ‘Vatican firsters’ or ‘Irish firsters,’ as if to suggest Americans who support Israel have dual loyalty. This false charge goes back to the Bible — goes back to the Book of Esther, goes back thousands of years. It was one of Hitler’s justifications for killing the Jews: ‘Dual loyalty, they’re not good Germans, they’re not good Americans,’ whatever it is.”

Dershowitz has been vocal against Media Matters in recent days, making that charge of anti-Semitism. However, his classification of the Center for American Progress as borderline “anti-Semitic” is noteworthy because both Media Matters and the Center for Progress have received money directly from billionaire left-wing financier George Soros, who has faced similar charges in the past.

“These two organizations have been found to be anti-Semitic by many of the objective monitoring groups,” he said. “And now they are closely associated with the Democratic Party and I have said very clearly there is no room in this tent for me on the one hand, and for Media Matters and for this other group on the other hand. We can’t be in the same tent. I will not be in a tent with fascists, with supporters of Ahmadinejad, with supporters of Hamas, with supporters of Hezbollah, with anti-Semitic bigots, whether they’re Jewish or not. Some of them are Jewish. Some of them are not.”

More here

My letter to the Honourable Jason Kenney

Dear Minister Kenney,

My name is Richard Klagsbrun – I asked you a question a few months ago at the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center in Toronto during your announcement of The Hon. Tim Uppal’s Private Member’s Bill regarding government support for the Holocaust Memorial. As you may recall, it was about the government continuing to provide funds for organizations that actively work against Canadian foreign policy interests.

I was gratified to read that you recently decided to withhold finding for Palestine House, which has not only been involved in supporting Immigration Fraud according to news reports, but has been involved in outspoken support for terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas. Your decision sends a strong signal that the government will not facilitate support for terrorism or Canadian would-be enablers of undemocratic, terror-supporting regimes.

 As a Canadian from birth and a taxpayer, I would like to commend you for your decision.

Background on this at Blazing Cat Fur

You can write Minister Kenney at his email address jason.kenney@parl.gc.ca

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get ready for something really silly: 20 Cats as Fonts

See them all at this link

See Michael Coren, Tarek Fatah, Carole MacNeil and Jonathan Kay live!

Media Perceptions of the Middle East is a free event at the University of Toronto on Thursday, March 5th from 7 to 9 pm.

It's a live panel discussion with Jonathan Kay, Carole MacNeil, Tarek Fatah and Michael Coren.

Stupid Iranian terrorist blows his feet off in Bangkok

Amid a wave of Iranian terror attacks against Israeli targets..

A bungling Iranian bomber blew off his own legs when he hurled a grenade at Thai police outside a Bangkok school - which bounced off a tree and then exploded at his feet.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Today's Arab Spring Triumph: Libya Tells UN Rights Council “Gays threaten continuation of human race”

More proof the so-called Arab Spring is a cold Arab Winter

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dambisa Moyo on why aid to Africa has been a disaster

Toronto Mayor Ford's opponents may be in for some unpleasant surprises

Before resigning recently to become an editor at the Toronto Sun, Adrienne Batra was Toronto mayor Rob Ford's Press Secretary.

She wrote a column describing what the Mayor's office did wrong in the recent dispute over transit plans, and how Ford's opponents have overestimated the affect this single council vote victory has given them.

UPDATE: Ford takes his Save Our Subways campign to the public

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Phyllis Chesler: The Marxist Mission to Destroy Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The feminism I once championed — and still do — was first taken over by Marxists and subsequently “Stalinized.” It was then conquered again by Islamists and “Palestinianized.” I and a handful of others maintained honorable minority positions on a host of issues. In time, women no longer mattered as much to many feminists — at least, not as much as Edward Said’s Arab men of color did. The Arab men were more fashionable victims who had not only been formerly “colonized” but who, to this day, are still being “occupied” by allegedly “apartheid”–intentioned Jews.

While most of my generation of feminists have long ago retired, died, fallen ill, or have continued to rest visibly on their own earliest laurels, I continue to champion universalist values and to resist the death-grip of multicultural relativism.

But my cohort have influenced the media. Thus, I am not at all surprised to see that Deborah Scroggins has just written a book titled Wanted Women: Faith, Lies, and the War on Terror: The Lives of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Aafiya Siddiqui. Truly, she has got to be kidding. Alas, I am afraid that she is serious.

The rest of Chesler's review is at PJ Media

Here is the link to the New York Times review of Scroggins' mindless screed.  Even the reviewer, who seems to buy in to Scroggin's vapid central premise that anyone opposed to radical Islam is a bigot, realizes that the biographer sounds somewhat demented for demonstrating sympathies to an aspirant mass-murderer while reviling a peaceful intellectual. But language is always a good indicator of thought and the Times' reviewer Dwight Garner betrays his thinking by using the term "genital cutting." What he really means is Islamic-influenced genital mutilation, but uses the politically correct terminology because "mutilation" suggests a value judgement that discriminates against those Muslims who think their daughters' clitorises should be chopped off so that they are less likely to be promiscuous.

Sort of like those people who, for the same reason, are afraid to call Honor Killings "barbaric cultural practices."

h/t Dodo Can Spell

Sunday Afternoon Round-Up

Former pop diva Whitney Houston dies at age 48 in Beverly Hills hotel bathtub.

Syrian revolution gets upped a notch as one of Assad's generals is gunned down.

Iran increases restriction of free flow of information on the Internet.

Abbotsford killjoys get annual sex convention cancelled

Canadian Supreme Court rules Internet Service Providers are not subject to broadcast regulations.

Is Rick Santorum the new Newt Gingrich (aka the not-Romney candidate)?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Black History Month: The unknown story of Toronto’s first black postman

When Albert Jackson showed up for his first day of work as a mailman, on May 17, 1882, the other letter carriers refused to show him the rounds. The reason: He was black.

The incident was reported by the press, which wrote about “the obnoxious coloured man.” White letter carriers and office staff were indignant that a black man was appointed to the job, which placed him in a higher rank than some white employees.

The postal service reassigned Jackson to the menial job of hall porter, hoping to defuse the situation. It didn’t.
For several weeks, the story of Toronto’s first black postman was hotly debated in the city’s newspapers. On Jackson’s first day of work, white mail carriers told The Evening Telegram his appointment by the government was “a most impolitic move.”

Toronto’s black community was galvanized into action and supported Jackson, a former child slave from the United States who had escaped to Canada along the Underground Railroad.

They were determined to see Jackson working his mail route and took their demands to John A. Macdonald, the prime minister. It was an election year, and they were heard. Wanting to please black voters, Macdonald intervened.

Read the rest at The Toronto Star

Saturday Morning Movie: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Friday, February 10, 2012

Breaking News: George Galloway is still a lying scumbag

Galloway has aligned himself with depraved anti-Semites like Mahathir Mohamed in order to promote his money-sucking scam, Viva Palestina!

h/t Sassy Wire

McGill Prof Gil Troy discusses the fanaticism seeking to destroy Israel

Israel is a tiny country, about the size of Rhode Island. In population its size is less than ten percent of each of regional neighbours Egypt, Turkey or Iran.

It is a stable westernized liberal democracy, the only country that can be so described in the middle east, and is the subject of a compulsive focus and vilification in some quarters.

Honest Reporting Canada presented an intimate talk last night by McGill University History Professor Gil Troy about the distortions and obsession that Israel stimulates in the media and on campuses.

Gil Troy
One of the points that emerged is how university campuses are like a looking glass world, where everything is, in many ways, backwards. This is particularly the case as far as liberal arts are concerned. Karl Marx, along with his followers and ideologies that caused millions of deaths are almost universally reviled , but on western campuses, he is still idolized by many university professors and students with an aggrandized sense of entitlement and whose concept of reality shows little comprehension of the world outside the ivory tower.

Troy suggested that the best approach is being reasonable and truthful in the face of lies, lsuch as the absurd propaganda campaign to delegitimize Israel through the false label of "apartheid."

In fact Marx has a lot to do with Israel's demonization in the west. It's no coincidence that many, if not most of the academics seeking to delegitimize Israel are Marxists who see Israel as a symbol of western capitalism. That, said Troy, is one of the indications of the anti-Semitism that has creeped into and often drives the anti-Israel movement.

Israel, a beacon of democracy and hope amid a region where its neighbours have abysmal human rights records, has the truth as its defense. But in a maelstrom of lies and distortions by bigots and Islamists and their useful campus idiots, the truth sometimes must struggle to be heard.

Honest Reporting Canada has done much to make sure that lies about Israel in the media are exposed. They were most recently instrumental in bringing public attention to the vicious anti-Israel hate speech of fanatical Quebec TV host and small-town political boss Stephane Gendron, who pronounced, "Israel doesn't deserve to exist," and whose televised diatribes have combined anti-Semitism with his twisted hatred of the Jewish state.

It's lies and those who promote them that are a blight we would be better off without. The challenge of having the fortitude and courage to stand up to hateful propagandists unfortunately is one that will remain ongoing for some time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

City Council gives finger to mayor & city and votes for more traffic congestion and neighborhood disruption

Mayor Ford tells city council the people of Toronto do not want another St. Clair West fiasco.

He asked for a study on the best practice and the smug leftists on council laughed when he said it's best to do what's in the city's best interest and not to "play politics."

Some might claim the laughter was because they think Ford routinely plays politics. I'd suggest that for Councillors like Adam Vaughan and Joe Mihevc to be able to restrain their uncontrollable ideological bent is so impossible as to be a joke.

The City loses again.

UPDATE:While the councillors who voted against the subway were congratulating themselves after the vote, Rob Ford was riding the subways hearing how people who use the TTC support his plan.

Nortel Show Trial Update: Crown's case continues to unravel

The testimony of witness after witness in the Nortel show trial appears to demonstrate the the Crown doesn't have a case in the fraud prosecution of three senior Executives. Fraud by definition involves deceit, and the Crown has consistently been thwarted in every effort to show that Former Nortel CEO Frank Gunn, CFO Douglas Beatty and Controller Michael Gollogly were anything but forthcoming with the firm's auditors and board.

According to a report in the Financial Post, today's star Crown witness, Sue Shaw, the chief handler of financial consolidation records for the one-time telecom giant’s corporate books, testified to Crown prosecutors earlier this week that $66-million in accrued liabilities had been identified as early as mid-2002 as being no longer necessary to account for. It meant the sum should have been released into quarterly results, a common practice at Nortel at the time.

The Crown alleges the sum, alongside millions more in balance-sheet provisions, never made it to the income statement. Instead, the values were shifted to later periods, an Ontario Superior Court of Justice trial has heard.

Except, it turns out that Ms Shaw actually didn't know what she was talking about.

As The Post detailed:

David Porter, lawyer for former chief executive Frank Dunn, Wednesday entered into evidence a December, 2002 email between Nortel finance officials with an attached spreadsheet. A number of corporate reserves were listed as being dispatched to Nortel’s third-quarter 2002 income. It was presumably a document Ms. Shaw had not seen before.

“It appears that sixty-six million was released in that period,” the witness said. The direct repudiation undercut a central allegation by the Crown in its fraud case..

Oops! Seems yet again, the prosecution is made a fool of in this case. One wonders when pursuing obviously incorrect charges becomes an embarrassment and undermines the administration of justice in Ontario. The longer this trial continues without a summary judgement in favour of the defense, the more glaring that question becomes.

McGill Student Communists and Buffoons end "occupation" of Administrative Offices

From CTV News: MONTREAL — A few dozen McGill students continued a sit-in Wednesday at the James Administration building over a disagreement with administrators over funding for certain student bodies, notably the Quebec Public Interest Research Group (QPIRG) and CKUT Radio.

The students camped overnight outside the sixth floor office of McGill Deputy Provost Morton Mendelson as well as on the first floor.

Some complained that they had been refused entry to the bathroom facilities and were not allowed to return once they had left.

The students are upset that brass has declined to recognize the results of a student referendum which showed that about two-thirds of students favour the continuation of QPIRG.

The administrators responded by saying that the question was unclear. The two sides have met but failed to come to a resolution.

QPIRG provides resources to students with projects that have a, "mandate of social justice and environmental activism."

Just to be clear, The Communist, terrorist fan-club QPIRG which in its sister group at Concordia recently celebrated the works of a German terrorist responsible for the murders of a number of innocent civilians, was upset that McGill was allowing it students to opt out of compulsory payments to it from their student activitiy fees.

That means they got the money that student's didn't necessarily want to give them, and they were upset that the University was making it just a bit easier for students to not have to fork money over to subsidize their fanatical, communist BS.

That the students who are in QPIRG can even get to enroll in McGill is a comment on the declining standards of Canadian universities.

Just to get a sense of the stupidity and sense of entitlement these half-wits possess, get a load of this comment from student Sami Fink, who  was among a group of students gathered outside the administration building, chanting support for the sit-in, who, according to CBC News, said she is upset with the tact the university is taking:

“Other administrations have been known to send pizza and support student democracy, but McGill is taking a hard-line stance.."

That's right, she's upset that McGill Administration isn't buying pizza for the demonstrators illegally occupying their offices.  This country is in deep trouble if that vapid expression of thought is any indication of the generation of graduates our schools are producing.

Video: Nicolas Quiazua / Le Délit

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Iranian lawmaker wants to ban Samsung products over "insulting" Israeli ad

A senior lawmaker says Iran's Majlis is considering a plan to cut off the country's economic transactions with South Korea's Samsung in reaction to the company's anti-Iran teaser.

Head of Majlis Energy Committee Arsalan Fat'hipour said the double-urgency plan, aimed at imposing a complete ban on buying all Samsung products, would make the company regret making the insulting teaser

Embassy Magazine shilling for Iran

Embassy Magazine publishes the Toronto Star's resident Islamist Harroon Siddiqui, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they would promote the interests of Islamic Republics.

But as something that purports to be "Canada’s influential foreign policy newspaper," it's interesting to see that they are trying to exert influence in favour of a murderous, theocratic dictatorship.

Hollywood does Canadian History: Hudson's Bay (1941)

The St. Clair West fiasco should be a lesson for Toronto Council

A looming battle at Toronto's City Hall over the future of the municipality's public transportation is going to settle less about that issue than it is a stage for the mayor's opponents to flex some muscle where they see an opportunity. City Council is a continual conflict between the committed socialist and conservative factions, with the outcome decided by a few non-aligned politicians who vote, depending on who were talking about, either on the basis of their assessment of a proposal or on what they see as the most personally advantageous position to take.

The Transit City battle pits the mayor and his allies who want a subway against the Millerite  socialists who are pushing for an above-ground light rail system that was the legacy of the so-called Transit City proposal.

But what is actually best for the city? 

The mayor argues that the above ground system's requirement to have exclusive use of two traffic lanes would increase congestion on an already gridlocked road, while providing only slightly better travel time than a streetcar.

The light rail supporters claim the subway's expense is unfeasible despite a recently commissioned study which reported a contrary conclusion.

If recent history is a guide,it appears the real motive of the light rail advocates seems to be more a disdain for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford than the best transit proposal for the city.

A few years ago, a similar proposal to the light rail was put into place on St. Clair Avenue West. A pair of dedicated streetcar lanes was supposed to streamline transit, speed up travel times and revitalize the area at a relatively minor cost. The project was shepherded by the Toronto Transit Commission Vice Chair and Ward 21 Councillor Joe Mihevc, one of the main backers of the current light rail proposal.

The St. Clair line was handled devastatingly badly. It ran three times the cost estimate, it did irreparable damage to a number of local businesses as traffic was disrupted over the years of construction that went far beyond the time it was supposed to have been completed.

As someone remarked to me at the time, "Why couldn't the city just paint two yellow lines around the inside lanes, put up 'streetcar only' signs, and save 5 years and $100 million?" At the time, the answer seemed to be because politicians love spending other people's money and the power and influence that comes along with it.

Now, years later, traffic on St Clair, which has two more lanes than the relatively narrow Eglinton Avenue, is bottle-necked for cars at major intersections and the streetcars continue their old practice of moving in packs, meaning sometimes three will show up within two minutes leaving riders an up to 20 minute wait at times. Once you're on the streetcar, the ravel time between Christie and Yonge Streets, which is about half the length of the St. Clair line, has only improved by about three to four minutes from the days before dedicated lanes dominated the street.

The above ground dedicated lanes have also created a new barrier between the north and south sides of St.Clair which makes it more difficult for pedestrians to cross the street, leading to an unusual north/south divide that hadn't existed.

None of this has happened on Bloor/Danforth of University where the city's current subway lines speed people to their destination efficiently and at faster speeds than cars could take them through the city's crowded roads.

Bruce McCuaig, the head of Metrolinx, the Ontario government agency responsible for transportation coordination, has just chimed into the debate on the mayor's side, saying Mr. Ford’s preferred plan for underground light rail on Eglinton Avenue “delivers greater benefit” than the Transit City version a coalition of councillors want to revive.

For those of us who have seen what that coalition of councilors achieved in the past, Mr. McCuaig's assessment sounds like a 'no-brainer'. Unfortunately, when talking about City Council and a few of its members who are oppositional because of ideology and grudges, sometimes a no-brainer requires more brains than they seem to have.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Here's a statistic that might cause problems for Apple's iPhone

Android users more likely to have sex on the 1st date.

Niall Ferguson: There are plenty of arguments against an Israeli attack on Iran. And all of them are bad

...picture the scene once described to me by a four-star general. It is not the proverbial 3 a.m. but 11 p.m. in the White House (7 a.m. in Israel). The phone rings.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Mr. President, we have reliable intelligence that the Israeli Air Force is in the air and within an hour of striking suspected nuclear facilities in Iran.

POTUS: Damn. What should I do?

CJCS: Mr. President, I want to recommend that you provide the Israelis with all necessary support to limit the effectiveness of Iranian retaliation.

POTUS: But those [expletives deleted] never ran this past me. They went behind my back, goddammit.

CJCS: Yes, sir.

POTUS: Why the hell should I lift a finger to help them?

CJCS: Because if the Iranians close the Strait of Hormuz, we will see oil above $200 a barrel.

POTUS [after a pause]: Just a moment. [Whispers] How am I doing in Florida?

David Axelrod [also whispering]: Your numbers suck.

POTUS: OK, General, line up those bunker busters.

Read Niall Ferguson's article at The Daily Beast

Stanford Law School embarrasses itself by celebrating a 9-11 conspiracy nut and terror-apologist

Seven decades later, how does the UN live up to the vision and resolve of its founders?

An event this evening at Stanford University is a sobering reminder that some of what is said and done today in the name of the UN would cause Roosevelt and Churchill to roll in their graves.

The human rights clinic of the law faculty, headed by Professor James Cavallaro, a former Human Rights Watch activist, has decided to give its platform, in the form of a public lecture and reception, to Richard Falk, a UN expert and former Princeton academic.

While he appears highly qualified and is well versed in the language of human rights, the reality is that Falk’s twisted moral vision negates the UN founders’ dream, recasting tyrants, terrorists and teachers of hatred as heroic victims resisting colonialist oppression.

As the world focuses on the Iranian government’s mad race for a nuclear bomb, and its brutal repression of peaceful student activists, Stanford’s human rights scholars ought to recall that Falk was a key promoter of this regime’s establishment.

Days after Ayatollah Khomeini seized power in 1979, Falk reassured the world, in a New York Times op-ed titled “Trusting Khomeini,” that “the depiction of him as fanatical, reactionary and the bearer of crude prejudices seems certainly and happily false.”

Khomeini’s entourage, wrote Falk, had “a notable record of concern for human rights.” Indeed, the ayatollah’s “new model of popular revolution” offered the world “a desperately-needed model of humane governance for a third-world country.”

More at UN Watch

Newt Gingrich's new message: Romney = Obama

Combat Footage smuggled out of Syria

BBC News snuck a team into Syria and produced  this shocking video of the civil war currently underway.

h/t Sassy Wire

BREAKING NEWS: Still no plans for the Sea Hitler to make a mercy mission to Syria:

If you thought "giant shrimp" was an oxymoron before, get ready for this!

The "supergiant" amphipods are more than 20 times larger than their typical crustacean relatives, which are generally less than a half-inch (1 centimeter) long, and thrive in lakes and oceans around the world. They are sometimes called the "insects of the sea."..

The pale, leggy creatures were found 4 miles (6 kilometers) down in the Kermadec Trench, off the northeast coast of New Zealand, one of the deepest trenches on Earth.

More at Our Amazing Planet

Toronto Council considering removing itself from jurisdiction of Ontario Municipal Board

The Ontario Municipal Board is an unelected body appointed by the provincial government that has been the source of a number of horror stories.

People objecting to obtrusive, unwanted over-development in their neighbourhoods have been threatened with fines and hearing costs by the OMB. The OMB had forced development down the throats of communities, overruling elected representatives.

It's an undemocratic, administrative boondoggle that should never have been brought into existence.

Toronto City Council is currently considering the proposal to ask the Province to abolish the OMB.

Let's hope they make the right decision and vote YES.

Best of Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

For those of you who didn't catch them (perhaps because you live somewhere like Canada)

You can pick through the list in the widget below:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

And for those of you who haven't seen the Swedish sheep herding bunny yet..

Another Arab Spring Triumph - Egyptian actor sentenced to prison for "insulting Islam"

The sentence Wednesday evening came weeks after Islamists swept most seats in a parliamentary election. The case was brought by Asran Mansour, a lawyer with ties to Islamist groups, and had languished in court for months, judicial sources said.

Mansour accused the actor of offending Islam and its symbols, including beards and the Jilbab, a loose-fitting garment worn by some Muslims, the Egyptian news portal Ahramonline reported.

Does anyone remember that attention-seeking airhead who wanted to bring an Arab Spring to Canada? She should consider going to Egypt to experience the real thing.

Union concessions avoid Toronto municipal strike

The details aren't out yet, and won't be until the union ratifies the deal. It's unlikely the deal will be rejected because the city's administration was looking for the union to hand them a "go ahead, make my day" moment.

Marcus Gee of the Globe and Mail wrote up an excellent summary:

.. the city set a deadline of a minute after midnight on Feb. 5. Many had assumed the city would lock out its workers at that time if a deal had not been reached. The union's propaganda for the last couple of weeks seemed intended to portray it as the injured party if workers were indeed locked out. Mr. Ferguson was suddenly all moderation and optimism, saying first that the union would agree to settle for no pay increase and that it had no plans to strike. If it came to a lockout, he could say: We were talking and making concessions, so why the need to lock us out of our jobs?

But on Friday, in an unusual and aggressive move, the city said that it would not lock out the union at midnight. Instead it would impose new working conditions set out in its most recent contract proposal. The city was demanding more flexibility in how it deploys and, if necessary, lays off its employees.

The tactic put the union in a fix. Going to work on Monday morning as usual under new city-imposed conditions might have seemed like a tacit acceptance of them, a fait accompli. Suddenly calling a strike in protest at the city's move would have been equally tough for the union, given they had said they had no strike plans. Mr. Ferguson called the city a “bully” for making the threat but stayed at the bargaining table. Some time in the dark hours of Sunday morning, a deal was done.

Deportation stayed against Iranian in Canada

Kavoos Soofi arrived in Canada from Iran on a student visa in 2004. Once in Canada, he denounced the Iranian regime and Islam on his facebook page and has applied for refugee status on the grounds that he would be imprisoned, tortured or even kiled if he was returned to Iran.

After an initial rejection of his application and Soofi going on a hunger strike, his appeal was successful and he can stay for now. The reason his application was rejected was because Immigration officials didn't think his facebook postings would place his safety in serious danger.

Immigration Canada officials need to know that any Iranian who denounces Islam or the totalitarian regime in any public way is in jeopardy from the sociopathic Iranian dictatorship.

Gary McHale could have avoided all the trouble by renaming his group "Occupy Caledonia"

Apparently, if you stick "Occupy" in front of your name, the police let you do whatever you like.

McHale and his law-abiding group, get another form of treatment:

CAYUGA Law and order activist Gary McHale is planning another protest at the scene of a six-year-old native occupation in Caledonia after trespassing charges were dropped against the so-called Caledonia Eight for entering the property last year...

McHale, leader of Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality (CANACE), argues that the Ontario Provincial Police have practised “two-tier justice” in Caledonia during the land claims dispute by treating natives more leniently than non-natives.

Douglas Creek Estates, a former housing development, was occupied by a group from Six Nations in Feb. 2006 because they say it was being built on unsurrendered land. McHale and some of his supporters entered the site Dec. 3, 2011, but said they were not trespassing on the Ontario government-owned property because they were on a road allowance owned by Haldimand County.

“It’s completely legal,” McHale told the Dunnville Chronicle about walking on the road allowance.
“They have the opportunity to prove to the public that they honour the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for all people, but I believe the OPP will find a different tactic this time … they’ll find some trick once again to target us even though we’re doing a peaceful march down a road.”

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Friday, February 3, 2012

At U of Victoria, Social Justice = admiration for mass murderers and a love-in for terror enablers

Michael Ross' article in the National Post discusses another example of how on campuses, the term "social justice" has become a euphemism for radical, anti-Western socialism.

Feel free to contact the University of Victoria and let them know what you think about them.

Prisoners trick Vermont State Police into having a pig symbol on their cruisers

Can you spot the piggy?
I guess the geniuses who thought it would be a good idea to have prisoners print the decals for Vermont State Police cars figured it was a not-so-subtle irony.

Well, they didn't factor in the mischievousness of one group of convicts who managed to sneak a pig on to the State Police vehicle symbol without being noticed for almost 2 years.

h/t Doug D.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Survey shows that Canadians support the government on its mideast policies

A new survey indicates that most Canadians think the government is on he right course with its policies involving Israel and the Palestinians (that's if you include the 3% who think Mr. Harper is too pro-Palestinian.)

But the real results of the survey should come as no surprise to people who follow the issue: Most Canadians just don't care all that much about the issue.

The weird cannibal from The Hills Have Eyes likes Ron Paul and believes in crazy conspiracies

Although from the rest of this interesting account, Michael Berryman sounds like a very personable guy.

All of the original Wes Craven scholck horror classic:

Jihad at Canadian Campuses

Rather than heed the warnings of our parliamentarians and the government, it appears universities have entrenched their position, resulting in an increased assault on tolerance, justice, and human rights. The universities profess to be the guardians of free speech and, in so doing, are aiding and abetting the increasingly toxic environment on campuses by providing public space to speakers who are divisive and hateful.

Of course, we are all advocates of unfettered speech. It is one of the cornerstones of a free and democratic society. But when one group is consistently targeted by hate campaigns, something is clearly wrong.

More of Avi Benlolo's column at The Huffington Post

Apparently the death penalty for homosexuality in the United Arab Emirates only applies if both parties consent

On the books, the penalty for homosexuality in the United Arab Emirates is death.

But after an Asian man was kidnapped and raped by 13 relatives of a woman he had a relationship with, the penalties only ranged from 1 to 2 years.

Anti-Semitic Huntingdon mayor "regrets" he made an idiot of himself (again)

Huntingdon mayor and apparent Satanist Stephane Gendron issues a weak, seemingly forced apology about his statements on Israel after the network that hosts his show chastised him for them.

The Jewish Defense League of Canada held protests in front of Gendron's office last week, bringing national media attention to Gendron's having called Israel an apartheid state that doesn’t deserve to exist and wished it would “collapse.”

Gendron had previously made anti-Semitic comments on the V network program Face a Face, accusing Jews of "a deep-seated contempt for non-Jews."

Gendron's inflammatory invective was first exposed in the English-language media by Honest Reporting Canada.