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Monday, October 31, 2011

Is Halloween going to be banned by politically correct school board pinheads?

The move to ban Halloween in schools is a facet of cultural relativism and insane equity policies pushed by pinheads in school boards who are proponents of Critical Pedagogy.

Michael Coren and Richard Klagsbrun discuss something really scaaarrrryyy!!!

thanks to sdamatt2 for the video!

Now wasn't that scary, kids??!!??

Special Hallowe'en night treat - The Return of the Living Dead (entire movie!)

One of those classic gory horror comedies from the 80's.. it might give you a craving for fresh brains:

Occupy Movement: Animal Farm meets Lord of the Flies

Sexual assaults, censorship, threats, physical assaults and a complete inability to be able to handle any situation - you can see it in the video below taken at "Occupy Ottawa"

The imbeciles of the Occupy Movement couldn't manage a lemonade stand, but they want to start a revolution to undo the most successful socio-economic system in the history of the world.

I think the real motive of the Occupy Movement is that they want to have their own reality show.

Sign the petition demanding the "occupiers" pay for the damage they cause to public property

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Palestinian Leader Abbas says Arabs made a mistake in rejecting 1947 Partition Plan creating Israel

Asked why the Arabs had rejected the plan while Jewish leaders accepted it, Abbas replied: “It was our mistake. It was an Arab mistake as a whole. But do they punish us for this mistake for 64 years?” Palestinian leaders have always insisted that Resolution 181, which paved the way for Jewish statehood in parts of then-British-ruled Palestine, must be resisted by Arabs who went to war over it.   
Decades of regional fighting have hinged on challenges to Israel’s existence and expansion.  
By describing historical fault on the Arab side, Abbas appeared to be offering Israel an olive branch, while promoting his own bid to sidestep stalled peace talks by winning UN recognition for a sovereign Palestine.  
When the interviewer suggested the reason was Jewish leaders’ acceptance of the plan and its rejection by the Arabs, Abbas said: “I know, I know. It was our mistake. It was our mistake. It was an Arab mistake as a whole.”

The rest is at The Jerusalem Post

EXTRA: Condoleeza Rice's memoirs discuss how Abbas made his own mistake in rejecting the Olmert deal which would have given Palestinians 100% of the amount of pre-1967 land that Israel conquered from Jordan.

OISE wants to Decolonize Canada!! Let's start with 252 Bloor Street West in Toronto

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), the home of fanatical programs that guide its students to view people less as individuals than representatives of their racial group, is promoting the idea that Canada is an evil, colonialist outpost and wants us to begin the process of "decolonizing."

So either they are sincere or a bunch of hopeless hypocrites. If the "equity and decolonization advocates" at OISE mean what they say, they can start by handing over one of the country`s most covetable pieces of real estate at 252 Bloor Street West in Toronto back to the Iroquois Indians who were occupants of the area when it was colonized by the Europeans. But then the Iroquois would need to return it to the Hurons, whom they drove out prior to claiming the land for themselves. Oh well, that`s the trouble of pointing the finger of `colonizer`at people, since as we all came out of Africa many millenia ago, there isn`t a place on earth that is owned by its original occupants. But that kind of information might overload the brains of the sort of people who choose to pursue an area of study at the bottom end of the academic scale like OISE`s Sociology and Equity Studies in Education program.

But with their devotion to decolonization, I look forward to seeing a Native Cultural Centre replace the vapid programs  on the vast property which the University of Toronto has allowed OISE to transform into a fortress of stupidity.

A Native Centre would be the best use the building has been put to in the last two decades. But don`t hold your breath waiting for OISE to overcome its self-interest and hypocrisy.

h/t Scaramouche

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sign the petition demanding that the city bill the St. James Park squatters for damages

"Occupy Toronto" has taken over a park in downtown Toronto, necessitating extra policing costs, Their protests that have taken to the streets have caused major inconveniences for businesses and individuals. That combined with extensive damage to St. James Park that will need to be repaired will cost Toronto taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Protest is an intrinsic democratic right, but the right to damage public property and disrupt the local economy in violation of civil laws is not. Occupy Toronto continues to engage in such acts with financial and material support from a variety of public service unions.

Occupy Toronto is comprised of attention-seeking individuals with an inflated sense of entitlement who feel that they have a right to have their desires paid out of other people's pockets. They have complained about cuts to civic services, yet are adding to municipal expenses which put greater pressure on available resources that may cause deprivation to people in genuine need.

Urban camping is not a basic civil right. Therefore we the undersigned demand that:

The Mayor and/or Chief of Police order police to issue fines to any individual violating city by-laws by camping in St. James Park as of November 1, 2011.

Sign the petition at this link

Medieval peasants protest against modernity in Toronto

Ryerson Journalism student Samuel Greenfield's shocking expose of Occupy Toronto:

h/t Ye Olde Blazing Cat Fur

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011

Iranian government funds hate in Toronto

Blazing Cat Fur has done another fine investigation showing the financial links between the Iranian government and local Islamist groups, including the one that sponsored the Queens Park hate rally in Toronto last August.

Check out BCF`s post here

The importance of checking who you're involved with on the net


Eye on a Crazy Planet recently did a published a piece on the Holocaust-denying, 9-11 conspiracy site Veterans Today. There was a link to Vet Jobs there that gave the impression that the Job link, HireVeterans.com was affiliated with Veterans Today.

Some of America's most prominent corporations pay to be "featured employers" on HireVeterans.com, which is directly linked to on Veterans Today. The two sites are both members of what is called The Veterans Today Network, which combined with the similarity in look between the sites gave the impression of a common business interest.

However I have been informed by the President of HireVeterans.com that such is not the case.

In fact, when he learned of the matter, the President of Success Spear LLC, which owns and operates HireVeterans.com, was appalled by the content on the Veterans Today site that links to his.

Veterans Today is one of the most repugnant, disgusting websites on the Internet. Its misleading name and the American flag on its banner head suggest its primary interest is in US military veteran's issues. But the website has board members like Lt General Hamid Gul, the former head of the Pakistani Intelligence Service, whose support for the Taliban resulted in the killing of many US servicemen in Afghanistan. The website is the public voice of insane 9-11 conspiracy theorists who claim that the US government was responsible for the terror attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Jew-haters, Holocaust deniers, bigots and others whose idea of political commentary suggests they have a serious mental illness.

Veterans Today describes notorious neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel as a "human rights activist" and a recent column denied the Holocaust happened but concluded with "If it does “happen again,” can I say that I just hope that they get it right the next time?"

( UPDATE: Nov 28/11 - It looks like the psychopaths at Veterans Today were a little sensitive about being identified as advocates for genocide, so they recently excised the line above from that article.)

HireVeterans.com is performing a laudable undertaking by supporting men and women who have made sacrifices and served their country. They should be commended for that but must be careful about their associations and links. This is something that is one of the ongoing hazards of Internet-based businesses and services.

HireVeterans.com is now making immediate inquiries to see to it that their good name is not tainted by association with the deplorable views of Veterans Today.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will our future involve Quantum Levitation?

Boaz Almog of Tel Aviv University demonstrates Quantum Levitation, which could turn out to be the key to the future of transportation and energy

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mark Steyn covers John Barry's James Bond (and other) scores

Mark Steyn did a wonderful pair of audio programs on the music of film composer John Barry.

Steyn's guests include Don Black, who wrote the lyrics for Bond theme songs Goldfinger and Thunderball, Tim Rice, who was the lyricist for Jesus Christ Superstar and David Arnold, who wrote the music for Independence Day.

You can hear both audio programs here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Using the Wizard of Oz and Sherlock Holmes to explain Occupy Toronto

Michael Coren and Richard Klagsbrun discuss the silliness of a movement that wants to replace the most successful economic system in the history of the world with a proven, abject failure

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur and SDAMatt2 for the video

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Beatles sang about the "Occupy" doofuses 4 decades ago

Terry Glavin on the Canadian 5th Column

The Canadian Peace Alliance embraces Canada's enemies.

As Christopher Hitchens once wrote about such groups, they don't seem to be so much in favor of peace as they are war, but for the other side.

h/t Blazing Cat Fur

Occupy Movement isn't the 99% - it's the 10%

Visiting the "Occupy" movement encampment in Toronto yesterday, it became clear that it is neither a "movement" nor a "protest." There are many sides to it.  It's a cacophony of confusion and an excuse for people who have been dubbed as "flea-baggers" to get together, engage in meaningless political debate, smoke joints, express frustration and political and economic systems about which they they quite obviously don't have the slightest understanding, and basically have fun while pretending to be a "rebel".

This kid had the right idea - there for fun and the best sign of the night 
If I were 19 years old, I would probably be there myself for a night or two, just for the fun of it. Should it last long enough, it might become a social, apolitical thing to do on an otherwise uneventful evening.

The usual suspects trying to control the message
But that's just one dimension. The other is more insidious. There are the usual suspect fanatics who see this as an opportunity to exploit a phenomenon for their own purposes. Neo-Marxists obsessed with class warfare like the fanatics of OCAP, union bosses who  want to impose a version of the Workers' State (with them at the top, of course) that would make Stalin proud, and a collection of other professional protesters and grievance-mongers, including communists and vapid anti-Israel groups, are the mainstays of this gathering.

Make no mistake, there's nothing really new here. These are the same people you've seen at any other large protest gathering - these are exactly the same people who came out to protest the G20, only this time they brought tents.

The more one listens to the insane hodgepodge of irrational demands and unworkable, idiotic proposals from participants in the "Occupy" characters, it becomes very clear that they do  not represent the 99 per cent of the population that they claim.

They seem to be representatives of the 10 per cent. Five percent are the ones already discussed. As to the rest, the National Institute for Mental Health estimates that five per cent of the population suffers from serious mental illness. That is a substantial number in a country with Canada's 34 million plus population. It means there are over a million and a half Canadians with serious psychiatric problems, the incidence of psychiatric problems among homeless people is very high, with estimates ranging from fifty to eighty per cent. Along with the professional protesters and curiosity seekers, the mentally ill are very obviously over-represented in the Occupy "movement."

These are the people who want to demolish a system that has provided the best standard of living and greatest opportunity for people of every background in the history of the world. They want to replace it with a socialist system that has invariably led to totalitarianism wherever it has been implemented in the past. It was tried in Cuba, the Soviet Union, Communist China, Cambodia under Pol Pot, North Korea and other failed states. This is what these people want for us. And they want to be the 1% who control it.

(Blog Wrath and Blazing Cat Fur also did excellent coverage of yesterday's start to "Occupy Toronto")

Got an issue? Any Issue? Come make your sign at the signage stop

Here's a cause someone last night was pushing that I could actually get behind
All photos in this post © 2011 Eye on a Crazy Planet

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anti-Semitic OISE thesis author exposed as organizer of Toronto protests against civic fiscal responsibilty

The author of an anti-Semitic Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) thesis that claimed Holocaust education programs were part of a Zionist conspiracy to perpetuate Jewish victimhood has been exposed as a key individual behind the Toronto "Stop the Cuts" actions aimed at hampering Mayor Rob Ford's attempts to restore fiscal responsibility at City Hall.

Jenny Peto, whose Masters' Thesis for the discredited Sociology and Equity Studies in Education program at OISE alleged that the mainstream Jewish community "is dominated by racist...ideologies," was revealed by an anonymous reader of Eye on a Crazy Planet to be the registrant of http://www.torontostopthecuts.com/, the website that is the central information repository for the anti-Ford activists. Peto's thesis, titled,  "The Victimhood of the Powerful: White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education" was condemned in Ontario's  Legislature by both the Minister for Citizenship and Opposition MPP's as being a "hateful and poorly researched...piece of garbage."

Understanding who is behind the radicals who want to prevent Ford from managing the city's fiscal crisis is instructive in unravelling some of their motives.

A number of vociferous anti-Israel and anti-Semitic organizations and individuals still harbour a grudge against Ford for his efforts to keep the group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid out of Toronto's Pride parade and his attempt to prevent anti-Semitic al Quds Day activities held by the Canadian Shia Muslim Organization (CASMO) from taking place on City property.

Until now the individuals organizing the anti-Ford actions remained mostly in the shadows, but the media contact number for Stop The Cuts is the same as that for the violent, union-financed activist group OCAP. One of OCAP's spokespeople is Liisa Schofield, whom anti-Semitic author Peto refers to in her thesis' acknowledgments as her "partner."

Regarding Ms. Peto's involvement in the anti-austerity campaign, Adrienne Batra, Rob Ford's Press Secretary, said on behalf of the Mayor's Office, "It's not surprising that someone who is clearly misinformed on so many issues would be participating in spreading this type of hysteria. The Ford administration is going through a thoughtful process on how to fix our City's finances, something that will, ironically, even help out those involved with this [torontostopthecuts.com] website."

The best looking 84 year old in the world

Roger Moore turned 84 yesterday. Unbelievable. I wished I looked that good last year!

Happy Brithday, Sir Roger, and many, many happy returns!

Islamic conference featuring anti-Semitic, anti-Gay speakers to relocate to Islamic Society of North America Canadian Headquarters

A conference of anti-Semitic, anti-Gay Muslim extremist speakers held by the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA)  lost its venue at Toronto's Sheraton Centre, after the nature of the conference was publicized. The hate conference will relocate to the Canadian headquarters of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) at 2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga, according to the group's facebook page.

The ISNA is the organization that provides Halal certification for food that religious Muslims are allowed to consume. They charge for that type of certification, so in a sense, purchasing Halal food certified by ISNA supports hate-mongering.

By giving a venue to a conference of speakers who have called Jews cursed and Christians filth, and have called for the murder of homosexuals, the Islamic Society of North America is showing its true face. This development shows some of the failures of a multicultural society that calls for diversity, yet seems unable to deal with hatred and intolerance expressed by a major organization representing an ethnic minority.

This presents a major challenge for Canadian multiculturalism and the cowardice and inadequacy of political leaders who have embraced massive immigration, yet have ignored the dangers of importing people from cultures where hatred of "the other" is a cultural norm.

Did our politicians think that Canadian multiculturalism is a magical spell that would metamorphose massive numbers of immigrants from backwards countries into tolerant, reasonable people who would abandon the bigotry that was a basic component of their former homes' cultural and educational foundations?

This short-sightedness on the part of our politicians has created a situation in Canada that has the danger of Balkanizing this country. The extremest IERA is already boasting that, "We are an ummah alhamdulillah that is much larger than Jewish and LGBT activists andas an ummah both in Canada and Globally we are already contributing immensely to the social welfare of our society and so our voices cannot be drowned out and the truth will not be silenced with the permission of Allah."
If the speakers they promote are any indication, their version of "the truth" that "will not be silenced with the permission of Allah" is that  Christians and Jews and Gays should be the object of hate. The issue that this highlights for Canadians is the necessity of immigration reform and that Canada's multicultural experiment ushered in by Pierre Trudeau is beginning to collapse. Unless it is rectified soon, Canadian values of tolerance and freedom may crumble along with it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

If you're realy bad and you go to Hell, it'll be something like this..

This is the type of crime against humanity that Amnesty International should be protesting against.

Extremist Muslim group IERA threatens Sheraton hotels after cancellation of hate conference

Scaramouche has the details on the response of the extremist Muslim group IERA to having their conference location cancelled by Sheraton Hotels.

The Islamic Education and Research Academy's conference featured anti-Semitic speakers and others who called for the death of homosexuals. They claim they represent "mainstream" Muslims.

The Muslim Student Association at the University of Toronto has one of the hatemongers, Abdullah Quick, giving an 18 week series of seminars.

Mainstream Muslims should seriously consider raising their voices now, or people may believe that the IERA claim is accurate.

One of IERA's mainstream speakers talking about Jews and Christians:

IERA speaker Abdullah Quick on Homosexuality and Islam:

How much of Occupy Wall Street is driven by mental illness?

h/t Jawa Report

The McGuinty government's double standards on hate

Blogger Blazing Cat Fur broke the story that the McGuinty government had dipped into it's bag of tax-payer cash and bestowed a $150,000.00 pre-election vote buying gift on a Toronto based radical Muslim organization called NAMF - The North American Muslim Foundation. NAMF booked a whole series of Muslim Hatemonger speakers over Ramadan - Hakim Quick among them.

Here are the details.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

One Super Dude...sort of..

Herbert Chavez of Calamba Laguna, Phillipines has gone through extensive plastic surgery to look like his hero...Superman.

This guy is odd,  to say the least, but on the bright side, he's picked a positive role model.

U.S. Representative Allen West gets onboard the growing call for a 3 State Solution for Israel and the Palestinians

Fractured leadership and the culture of violence in Gaza are making the necessity for a Three-State Solution for peace between Israel and the Palestinians more likely.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hollywood botches another classic

Next weekend, the new Hollywood version of The Three Musketeers comes out and if the trailer is any kind of representation of the film, it promises a to be a dreadful experience.

Alexandre Dumas tale of adventure and intrigue in Louis XIII's France is one of the world's greatest literary achievements. Other than the Bible, it was the best selling book in the western world. There are actually five novels that Dumas wrote featuring Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d'Artagnan, beginning with The Three Musketeers and culminating with The Man in the Iron Mask

There have been at least fifteen movie versions of The Three Musketeers and many had charms where they lacked faithfulness to the source. A silent version starred Douglas Fairbanks, Gene Kelly was an athletic, endearing d'Artagnan to Van Heflin's Porthos, with Lana Turner as Milady De Winter in a 1948 version.

The last major effort was an awful Brat-Pack version starring Charlie Sheen and Chris O'Donnell, with ludicrous changes to one of a great work of literature that took something that was based on real-life people and actual historical events and made in implausible and inane.

Next week's release looks even worse. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, best known for directing the Resident Evil movies, his venture into more complex material appears to convey the style and intellect of his earlier work. Idiotic, unrealistic stunts, poor acting and a stupid screenplay cannot be overcome with lightning fast editing and high production values. What the do is highlight the inadequacy of the story-telling.

If you want to see a wonderful  The Three Musketeers, avoid the 2011 version and rent the most faithful telling of it made on film.

1973's The Three Musketeers with Oliver Reed as Athos, Michael York as d'Artagnan, Faye Dunaway as Milady and Charlton Heston as Richelieu is a very close representation of Dumas' novel. Directed by Richard Lester, who directed The Beatles in A Hard Day's Night, it contains wit, thoughtfulness, pathos (and Porthos portrayed by Frank Finlay) and was a brilliant exercise in film making. Reed, a masterful, charismatic actor gave his best ever performance as the leader of the small band and Heston is brilliant as the cunning, plotting French Cardinal who controlled France through a weak monarch.

Richard Lester's film was broken up into two parts, the second, titled The Four Musketeers, was released a year after the first.

Do yourself a favor; The Three Musketeers and The Four Musketeers are available on DVD. See them and spare yourself the tedium of another bad action movie coming out nest week.

Monday, October 10, 2011

A glimpse of the future: Controlling your environment with your mind

It sounds like science fiction or fantasy, but the beginnings of the technology is already here and in use.

Brain wave technology allows computers to read and identify your brain impulses, associate them with specific actions, and them carry them out for you.

Read more here (w/video)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Canada's "Occupy" Movement: Intellectually vapid activists desperate for attention

We saw some of the intellectual bankruptcy that characterizes the current "Occupy" movement in the form of Senate page Brigette De Pape, who, after unfolding a homemade protest sign during a joint Parliamentary session, proclaimed "Canada needs its Arab Spring."

Her statement reflects a lack of intelligence among a certain class of activists rather than the frustration of the Canadian populace about the failure of our democratic institutions. Remember, when De Pape unveiled her crayon drawing, Canada had just seen a free, fair, democratic election. But the problem for her was that the NDP, her party of choice, lost.

For De Pape and the vacuous, aggrieved losers that lionize her, that wasn't an indication that their ideas and policies had ben rejected by the vast majority of Canadians, who between them voted overwhelmingly for the Conservatives and Liberals, both of whom have similar economic programs. For the radical activists, it was a call to "resistance."

Understand what that really means. These people are anti-democratic fanatics who think that because they lost an election, they have the right to ignore it and rebel against its outcome.

There were provincial elections in Canada last week. In Manitoba, the socialist NDP was victorious. Are there calls by Conservatives and Liberals to "resist" the democratic choice made by that province's electorate? There are not.

But when the Conservatives win an election, radical wannabe-autocrats betray their agenda.  In that sense, perhaps De Pape was telling the truth about her wishes for an Arab Spring in Canada. What started as a popular movement remains in danger of being usurped by power-crazed totalitarian religious zealots who want to impose their will on their countries and deny them democracy, just as the Khomeinists did in Iran in 1979.

For the "Occupy" movement, the religion is Marxism and the liturgy, if they get their way, will resemble the worst abuses of Lenin and Stalin.

There are vehicles for change in democratic societies such as ours. Protests are valid forms of them, but protests are not entitled to take peoples freedom of movement and livelihoods away, as the "Occupiers" intend. Free speech and a free press are other means by which citizens of democracies can mobilize. Yet is it notable how many on the radical left oppose free speech. Their commitment to free speech was demonstrated by their failed attempt to have the conservative Sun-TV news network banned in Canada. Their idea of free expression is "free speech for me but not for thee."

Some of the "Occupy" activists have, long before the movement emerged in the United States, already called for violent revolution in Canada. Democracies don't need violent revolutions. We have regular, peaceful revolutions in the form of elections, in which the people have the opportunity to overthrow the current government and replace it. Or retain it if they choose.

Democracy is the will of the people and not all, but quite a few of the "Occupiers" are attempting to undermine democracy for their own ends.

The "Occupy" movement in Canada are largely made up of Marxofascists who seeks to mobilize the left. They will fail because most leftists aren't idiots. They understand the democratic process and that Marxism leads to less (actually none whatsoever), not more democracy. Be prepared to see the usual suspects out there trying to co-opt the protests to their own ends. OCAP, No One Is Illegal, International Socialists, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, the (misleadingly named) Canadian Peace Alliance. And the tiresome, hackneyed speeches from the likes of Naomi Klein, Syd Ryan and Judy Rebick. Thankfully, when you see one of these groups or individuals associated with something, you know it has absolutely no credibility.

These Canadian "Occupiers" should keep something in mind. They are the most vocal supporters of resistance to occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine. They should be prepared to meet resistance to their attempt to occupy Canada.

Porn-writing Teachers' College Discipline Head's lax discipline to sexually abusive teachers & OISE uses MATH class to indoctrinate kids with anti-American propaganda

Thanks to Blazing Cat Fur for the video!

Terry Glavin is launching his new book, Come From The Shadows

Terry has presented a view of the complexities in Afghanistan that readers seldom get in the pages of Canada's newspapers.

He's already ruffled some feathers with it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ontario voters choose McGuinty over McGuinty-lite

The real question is: when do the Progressive Conservatives in Ontario hold their next leadership conference?

Prediction: With the Liberals one seat short of a majority, McGuinty makes someone a sweet offer to cross the floor in the coming months.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Islamist website Canadian Charger reports North American Muslim Foundation Director has never heard of Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia

"Mr. Levant cites comments by Imam Abdullah Hakim Quick – an honoured guest in a recent series of lectures at NAMF – as an example of extremist views being propagated by NAMF.
Mr. Khan agrees that Imam Quick said that Islam's position on homosexuality is that they should be put to death, but Mr. Khan said Imam Quick's remarks were taken out of context. He said he was responding to a question as to what would be the punishment in an Islamic state, and Mr. Khan added that there are no Islamic states in the world today. "

The excerpt above is from Islamist, 9-11 conspiracist website, The Canadian Charger, founded by former Canadian Islamic Congress President Mohamed Elmasry, that was contained in an article meant to slam author and Sun TV host, Ezra Levant.

In the Canadian Charger report titled, Ezra Levant smears Islam and Muslims, North American Muslim Foundation Director Farooq Khan was attempting to deny Levant's accusation that his organization spreads hate. If The Canadian Charger's account is accurate, then it not only confirmed Levant's contention, but made Khan look like a disingenuous ignoramus in the process.

One of the good things about telling the truth is that you don't have to keep track of your lies.

Anyone who reads a newspaper knows that there indeed are Islamic states in the world today. They even have "Islamic" in their countries' official names, such as The Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is bizarre that the director of the NAMF would claim such countries don't exist. But then, anyone with experience with a certain type of arrogance knows that when some people are caught in a difficult situation, they will say anything that pops in their head, no matter how incredible.

But there is something even more insidious about the dishonesty of Farooq Khan and the enablers and apologists at The Canadian Charger, who want to defend hate by trying to label those who expose it as "Islamophobes." The fact is that the state-killing of Gays in Islamic countries is not hypothetical. It is tragically real and ongoing.

Islamic republics and countries where Islamic laws are in place, such as Yemen, Sudan and Saudi Arabia still maintain the death penalty against people whose only crime is their sexual orientation. Iran has executed at least 4000 people for homosexuality since the Khomeini Revolution in 1979.

By lying about and denying the genuine homophobia in Islamic states, The North American Muslim Society and The Canadian Charger not only mangle what little credibility they may have, but perpetuate prejudice against Gays in Muslim communities and Islamic countries by failing to address its reality.

video h/t MuniMula

Monday, October 3, 2011

The need for a comprehensive review of Education in Ontario

The last few months have seen many examples of the betrayal of public trust by the Toronto District School Board.  Valley Park Middle School practices religious Chauvinism and gender-based discrimination during school hours, we have TDSB policies which dictate that only whites can be racists, and most recently, the reintroduction of a proposal to teach sexuality to 1st graders have all incurred heated criticism. But most of the TDSB’s critics have failed to connect these travesties to their root cause.   

It’s like we’re seeing hornets in the house, swatting one after another and complaining about the pests while neglecting the nest in the attic that produces them. 

The nest from which the policies that give rise to the TDSB’s ill-conceived educational approaches is the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). Teachers who form policies and curriculum not only for the TDSB, but in school boards all over Canada are trained there under an educational philosophy called Critical Pedagogy, which is based on the works of the late Brazilian Marxist, Paulo Friere.  The Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Friere’s seminal work, is required reading in teachers colleges and its essential message is to divide the world into a Manichean equation of oppressor or oppressed, in which the oppressor can do no right and the oppressed can do no wrong. 

What is unfortunate for Canadians, as well as any society derived from European origins, is that we fall into the oppressor category and proponents of Critical Pedagogy are tacitly teaching our children that we are inherently unfair racists who need radical reinvention. Or more to the point, generations of young Canadians are being influenced to commit civilizational suicide. 

An example of a subtle way these ideas are being communicated to our children is the way that Middle Schools approach the issue of the domestic internment of Japanese-Canadians during World War 2. 

Clearly the singling out of Japanese Canadians was based on racism and deserves condemnation. 

But Grade 7 students are taught about this without context,  before they are taught about the causes of World War 2, about Pearl Harbour, or about the practices in the rest of the world at the time. There was no country in the world then that did not practice similarly racist policies. What Canada did to its Japanese citizens pales in comparison to Japanese treatment of non-Japanese in countries they invaded like China and The Philippines, where massive murders, rapes and extermination occurred, or in Korea, where the Hirohito’s Army abducted tens of thousands of women to be used as brothel slaves. 

This upside-down approach to teaching promoted by OISE and practiced at the TDSB has even insinuated itself into Math classes at the grade 5 level, where teachers are instructed to take the following approach: 
The class will represent the number of people in the entire world and the teacher will distribute the world's wealth between the students... Students will attempt to negotiate with other countries to donate their wealth/candies. At the end students will debrief their feelings and emotions of fairness with the data from the wealth chart.
“Feelings and emotions of fairness” have nothing to do with basic mathematics. But it has a lot to do with the type of social conditioning with which OISE seeks to surreptitiously condition Canada’s youth.

The National Post ran an ad last week, for which it later apologized, that criticized teaching sexuality to young children. The ad was offensive in that it appeared to attack Gay and transsexuals for their orientation , which is unacceptable. But what was glossed over in the aftermath is the legitimate concern about the potential harm of teaching sexuality and sexual practices of any kind to children as young as 7.  It is OISE that is at the forefront of pushing such approaches.

OISE is an institution that has recently produced theses recently alleging ludicrous proposals such as that Western feminists opposed to female genital mutilation are motivated by racism, the pleasure of whiteness, and an obsession with genitalia or that Holocaust education is a Zionist plot to further Jewish racism.  A graduate of OISE who promotes their teachings recently alleged that by being ignored in a hardware shop, she was a victim of sexual oppression.

OISE relies on the understandable reality that most parents and very few politicians are aware of what actually happens in classrooms. Your kid, who spent the day waiting for the final school bell to ring, is hardly going to want to spend valuable time that could be used to kill Nazi zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops to rehash his school day for you.

So we are content to leave it to the “experts.”  But who is making sure that the experts aren’t pushing a politicized agenda?  What Ontario desperately needs is a comprehensive review of educational policies, curriculum and approaches being promoted at OISE.

Unless that happens, we’re doomed to more infusion of Marxist-based indoctrination for Ontario’s children and we as a society will pay the price for it.

OISE graduation ceremony:

Saturday, October 1, 2011

From Reason.com: What Boardwalk Empire and Ken Burns new documentary mean for the war on drugs

Alcohol prohibition may have been repealed in 1933, but Americans have rarely been more intoxicated with the "noble experiment" than they are today.

Between Last Call, Daniel Okrent's best-selling 2010 book, leading clothing designers taking inspiration from jazz age fashion, a new prime-time documentary by Ken Burns, and the new, second season of HBOs critically acclaimed Boardwalk Empire, it's impossible to ignore the new interest in Prohibition. With a fixation on "classic cocktails" and faux-speakeasies, even drinking culture itself seems to be bellying up to the bar.

What's fueling this fascination and where will it end? Reason.tv talks with filmmaker Burns, author Okrent, and drug policy activist Aaron Houston of Students for Sensible Policy, who argues that "Culture and art right now are reflective of a general sentiment in this society that the war on drugs has not worked."

And that change is in air. Marijuana legalization initiatives will be on the ballot in at least two states in 2012, Reps. Ron Paul (R-Texas) and Barney Frank (D-Mass.) have introduced legislation to let states decide pot's legal status, and record high levels of Americans are in favor of legalization.

Read the rest at reason.com