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Monday, March 3, 2014

Alberta's "Human Rights" Commission is run by crazy Islamists

...Who is Arman Chak?

He’s Alberta’s human rights prosecutor. But if you look at his writings, he says he believes in something bigger than Alberta. He believes in the “ummah” – a global, international Muslim super-state. And he hates those who oppose it.

Here’s what Chak wrote in a radical magazine called Pakistani Link, about the breakaway of Bangladesh from Pakistan: “I look at the events in the context of the fundamentals of an Islamic State and its Muslim identity. Regardless of what West Pakistan did to East Pakistan, the latter’s alliance with India makes the creation of Bangladesh one of the worst examples of the dis-unification of the Muslim Ummah in contemporary history.”

He says Bangladesh is an illegal country, that “the world wishes to forget” its creation, that non-Muslim India’s involvement was “against international law.”

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