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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Atheist murders three Muslims over parking space dispute - Washington Post blames it on Bill Maher for stirring up "Islamophobia"

... But atheist animosity toward Muslims has grown in recent years, amplified by comedian Bill Maher, biologist Richard Dawkins and author Sam Harris. 
“They say they hate all religions, but there’s one they particularly hate,” said Omid Safi, director of Duke’s Islamic Studies Center, and a former professor at nearby UNC.

Maher blasted “hundreds of millions” of the world’s Muslims for allegedly supporting the massacre of cartoonists, writers, and editors at Paris’ Charlie Hebdo weekly. Dawkins has also baited Muslims with comments that cast sweeping blame for the attack on an entire religion. On Wednesday, Dawkins denounced the Chapel Hill murders...

Incidentally, Jews are 5 times as likely to be victims of a hate crime in the US than Muslims, despite all the alleged "Islamophobia"

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