Thursday, February 26, 2015

The bizarre extremists responsible for Ontario's new sex ed curriculum

Sex Ed is necessary. But for six year olds?

Do 11 and 12 year olds really need to learn about anal sex in school?

Most of the content in the new Sex Ed curriculum is valid, but the ages at which the material related to sex and sexual activity is being introduced is wholly inappropriate.

For the average kid on the cusp of puberty, the idea of having something shoved up their ass would be gross and disgusting. But thanks to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, teachers will now be telling kids that there are nerve endings in the rectum that for some make the experience pleasurable. Because if you're teaching them about anal sex at that young age, as Wynne's new curriculum demands, then naturally the students will have questions that need to be answered. For most parents, the joy of ass fucking is not something they want put in the minds of their 11 and 12 year olds by someone with the authority of an agent of the state.

It's not that I've got anything against ass-fucking. Unless it involves minors, in which case I have a big problem with it. And if you think I'm being crude in my use of terms, do you imagine for a moment that the young kids Kathleen Wynne wants exposed to this material will be discussing it among themselves any other way?

The sexualization of children is part of the degenerate plan from Kathenne Wynne's alma mater, The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) to turn small children into sexual beings.

The "educators" at OISE are working work as fast as they can to make sure kids are keenly aware of sex from a very early age. They want children to reject the biological and hormonal facts of life, and become fluid in their gender. Your kids can decide to be a boy one day, a girl the next, or just decide that they're neither, or both.

And then, when you take away that most basic component of a young person's identity, you leave them at the mercy of the extremists at OISE. The purpose ultimately is to make children more susceptible to being brainwashed into becoming pliable tools for a nefarious political and social agenda.

Does all that sounds insane and unlikely? Sure.

Does it sound like fantastic, outlandish fearmongering?  It does until you know the facts.

Remember, OISE, the center of education policy planning for Ontario, actually wants people to celebrate and emulate people like David Stocker, who conducted a destructive social experiment on one of his own children by raising it to be "genderless."

An OISE professor, Ben Levin, was the architect of Kathleen Wynne's sex ed curriculum, and he is going to plead guilty next week to criminal charges related to the sexual exploitation of children.

Don't let Kathleen Wynne sell you the lie that sex education changes are "desperately needed" because Ontario has fallen behind since the last revisions in 1998. Relevant facts show that Kathleen Wynne is a liar.

Between 1995 and 2005, covering most of the period since the last change to Ontario's Sex Ed curriculum, teen pregnancy rates in Ontario declined by an enormous 51.5 percent. It was the best result for any province in Canada. That demonstrates that the current Sex Ed curriculum was working extremely well, despite Wynne's charge that it was not.

So if something was working that well, why do Wynne and the cohorts at OISE have the anxious, histrionic urge to fix it?

Part of it is that there's an education industry operating out of places like OISE and they have to continually tell you that they need to update and "correct" the curriculum in order to justify their jobs.

But that's only part. Most of it has to do with ideologies infused into such places.

At OISE, they're not anxious to improve the health of Ontario's children, they're anxious to take what they see as their best opportunity to "correct" how Ontario's children think.

And if you challenge them, Wynne and her media fan club will throw out dishonest accusations about "homophobia." Yes, there are some fringe elements opposing the curriculum aggravated by the content in the curriculum that deals with homosexuality, as there may be the odd idiot who wants to deny evolution. But the objection the overwhelming majority of the curriculum's opponents have is not to the content, but to the young age that Wynne wants to sexualize children, and to the unscientific, polemic theories about "gender fluidity" she wants to impose in schools.

Homophobia and discrimination against gay people is deplorable, and I'll be the first to say that. I don't know any gay people who define themselves as "genderless," or "gender fluid."  Gay people are men and women who are attracted to people of the same sex. A gay man doesn't consider himself a man attracted to men one day and a woman with male anatomy attracted to men the next.

There's something else about Kathleen Wynne's demented gender-fluidity curriculum that is actually anti-Gay. We hear from religious fanatics and vicious homophobes about how homosexuality is a sin, because it's a not a biologically induced sexual orientation, but an immoral "lifestyle choice." That's nonsensical, and science and common sense have demonstrated that people are genetically programmed to their sexual orientations. Some people are bisexual, and are attracted to both sexes, but these aren't choices people make, they are inherent parts of their DNA.

But according to the people at OISE pushing "gender fluidity," you CAN choose from one day to the next whether you're a boy or girl and to whom you're sexually attracted. They are, though from a different perspective, making the same essential argument as anti-gay religious fundamentalists.

Today I heard from a friend who has a daughter in Grade 11 in public school in Toronto. She recently came from England and was raised in their school system. My friend's daughter was shocked that most of her peers, in Grade 11, at a Toronto District School Board school, couldn't explain what an adjective is. Math scores are plummeting in Ontario's schools. University teachers are complaining that kids graduating Ontario public high schools can't even properly punctuate sentences.  And what is Kathleen Wynne's answer to that? More sex ed for little kids at even younger ages.

To put Wynne's alma mater OISE in perspective, it's helpful to examine some of the diseased ideologies they are trying to push into the mainstream. The examples are overwhelmingly plentiful.

A year and a half ago, OISE co-sponsored a symposium with a keynote speaker who came to promote his theory that adult sexual attraction to children is normal.

It's a place that is heavily invested in pushing an educational approach called Critical Pedagogy, which was developed by a Brazilian Marxist named Paulo Friere. In his book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, which is required reading at OISE, Friere advocates what are basically Marxist education values and actually extols the communist dictator Vladimir Lenin.

Along with soon-to-be-convicted sex criminal Ben Levin, OISE has extremist professors like Sheryl Nestel, who made a preposterous claim that sounds like it could have come out of the mouth of a neo-Nazi. She alleges that Canadian Jews support Stephen Harper in order to maintain their place in the "racial order." An OISE program produced an equally bizarre, anti-Semitic thesis, for which Nestel served as an adviser, which claimed Holocaust Education is a Zionist plot to further "Jewish whiteness."

OISE has promoted 9-11 conspiracy theories, trying to cast doubt on al Quaida's involvement of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It has professors such as Shahrzad Mojab, who make preposterous assertions such as the oppression of women in Islamist cultures is the result of a western, capitalist conspiracy.

The so-called "Social Justice" education department at OISE is headed by a conspiracy theorist named Abigail Bakan, who was a featured speaker at an al Quds Day event, the anti-Semitic 'holiday' invented by the depraved Iranian dictator Ayatollah Khomeini as a call for the destruction of Israel.

OISE gives its imprimatur to sympathy for terrorism on a regular basis.

The result are crazy, sometimes even racist theories produced there by students, such as that all white people are racists who bear collective guilt due to their skin color. Or that western feminists opposed to female genital mutilation are racists motivated by an obsession with genitalia and "the pleasure of whiteness." 

It's the sort of stuff one might expect to hear from patients at a mental institution, but it's coming from the people who shape your kids' education.

All that is the product of the institution that has played a critical role in shaping the sex ed curriculum Kathleen Wynne is determined to impose on your children, as well as the rest of Ontario's public school curriculum. It's something that most voters will never know, but should be of great concern to everyone in this province.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your take on this, except for when you state "We hear from religious fanatics and vicious homophobes about how homosexuality is a sin, because it's a not a biologically induced sexual orientation, but an immoral "lifestyle choice". Normally you are quite logical, but here you misrepresent at least the Christian and Jewish worldviews. I'll speak only for Christians, as I am one. Christians do not believe homosexuality is a sin because it's "not a biologically induced sexual orientation". We believe it's a sin because God has a purpose for His design of sex; between a man and a woman and only in the state of marriage. God also has a design for many other things, such as how we treat our own bodies, how we treat other people and their property. And yes, He designed gender as well. Any deviation from His design and purpose is an act that damages our relationship with Him. It's not about being "homophobic", it's about honouring the Creator. And there are studies that demonstrate that sexual attraction is *not* "genetically programmed".

MyOrenda said...

Very well stated and very insightful...

Anonymous said...

Seems about right.
As for evolution, look at us now at the supreme pinnacle of human civilization of the 21st century. Apes are taking care of themselves without government. Water, shelter, food, they do it themselves and teach their offspring. We on the other have devolved to the insect family taking on made up roles in society - workers and soldiers like bees. Instead, we teach our young one of the most instinctual things like sex - with some odd twists. What the hell is going on with this circus?! At least these uber creative and modern genders (they're missing Klingons) won't reproduce themselves...unless they manage to instill it to impressionable minds in early childhood education. As for safe shelter and drinking water, they'll be clueless. Helpless. As for sex, they'll know exactly what to do - like experts!

Umairah Ismail said...

Spot on!!