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Friday, February 20, 2015

Toronto's York University gains international notoriety as a hotbed of support for Islamic terrorism

Those in Toronto familiar with what goes on at York have been calling it Hamas U for years now...

...As the fatal attacks against Adele Biton (2013), Asher and Yonatan Palmer ( 2011), and Yehudam Shoham (2001) have made perfectly clear, rocks are thrown with the intent to wound, maim, and kill.  In 2013 alone, there were more than 2400 rock throwing attacks in Israel, injuring over 100 civilians. No decent person can proffer an exculpatory explanation for the routine targeting of innocent civilians; to justify Palestinian stone throwing as a legitimate form of resistance is to incite and promote terror. 
However, a terrorist-glorifying mural at York University’s student center is doing exactly that.  In a topsy-turvy perversion of morality, not only is violent stone-throwing depicted as a valid form of protest against Israel, but this murderous act becomes the embodiment of “peace” and “justice”.  
Every day, the tens of thousands of university students who pass by this painting – which is prominently displayed in one of the most populous areas of Toronto’s York University campus– are being taught that terrorism is the appropriate reaction to political grievances...

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