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Monday, February 9, 2015

Ryerson University is tops!...for sexual assault. In other news, CBC thinks there aren't enough rapes on Canadian campuses

It could more or less boggle the mind at how the State Broadcaster decides how to angle their news stories. At least it could if you've never met any of the clowns in CBC news (some of whom are very good, bright reporters, but are far outnumbered by the uninformed, heavily-biased dolts).

In a new item, the CBC is alarmed that there aren't enough rapes being reported on Canadian campuses. It never seems to occur to them that it could be that after generations of education about the wrongs of inappropriate sexual behaviour, the number of rapes might be declining.
...Overall, experts say the number of sexual assaults reported to Canadian post-secondary schools is surprisingly low, and an indication that they are doing a poor job of encouraging students to come forward. 
"I find [the numbers] laughingly low," says Lee Lakeman with the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter and a leading voice on the issue of violence against women.  
"It’s just not that possible that they're that low..."
However, in what will no doubt bring joy to the CBC newshounds, Toronto's Ryerson University has a very high rape rate:
...Over that five-year period, more sexual assaults were reported to Ryerson University in Toronto than any other university or college in Canada, according to the survey conducted by CBC News...
I would think it far less than coincidental that Canada's most prolific student rapists come from an institution where the student body has a particularly large contingent of anti-Israel fanatics. After all, isn't rape one of the favorite tools of the Islamic State terrorists?

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