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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ryerson University's crooked election: Student Union officials caught on camera ballot box stuffing and election tampering

From Undercover Kitty:

... of the slate running for office this year. One clearly and openly supported the killing of cops and while he made a half heart’d ” apology, ” everyone clearly saw that this was indeed  not an apology, but rather, a weak attempt at damage control. His backing student union was quick to defend him and his comments, and invented some half baked excuse to ” justify ” his comments. The second person in the same article is one who openly promoted racial segregation, indicating that white people should always remain in the rear, and only come forward when or if a black person is being confronted by police...

My first stop was on Monday, the first day of these elections. I stopped off first in the Library Building where one of the most popular and busiest poling stations was situated . The first thing I noticed upon arrival was the station already set up and ready to , but with one very important and significant problem … an  UNSEALED ballot box, as seen here :

The Deputy Returning Officer ran over to me , almost screaming, (pretty laughable actually) and threatening me that if this makes it online, there will be serious consequences...

The RSU has long been accused of stuffing ballot boxes with ballots to ensure that THEIR slate wins the RSU elections, after all, there is a lot at stake in winning . I have been searching , looking for evidence of this for YEARS, when right in front of me, the poll clerk is going that. I quickly armed myself with my Blackberry and shot this short video, a video CLEARLY showing this poll clerk, taking some ballots and placing them into the ballot box...

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