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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Death to Ezra! Montreal marketing consultant suggests Islamic State terrorists take out Sun TV host Ezra Levant

A Montreal-based marketing consultant named Kenneth Trueman sent out a twitter "tweet" earlier today suggesting that Islamic State terrorists should have their way with Sun TV host Ezra Levant for "insulting the Prophet."

Trueman is the Principal Consultant and founder of a company called "Digiteria" which offers "strategic marketing consulting for technology companies."

That's actually rather ironic, since using the Internet to publicly call for the murder of a Canadian citizen living in Canada is probably the opposite of intelligent, strategic use of technology.

N.B. Trueman has locked his twitter account since his tweet nominating Levant for an IS attack was publicized by Ezra and Dean Skoreyko of the blog BC Blue.

UPDATE: There's a sad addendum I just discovered - that this matter could possibly be explained by this link. The moral of the story is that when people feel they need to express themselves in a way that the whole world can see, you have to remember that the whole world can see it.

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