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Friday, February 27, 2015

Neo-Marxist, union-financed website rabble.ca freaks out over Ezra Levant's success

rabble.ca, the weird, union-financed, neo-Marxist website is really angry!

Ok, that's nothing new. They're always really angry.

They're so apoplectic that Stephen Harper has a majority government that the rabble nutbars have actually compared him to Adolf Hitler. They're angry that Canada isn't a socialist dictatorship with them as the dictators, they're angry that people who disagree with them have a measure of free speech, they're angry that all the Jews in Israel haven't been expelled and replaced by a Sharia state for Palestinians, they're.. well, I could go on all day about things they're angry about.

But now they're angry about something new.

They're angry about Ezra Levant.

No, that's not new for rabble.ca

They've hated Ezra as long as rabble.ca has been around, since the Canadian free speech advocate represents everything they detest. But what they're currently all mad and freaked out about is that they barely had a few days to celebrate the demise of the Sun TV network, which featured Ezra's show The Source as its flagship program, when Ezra popped up again like Lazarus. Ezra's new venture has even more potential and reach than Sun TV.

Ezra launched The Rebel news last week, and this week started a crowd-sourcing drive.

That's making rabble.ca furious, because in less than a full week, according to a desperate money plea from rabble, The Rebel has raised $20,000, about as much as rabble has for its entire winter fundraising drive.

Except rabble.ca's publisher, Kim Elliott, who is the spouse of loony Libby Davies, the outgoing Deputy Leader of the NDP, made a big miscalculation.

The Rebel hasn't raised $20,000 in one week. It raised $120,000 in one week.

That's than 5 times more in one week than rabble has raised all winter long!

And The Rebel is still going strong. 

You can help Ezra, Brian Lilley and The Rebel team to keep the grungy, creepy Marxists at rabble.ca mad by donating here. Do it so that everyone gets a chance to see news that the mainstream media is too afraid to show out of political correctness, and rabble.ca doesn't want you to see because it undermines their warped aspirations for Canada.

Enrage a Commie and donate to The Rebel now!


Chris P. Bacon said...

Rabble is using competition -- a facet of a free market (gasp!) -- to spur its fundraising.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're so bitter I bet you sweat vinegar.

Richard K said...

Actually, I'm having quite a bit of fun with this :-))

And thanks for stopping by; always good to know I've got fans among the rabble crowd.

arturous said...

She does look like she was weaned on a pickle.

Terry Thordarson said...

I sincerely hope Ezra and his team succeed in this endeavour, we need this balance in Canada . Our country has fallen into that anti U.S. Pro socialist,bush league place, with the help of people like Libby and her Hub.