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Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Political Correctness Aided and Abetted Sex Crimes in England

From Reason.com:
To see the true dread impact of political correctness, look beyond the attitude-policing antics of the pampered imbeciles stinking up America’s Ivy League campuses and Britain’s top universities. Instead, cast your gaze to a town called Rotherham, in Yorkshire in Northern England.

Working-class, rough, famous for having been one of the beating hearts of the Industrial Revolution, Rotherham is about as far as it’s possible to get from the starched lecture halls of Columbia or the dreaming spires of Oxford. 
Yet this once thriving and now economically depressed town, home to 250,000 people, stands as an ugly testament to the grave dangers posed by political correctness, or P.C. For here, P.C. has done rather more than cause irritation to libertarians and liberals who don’t think novels should come with trigger warnings; here, P.C. has allowed young women to get raped...

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Patrick Ross said...

Richard, do you ever listen to Sargon of Akkad?

I think you'd appreciate his take on this subject.