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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Salim Mansur's presentation to the House Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs

From Professor Salim Mansur's presentation yesterday in Parliament to the House Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs:

... if the West, including Canada, is unwilling to invest in a coherent strategy to contain and defeat Islamism, then the public needs to know. In our contemporary world, the West is not insulated against the war raging within the world of Islam. Islamists and apologists for Islamism are in our midst in the West, and have duly infiltrated Western institutions to degrade and subvert liberal democracy. They have been skillful in manipulating the West’s liberal democratic values for their aims; they have exploited multiculturalism to push their agenda of Shariah-rule in Canada, Britain, France and elsewhere in the West. 
We may not want to be involved against Islamism and Islamists, and declare none of this is our problem. History is, however, merciless in pointing out those who appeased the enemies of freedom and democracy in the hope that they would be saved from the impending peril, for instance, of Nazism or Communism, only made the cost of eventually defending freedom and democracy immensely greater than it would have been if more robust actions were taken sooner rather than later.

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