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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Today in batshit crazy: Huff Po columnist and Internet weirdo discuss how Jian Ghomeshi scandal is result of Zionist conspiracy

You wouldn't think to even make up this kind of stupidity, would you?

HuffPo writer Amy MacPherson's interview with an Internet radio host named Glen Wosnock features an apparent effort to link the exposure of sexual abuse by disgraced CBC host Jian Ghomeshi to a "Zionist" conspiracy.

Wosnock and Macpherson's lunacy about a Zionist conspiracy out to get Jian Ghomeshi is all the more idiotic in that the former CBC host was actually supportive of Israeli institutions.

h/t Patrick Ross

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Patrick Ross said...

Hey, Richard. Just a quick note:

The Huffington Post hasn't carried any of MacPherson's work in more than a year now. She's strictly a freelance nutter.