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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Brain-Dead Hypocrites and Hatemongers called "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" Slither Back Under Their Rocks

In what will make a welcome aesthetic change to Toronto, the creepy, seemingly unbalanced gang of fanatics called "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" have decided to slither out of existence. This may have had something to do with Toronto's new mayor John Tory promising he would make sure the Gay Pride parade didn't get funding if the anti-Semitic group was included.



Sam Sotiropoulos said...

Good riddance. Though, I'm pretty sure TDSB Comrade-trustee, Howard Kaplan, will be sad to see them go... He was one of their pillars of support, the dirtbag.

Anonymous said...

Most are probably more concerned about their government directed incomes whether Tim McCaskell as the diversity manager at the TDSB and all the money Elle Flanders is getting city councillors to pressure condo developers to pay her for her art.

You can bet all of these people will continued to be involved in anti-Israel and/or anti-semitic organising behind the scenes.