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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Soon-to-be-convicted for crimes related to the sexual exploitation of children, Ben Levin was not OISE's worst

According to a report in today's Toronto Sun, Kathleen Wynne's disgraced former Deputy Education Minister Ben Levin has sent out a letter imploring his friends and former colleagues to write him references prior to his pleading guilty and being sentenced for serious charges related to the sexual exploitation of children.

The Sun's Joe Warmington confirmed the content of the letter with Levin's attorney, Gerald Chan, and it reads in part:
"..."After a great deal of thought and discussion with my family, I will be pleading guilty on March 3 to three of the seven charges, namely one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counselling a sexual assault...
...Reference letters from friends and colleagues can be an important part of the sentencing process following a guilty plea. In such a case, the court benefits from having as full a picture as possible of the offender. You are someone who knows me and my work and may be willing to contribute such a letter. Of course, we recognize and understand that for various reasons some people will not feel able to provide a letter... "
Levin got that last bit right. He had some very high profile friends in both the Liberal Party and in the Education Industry who might be unwilling to lend their names to the defense of someone involved with kiddie porn and worse, out of concern for their own standing.

Some of that worse, from the perspective of many parents in Ontario, is that the school curriculum formed under the guidance of Levin, which introduces sexual content to children as young as 6, is going to be reintroduced by Kathleen Wynne's government. Often referred to as the equivalent of a child-grooming-for-sexual-exploitation curriculum, it was withdrawn by then-Premier Dalton McGuinty after an outcry from parents across Ontario. But now that McGuinty's Education Minister Kathleen Wynne is Premier, the Ben Levin Kiddie Porn Curriculum is making a comeback. But this time, the blame lies squarely with Wynne and her Education Minister Liz Sandals.

However, there's something else associated with Ben Levin that is even more odious. It is a cabal responsible for more child abuse and exploitation than Levin alone could have accomplished in a hundred lifetimes. The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where Levin taught, is a sordid hive of bizarre extremism. As a place that teaches teachers how to teach, it actually has laughable academic standards. Most teachers in the school system recognize what a harmful place OISE is to children,but because it is so closely embraced by powerful figures in the Education Industrial Complex, they are afraid to speak out against it. Kathleen Wynne herself holds a Master's Degree from OISE.

Some serious academics have however have made the point that the teaching at OISE amounts to child abuse. It seeks to indoctrinate children to political radicalism and brainwash them to the belief that anyone who disagrees with their "right-thinking" is a heretic, matching the type of conditioning that is a feature of totalitarian societies.

Capitalism is evil, Marxism is a desirable condition, individualism is wrong and that we need to treat children as members of their racial and social collectives are only some of the vile ideologies that OISE tries to promote. 

It's success has been slow, since the average ten-year old is more insightful and intelligent than an OISE professor. However, the constant exposure to their toxins have a gradual effect.

Ben Levin was far from the worst that OISE had to offer. And now that he is out of the system, Ontario's children are no more safe than when he was in it.

Kathleen Wynne's government still intends to make his curriculum a part of the education of every child in the province. OISE is still a place where "Social Justice" is headed up by a fanatic who sucks up to vicious devotees of the depraved, murderous, deceased dictator of Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini.  If anything, they welcome the fall of Ben Levin as a scapegoat that distracts attention from their even more insidious activities.

Next week, on Tuesday, February 24, a protest is planned starting at 11 a.m. at the Provincial Legislature, where people will speak out against the plans to introduce Ben Levin's curriculum in Ontario's public schools. The Levin curriculum may be the tip of the iceberg, but opposing it is a necessary start.

Try to be there if you can.


Patrick Ross said...

Would it be reasonable or unreasonable to describe Levin as Justin Trudeau's one-time bestie?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the continuing coverage.

For anyone interested in attending:
Levin enters his guilty plea to some of the charges on March 3, 2015, 2pm, room 307, Finch Courthouse and his sentencing is scheduled for April 13-15, room 305.

Richard K said...

To the best of my knowledge, Justin Trudeau and Ben Levin were only acquainted.

Kathleen Wynne's professional relationship with Levin was very close, and that is not meant in any way to imply that she had any advance knowledge of his deplorable activities. My harsh criticisms of Ms Wynne are based on her appalling fiscal mismanagement of the province and her attempts to radicalize the education curriculum, and a certain amount of moral and cultural equivalence which are facets of her policies. But on a strictly personal level, she's actually a pretty good person.

Anonymous said...

Actually Patrick and Richard, Levin and Trudeau never met. That picture that Richard posted numerous times on his blog that he claimed was of Trudeau, Levin and Wynne was actually of another white haired balding guy but like the true sleaze act he is, Richard took down (some) of the pictures without saying he made a mistake. Nice attempt at guilt by association, Richard. An adult would be able to own up to his mistake which is why, I guess, you only tried to correct it in a half-assed manner by taking down some of the pictures but not all of them and never acknowledging your fuck-up.

Richard K said...

Wrong, anonymous sport. I never took down those pictures. They were linked to other sources who took them down.

You seem to want to suggest you have intimate knowledge of Trudeau's personal circle. Or is it Levin to whom you're close. Or are you just an obsessive fantasist? Glad to see you're such a fan - 313 visits to my site recently!