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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Justin Trudeau's brother and political advisor works with Iran to help its nuclear program

Alexandre Trudeau, son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and brother and senior political adviser to Liberal leadership candidate Justin, has been working with the Iranian government to create propaganda to whitewash its nuclear arms program.    

Press TV, the Iranian state-owned propaganda organ, was a co-producer of the documentary The New Great Game, which  was produced and directed by Alexandre Trudeau. According to Honest Reporting Canada Executive Director Mike Fegelman, in the film, the Liberal MP's brother "reports that Iran's atomic ambitions are for "defensive" purposes only, serving as an effective "deterrent" against Israeli "aggression" and belligerence."     

Today,  Trudeau's Press TV associates claimed that al Quada operates on behalf of Israel.   

Trudeau's documentary was recently broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the news division of which has maintained a long-standing anti-Israel bias. Along with vehemently anti-Israel NDP MP Libby Davies and a coterie of fanatics including the notorious Ali Mallah, Alexandre Trudeau was also listed as an endorser of the so called Gaza Freedom March in which Arab and international activists attempted to violently storm Israel's borders, resulting in a number of people being killed.   

The participation of Alexandre Trudeau at such a high level of his brother's campaign suggests that were Justin Trudeau to win his party's nomination, the Liberal Party of Canada could move to extremist anti-Israel positions.

UPDATE: More support for dictators - see link to Alexandre Trudeau`s fawning 2006 column about Fidel Castro.

UPDATE 2: Trudeau takes a fascinatingly deceitful approach with his documentary. 

In Part 2  after raising the idea of the US aiding a preemptive Israeli strike on Iran`s nuclear facilities, Trudeau shows Harvard professor and historian Niall Ferguson  asking,   `From the vantage point of many Americans the answer must be `no.`  Why should we do that, we`ve just done a couple of nasty expensive wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq. What`s in it for us?`

Trudeau abruptly edited the statement there, creating the clear impression that Ferguson opposes such a move when the exact opposite is true.  Anyone who knows Ferguson knows he was speaking rhetorically and would have explained that if more were shown. Ferguson wrote a piece for The Daily Beast in which he wrote, `There are plenty of arguments against an Israeli attack on Iran. And all of them are bad.`  In that piece, Ferguson explicitly argues for America to support an Israeli strike on Iran.

But under the tutelage of Alexandre Trudeau`s propaganda, people who are uninformed about the matter, as most CBC viewers are likely to be,  would come away believing a lie .


Anonymous said...

How is reporting that Isreal sometimes does nasty things, biased journalism? These guys hold all of the power when it comes to the Palestinians, and they treat them not significantly better than the Nazis did the Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. Furthermore, NOBODY is asking the Israelis to confirm that they have nukes, which is an absurd double standard, because everybody knows they do.

Not saying the Arabs act much better, and certainly not saying that Iran is behaving in a sane fashion here, but come in. They're all kind of crazy, which is why their long term regional survival doesn't look promising.

Anonymous said...

To answer the fool called anonymous .... the difference is that the Israelis are our friends. There is a large Arab population living in Israel and working productive jobs.

The Palestinians regularly lob missiles into Israel in the hopes of killing innocent civilians.

Further, Israel can be trusted with nuclear weapons as they are not threatening to annihilate anyone as are the Iranians. The Iranians vow daily that they intend to vaporized Israel. How do you suppose they plan to do that?

Right, with their nuclear weapons ... as soon as they are ready to launch.

Are you so stupid and/or brain-washed that you cannot figure this out on your own?

Richard K said...

re Anonymous @ 2:54 PM

With all due respect, only an absolute moron would draw any serious comparison between the Warsaw Ghetto, where the Nazis systematically starved and exterminated the Jews and Gaza, where the population has more than tripled under Israeli control, is the world's largest per capita aid recipient, and has one of the highest rates of female obesity on the planet.

Israel, unlike Iran, is not a sponsor of terrorism against civilians nor has it threatened to wipe out its neighbors.

Anyone is entitled to their opinion, and if yours is that you think the sociopathic mullahs that run Iran should have nuclear weapons, so be it. But people should know what they're getting from the Dauphin since he is running for the leadership of the Liberal Party and in his mind, for Prime Minister of Canada

Philanthropist said...

A 'deterrent to Israeli aggression'? Perhaps one of the Trudeau children could explain exactly what form that aggression has taken?

I'm hatin' on frickin' morons lately, they don't deserve to be given the time of day cuz they're just so stupid, thick and revert to sloganeering BS.

Anonymous said...

well said !!!

remote said...

Very well said.