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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

However one feels about Rob Ford, his transit plan makes more sense than Tory's or Chow's

Ford's Transit Plan is about "subways, subways, subways!"

Toronto is growing and the city will need subways to handle that growth.

And like it or not, subways aren't something you can wait until you need them to start building. We need to start now in order to prepare for the obvious, coming requirements for the future.

It turns out that between Rob Ford, Olivia Chow and John Tory, Ford's plan is the most visionary.

TORONTO - Mayor Rob Ford is rolling out his subway-heavy transit plan on Wednesday.
The eight-page "Toronto Subway Expansion Plan" was posted briefly on Ford's campaign website before his announcement and shows the embattled incumbent will be continuing his "subways, subways, subways" mantra in the lead up to the Oct. 27 election.


Roger Ramjet said...

It makes no sense - how is he going to pay for it without raising taxes? Fairy dust? Remember the private money he promised would pay for his last transit plan - money which never materialized?

Unknown said...

As Rick James, another visionary, once said, "Cocaine is a hell of a drug." This is the kind of plan that could only be created in the middle of a month-long crack binge.

Unsurprisingly, the plan isn't new, is a mess, and the financing is a fantasy. No serious person thinks anything close to this is going to happen.

- Etobicoke Slim is out of his mind if thinks that he's getting all manner of welfare from the federal and provincial governments. Stephen Harper is cutting $2.7 billion from defense while he's acting like Churchill, and dumping billions into Toronto - which the rest of country loathes - isn't going to be a big vote-getter.

Kathleen Wynne just won 21 of the city's 22 seats without even talking to Ford. What does she get for financing his electioneering nonsense?

- Ford KNOWS that Council isn't going to authorize any of his financing schemes. How do I know that? Because he didn't propose any of it for his huckstering in Scarborough. He went right for a tax increase.

- The private sector is, generally speaking, not a charity. They won't pay for something that they don't own, at least in part. When Ford says otherwise, he's either lying or stupid.

- He's consciously lying about the cost. Or he's drinking again. There's no WAY this comes in at $9 billion, as I'm sure we'll all be hearing by this afternoon from people who actually know what they're talking about. He doesn't even have the cost per kilometer right, making Finch look $900 million cheaper than it is.

- And he's going to have to break a bunch of contracts to do it. Again.

Richard K said...

Whether of not Ford's numbers add up, the fact is the subways have to be built. The routes Ford unveiled, and the plan for subways make more sense for Toronto's long-term needs than the transit plans offered by Tory or Chow.