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Thursday, December 8, 2016

If I was getting sued by an embryo, I'd demand the plaintiff take the witness stand and testify under questioning

...Sofia Vergara, having been locked in a year-long battle over custody of her fertilized eggs, is herself no stranger to family drama. But the legal saga took an extraordinary turn this week as it emerged that the actress is now being sued by her frozen embryos for the right to life.

Emma and Isabella, the names given to the embryos by Vergara’s ex-partner Nick Loeb, are named as plaintiffs in a lawsuit which claims that they have a right to live, access to a trust fund and asks that they be raised by Mr Loeb.

The potentially landmark case has been filed in Louisiana because the state legally recognizes an in vitro fertilized egg as a “juridical person” until it is implanted in the womb...

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