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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Toronto school board declares war on 'chief' and all sense

If there were any doubt, there is no more: Canada is the stupidest country ever.

The evidence, already all around, is now irrefutable.

The Toronto District School Board, in its efforts to remain ahead of the Ontario government curve on all gender-cultural-political sensitivities, is not only contenting itself with following Education Minister Mitzie Hunter’s directive of early this year to review all potentially indigenous-offensive team names and mascots, but also has declared war on the word “chief.”

“I can confirm that the title ‘chief’ is being phased out in various departments at the TDSB,” board spokesman Ryan Bird told Postmedia in an email Tuesday.

“It’s part of the ongoing work that the school board does through the TDSB’s Aboriginal Education Centre with regards to Truth and Reconciliation (Commission, or the TRC, which produced its massive final report in 2015).”...

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John the Mad said...

Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Scottish clan chieftain, ".... it is chiefly the result of ....." chief warrant officer, chief of the defence staff, chief statistician (Statscan), and on and on and on. First Nations are governed by a chief and council, for pete's sake.

I agree with Christie Blatchford. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.