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Monday, February 5, 2018

James DiFiore: Sarah Thomson Accuses Steve Paikin, Ruins #metoo Era in Toronto

...it isn’t the little policy details that make Thomson a memorable person. It’s something else. To be kind, she doesn’t seem well. She seems…troubled. She seems like she has a thirst for the spotlight but doesn’t really know what to do once the spotlight falls upon her, and she has a habit of misleading people. She once claimed Rob Ford grabbed her ass at an event, but another person in attendance claimed to overhear her plot to create the accusation out of thin air. Rob Ford, may he rest in peace, would have been the easiest target for virtually any woman in the world who wanted to make a false claim. But Thomson is not like most women. There is an imbalance there, a quality that just seems to scream “I’m in it for the attention, and wow am I not really credible.”
That same election year she tweeted “We have the tape.” - apparently referencing the infamous Rob Ford crack tape which, at the time, was top of the news due to the people’s thirst to finally see the proof that our beloved mayor was a hapless drug addict. When she finally posted what she had, it began with a badly spoofed depiction of a man smoking something, then morphed into one of the most painful spectacles I and many others had ever had the idiocy to sit through. It was a spoof of a song….fuck it, I can’t even explain it. Click here if you want to hate me forever.
So, for someone like me who used to believe Thomson was someone who deserved to be mocked relentlessly, I have since adjusted by perspective, believing her odd public behavior must be some sort of personality tweak. In any event, she recently levelled an accusation against a target that almost nobody believes is guilty.
She said Steven Paikin tried to trade an appearance on his show...for sex.
Steve Paikin.

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