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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Kathleen Wynne's corrupt government wastes billions to buy votes but won't spend a few hundred thousand to save a child's life

TORONTO ─ There was a poignant moment at a Queen's Park news conference Monday that put everything in perspective.

Little Madi Vanstone was here to plead for the government to pay for a drug that's saving her life...

After Madi's letter asking Kathleen Wynne to meet with her appeared in Sunday's edition of the Toronto Sun, the child was invited to the premier's second-floor office.

When I heard that, I thought for sure the government had finally grown a heart, grown a spine and was about to pay for Madi's drugs.


Skippy Stalin said...

C'mon, Richard, let's get real.

Nothing is as adorable as the Sun arguing for more socialism, but I think we both know that if Hudak was in charge, the editorial board would be declaring that cystic fibrosis builds character.

Anonymous said...

Richard, you clearly don't understand the basics of politics.

Madi may be a citizen but she is too young to vote, so therefore her life means nothing to Kathleen Wynne.

Lynn Rahn said...

What a evil woman. POS